Clicker Standardization

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April 2012. Clicker Standardization. Committee: Rebecca Allington , Gary Ebels , Bill Faber, Lisa Gloege , Stewart Krulikoski , Jeff Neumann, Deb Nordman , Sophie Rubin, Jim Schafer, Meegan Willi. Our task. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Clicker Standardization Committee: First Report

Clicker StandardizationApril 2012Committee: Rebecca Allington, Gary Ebels, Bill Faber, Lisa Gloege, Stewart Krulikoski , Jeff Neumann, Deb Nordman, Sophie Rubin, Jim Schafer, Meegan Willi Our taskAn issue paper was approved in Fall 2011. We were tasked with choosing a Classroom Response System (CRS), or clicker standard for GRCC.

We presented updates in January (on our proposed process), and March (on our recommendation), and are now ready to vote.2Clarification of a clicker standardIt doesnt meanEveryone has to use clickersFaculty who own clickers have to switch vendors

It does meanAll faculty will have the option to utilize this technologyStudents will not be asked to buy more than one clickerSupport and training will be available for the standard

Our recommendationWe propose that GRCC adopt the i>clicker 2 as our standard classroom response system. Faculty requiring students to purchase a classroom response device must use the i>clicker 2.