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A vocabulary lesson on birth, marriage and death based on the unit of the Headway Pre-Intermediate Student's Book 4th ed.


<p>Angel Avila Prez Russell Daz Perera Juan Carlos Sols Rivera</p> <p>Lesson Plan (BIRTH, DEATH, AND MARRIAGE)</p> <p>Date: Wednesday, November 25th, 2015Students: 31, between 17 and 25 (young adults).Total time: 33 mins.</p> <p>Language Level: Pre-Intermediate (towards Intermediate).Language: birth, pregnant, expect (a baby), (be) born, single, married, widow, divorced, funeral, died, dead, death, to miss, alive.</p> <p>Objective: By the end of the lesson the learner will have had the opportunity to review, practice, and use new vocabulary related to birth, death, and marriage.Purpose of the task itself: Providing learners with useful vocabulary items that can allow them to express themselves when talking about their lives and that of others concerning some of the life most noticeable stages.</p> <p>Assumed Knowledge: They have already worked on such a topic and thus know beforehand some (if not all) of the items.Materials &amp; aids: Whiteboard, markers, laptop, projector, projecting screen, PPT, flaschards, and copies of the handouts with activities.</p> <p>Anticipated problem(s):1. Ss might not know the pronunciation of some of the items.Proposed solution(s):1. An oral drill (and maybe even some phonetic symbols) to guide them.</p> <p>STAGEPURPOSEPROCEDURE / ACTIVITYINTERACTIONTIME</p> <p>Lead-inTo activate schemata and provide context. Show Ss the videoGood morning, everyone! (introduction-name and small talk). Now, lets begin todays lesson. Please pay attention to this videoWhat did you like about it? (Ss answerit varies). Show Ss three pictures from the video, elicit, and write them on the WB...Now, have a look at the following picturesAccording to a persons life, what does this picture represent? (birth), and this one? (marriage) and this other one? (death)So, what do you think well be talking about today? (life stages/moments, birth, marriage, and death) on the WBT-Ss</p> <p>T-Ss3</p> <p>1</p> <p>Introduce the language&amp;Language focusTo provide Ss with the necessary language items to succeed in the task. Show flashcards and stick them to the board while saying..Please have a look at these pictures and listen carefully. This is Bens mom, and shes pregnant. She is expecting a baby. Nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful boy. So, Ben was born on April 21st. Ben grew up and stayed single for some years. One day he met a girl, Sarah, and he got married. As their love was so strong, they never divorced. But Ben rolled in the army, had a call of duty, and eventually died. His death was unexpected. When his friends and relatives knew he was dead, they went to his funeral. Sarah is now a widow and his entire family misses him. Sarah grows older but shes still alive. Focus on pronunciation by repeating the items and having Ss repeat them too...Please, listen and repeat after me. (once or twice, it depends).ACTIVITY 1. CLASSIFICATION (TABLE) Give H.O. with the table in itDont turn them over just yet. Show example sentences from the story in the PPT.Instead, have a look at the following examples from the story I just told you.As you see, there are some words in bold. These words have a specific function in each sentence...Shes pregnant / Shes expecting a baby / She gave birth to a boy / Ben was born / Ben stayed single for some years / he got married / they never divorced / he eventually died / his death was unexpected / / they knew he was dead / they went to his funeral / Sarah is now a widow / His family misses him / Shes still alive. Have Ss turn their sheets over... Check and read out instructions....Analyze and classify these words under these three categories. Are they nouns, verbs, or adjectives?Are you going to guess? (No)Are you going to use these sentences? (The ones in the PPTYes)It is important to leave the PPT with the example sentences on screen so Ss can use them as a guidance. Ss classify the items under the part of the speech they belong to. Ss check their answers with the person next to them....Do you agree with your partner? (Yes/No) F.B Ask Ss to share their answers with the rest of the group...Answers:ADJECTIVES: pregnant, single, dead, alive.NOUNS: birth, death, funeral, widow.VERBS: expect, born (bear), marry, divorce, died (die), misses (miss).T-Ss</p> <p>T-Ss</p> <p>-</p> <p>T-Ss</p> <p>-T-Ss</p> <p>Ss (ind)Ss (pairs)</p> <p>T-Ss (wh.c.)3</p> <p>1</p> <p>1</p> <p>1</p> <p>-1</p> <p>41</p> <p>-</p> <p>Check comprehension+Running the activityFor Ss to make sure they have understood the new voc. items.ACTIVITY 2. CROSSWORD Give H.O. (Remember Student A + B). Point to activity 2.. Ask a S to read out and then check instructions...Youre going to work in pairs. Your crossword is missing some words. Listen to your partner and complete it.Are you going to make up what youre going to tell them? (No)Do you have to use the hints/cues? (Yes/preferably)*In case Ss dont understand Youve got information that can help your partner find out which are the missing words. Read the cues to your partner to help them out. Set time limit (6 min. ).. Ss carry out activity.. F.B (T checks key) and have Ss share their answers column by column.T-SsT-SsT-S</p> <p>T-Ss</p> <p>Ss (pairs)T-Ss1-1</p> <p>-</p> <p>61</p> <p>Practising the languageTo revise the items and help memorization by making repetition meaningful and fun.ACTIVITY 3. CHAIN STORY Have Ss arrange in teams (each ROW will be a team). Give H.O. strips (one by team). Point to activity 3.Now, were going to play a game. This games called: Chain Story. Read out and then check instructions (PPT).Are you going to use more than 1 word per round? (No).How much time does each of you have? (15 seconds a round).Do you have to read the previous sentences (Preferably not).What are you going to do as soon as youre done? (Turn it over and wait). Ss carry out activity.. F.B. Team 1 passes his story to Team 2 (2 to 3, 3 to 4, and so on).. Each team reads the story and the class chooses a winner...T-Ss</p> <p>T-Ss</p> <p>T-Ss</p> <p>Ss (rows)T-SsSs (wh.c.)1</p> <p>1</p> <p>1</p> <p>41-</p> <p>3/3</p>