Classroom Management - Creating a Learning Environment Effective Teaching and Learning Department

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Classroom Management - Creating a Learning Environment Effective Teaching and Learning Department Slide 2 Activity Answer the following questions: What does creating a learning environment mean to you and what do you hope to learn about creating a learning environment? How does the learning environment relate to classroom management? Slide 3 Discussion What would you like to learn about classroom management during this session? Slide 4 Seven things students want to know on the first day Am I in the right room? Where am I supposed to sit? What are the rules of the classroom? What will we be doing this term? How will I be graded? Who are you as a person? Will I be treated as a human being? There Is Only One First Day of School Harry Wong, August 2000 Slide 5 Instructor Responsibilities Ensure an appropriate pace and effective use of classroom time through course planning Keep discussion and activities focused on learning objectives Maintain a positive learning environment Slide 6 Classroom Environment All students are unsure of what to expect when they enter a classroom for the first timeevery time Instructors must create a personable, professional environment at all times Students feel welcome when: Called by name Greeted by the instructor What else can we do? Slide 7 Elements of a positive learning environment Respect diverse backgrounds and learning styles Consistent and fair treatment of all students Maintain confidentiality and privacy in student records and issues Ensure that the classroom is a safe, welcoming place for students Model appropriate classroom behavior Slide 8 Breaking the Ice Why Icebreakers? To begin developing an environment that is comfortable and conducive to learning Welcome and warm-up exercises Remove obstacles to communication Bring people together Create a sense of community Slide 9 Day One Some examples of activities you could do with your class are: Autograph sheet sample provided Syllabus bingo Student interviews Slide 10 From Breaking the Ice to Warming the Climate for Learning The climate is the atmosphere between the teacher and the students Research suggests that few other factors produce a more lasting impact on learning than the professors approval or disapproval of the students work, and their in-class interactions Sandra Allen, Columbia College Chicago Effective Strategies for Improving College Teaching and Learning Slide 11 Key Aspects for Creating a Warm Climate for Learning 1. The teachers praise or approval 2. Enthusiasm for and use of students own ideas 3. Teacher-student interaction Slide 12 Developing Strong Relationships Establish trust within the classroom Handle discipline issues individually Use discipline sparingly to support classroom needs Manage and attend to the needs of all the students in the class Reinforce positive behavior Learn and use student names Slide 13 Using Students to Create Rules One of the best ways to create a positive environment is to create ground rules WITH students, not for them This can be done as a team-building exercise on the first day, after you go through the syllabus It is important to ensure that the students know that you have the first right of refusal for certain things, but this can help create a positive environment for all You may want to add a statement to your syllabus that explains any material or topic you plan to introduce that is sensitive or controversial Slide 14 Activity Two volunteers needed Slide 15 Activity Two volunteers needed Slide 16 Muddiest Point On the last page of your handout, write your answer to both of the following questions: What still confuses you about classroom management? What do you plan to do as a result of this session? Slide 17 Resource Slide 18 Questions?