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<ul><li><p>CL Educate (Career Launcher) acquires G.K. Publications </p><p>Delhi, 12 Dec, 2011: CL Educate (formerly Career Launcher), Asias leading </p><p>education service provider with activities across test prep, skills education, K12 schools </p><p>and higher education, today announced the acquisition of G.K. Publications. With this </p><p>strategic deal, CL Educate, a recognized broad spectrum education player, aims to </p><p>further establish its stronghold in test prep and skill education verticals. </p><p>G.K. Publications is a key publishing house specializing in career &amp; academic test </p><p>preparation and skill building resources. It is a leading publisher of books, study guides </p><p>and test papers for professional examinations like GATE, IES, IAS, various public sector </p><p>undertaking examinations etc. The management is lead by Rakesh Mittal and Poonam </p><p>Mittal and has an active and highly qualified advisory board which oversees its content </p><p>development and publication activities. G.K. Publications has a 1150 plus distributor </p><p>network, 750+ dealer network across the country. </p><p>Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. Gautam Puri, Vice Chairman and managing </p><p>Director of CL Educate, said, The strengths of G.K. Publications coincide with the </p><p>newer opportunities of test prep for CL Educate including GATE, Civil services and PSU </p><p>Banking Examinations. G.K. Publications has sold around 6, 00,000 titles this year. </p><p>Most of the students who buy the books of G.K. Publications are potential students for </p><p>the test prep services. </p><p>On behalf of G.K. Publications, Rakesh Mittal, co-founder of GK Publications, said, </p><p>Value Added Services like a test series or coaching by CL Educate to the current </p><p>customer base of G.K. Publications will be of immense value to students and even a 10% </p><p>enrollment of the above students would dramatically add value to GK Publications </p><p>business. </p><p>About CL Educate Ltd. </p><p>CL Educate Ltd. is Asia's leading education service provider and is led by a team of </p><p>IITIIM alumni who share a passion for education. Over the past 15 years, CL has </p><p>established itself as a national player in the field of test prep. Today, it functions across a </p><p>broad spectrum of educational services including K12 schools, higher education and </p><p>vocational training. Currently, CL is present in 175+ cities/towns of India with </p><p>educational infrastructure in the form of learning centers exceeding 225 in number. </p><p>About G.K. Publication: </p><p>G.K. Publications publishes a wide variety of career and academic test preparation and </p><p>skill-building resources designed for lifelong learning. G.K. Publications Pvt. Ltd. was </p><p>established in 1994 with a vision to cater to the changing demands of the Indian </p><p>education scenario. The company provides test preparation materials like formula </p></li><li><p>books, study resources, study guides , question banks to students to improve their </p><p>performance in professional examinations like GATE, IAS, IES, PSU s , MAT, AIEEE , </p><p>IIT, PMT, BSNL, GRE, MBA, CLAT, etc. </p></li></ul>