Church of the of the Resurrection ... Blanche Seiler, Joseph Semplice, Karen Shea, Ray Sheldon, ... 11:30AM Agnes and Michael Suska Jr. ...

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Church of the Resurrection 1100 Creedmoor Avenue Pittsburgh (Brookline), PA 15226 We remember, we celebrate, we believe. Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time August 24, 2014 S R Daily: After Mass Saturday: 4:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. S B First and third Sunday of each month. Please call the rectory to arrange details. S M Please contact the rectory at least six months prior to the wed-ding. M S S - Please call the rectory to arrange for a pastoral visit by one of the priests for Holy Communion, Confession or Anointing of the Sick. I F The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) program is offered for those interested in becoming Catholic or learning more about the Catholic Faith. For more information, please call the rectory or Faith Formation Office. P M New parishioners are always welcome! Please call the rectory so we can welcome you to our parish family. You will be asked to complete a parish census form. Mission Statement C R Resurrection Parish seeks to provide opportunities for its mem-bers to grow in faith by being liturgically centered, lectionary based, mission bound and family oriented. Called and challenged by Jesus Christ to love one another as he loves us, we welcome and embrace all in the community by refusing to accept any form of prejudice or discrimination. We are committed to create outreach services intended to elimi-nate the many and varied forms of injustice present around us. It is in the celebration of the Eucharist, the source and summit of our faith, that we are directed and strengthened to carry out our parish mission to remember, to celebrate and to believe. MASS SCHEDULE Saturday Evening..........5:00 PM Sunday...8:30 AM, 11:30 AM & 6:30 PM Monday ......6:00 PM (Miraculous Medal Novena follows) Tuesday through Friday.......9:00 AM Holy Days: .......See schedule in bulletin PARISH STAFF Rev. Frank A. Mitolo ...........Pastor Rev. Victor J. Rocha .............In Residence Mr. Richard Longo.....Deacon Bethany Hensel.........Parish Secretary Juanita Knouff......... Catechetical Administrator Caitlin McNulty.....Youth Minister Ron Schulz....Director of Music Ministries Doris Anne Mercer...Parish Advocate PARISH TELEPHONES Parish Ministry/Office ........... 412-563-4400 Faith Formation Office ...412-343-9551 Youth Quinn Hall .......... 412-343-5688 Fax ...... 412-563-4403 E-Mail ... SAINT JOHN BOSCO ACADEMY Janet Salley Rakoczy, Principal. 2690 Waddington Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15226 412-563-0858 PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS Debbie Brust, Bridget Burns, Maureen Dougherty, Bill Gallagher, Carroll Miller, Amy Work, Michael Work FINANCE COUNCIL MEMBERS Dennis Hensel, Dale Perrett, John Price Don Abbott, Chris Mansour and Larry Hochendoner . . . Those who are ill: (We appreciate your calling the office (412-563-4400) when names are to be added or delet-ed.) (Names added this week appear in bold print.) Virginia Barnes, Agnes Billanti, Bohr, Sam Boyko, Albert Brautigam, Anthony Bruno, Terry Brust, Josh Buskirk, John Candy, Fr. Vincent Capuano S.J., Rose-marie Christy, Christian Connelly, Nicholas Constantino, Brian Cotter, John Cotter, Micheal D. Dailey, Joyce Dailey, Elizabeth DeFrancisis, Diane, Thomas Dailey, James (Jim) DeFilippo, Cy & Eleanor Dimitroff, Jim Doby, Rene Duncombe, Natalina Durso, Pat Erny, Aida Farah, Mi-chael Fedorchak, Christina Feehan, Ralph Ferrari, Emma Ferrieri, Dawn Finnegan, Louise Flora, Theresa Frisoli, Nicole Fontana, Eric Garcia, Tom Giles, George Gilfoyle, Nancy Grandinetti, Margaret Greider, John Griffin, Lois Haley, Joan Hartman, Hartwig Family, Nia Hawkins, Car-mella Harvey, Sharlene Heinzel, Virginia Heinzel, Landon J. Hartz, Lena & Joanne Heuckeroth, Esther Hoelscher, Fr. Wally Hyclac, Sharon Ilken, Marie Jenkins, Kampert Family, Paul Kane, Theresa Kane, Shane Keefer, Daniel Kelly, Arlene Kemmler, Alyssa Kollinger, Zak Kuleszka, Caroline Kunz, Nancy Lang, Harry Lauda, Lil Lauda, Officer Ledza, Jace Lipinski, Thelma Lippert, Maria Liss, John McGee, Ashley Mal-lasee, Mella, Sheila McKenna, Michael, Sal Mitchell, Angie Monteleo-ne, George Nassif, Sr. Jeffrey Novak, Helen OConnor, Regina Panucci, Nicholas Perkins, Kali Peroni, Richard Pillart, Louella Pikras, Richard Puleo, Jenny Leigh Rodriguez, Rose, Frank Rozzo, Barbara Rozzo, George Rubacky, Joanne Sasser, Sonny Schultz, Florence Schnieder, Blanche Seiler, Joseph Semplice, Karen Shea, Ray Sheldon, Jim Skiff, Gladys Soranno, Robert Super, Florence Szydlowski, Bev Talerico, Maryann Tarr, Lia Toth, Christine Tuttle, Fr. Jerome Vereb, Jean War-ren, Mary Watzlaf, Jeannette Webber, Richard Wilson, Cecelia Wyland, Dan Ziegler, Sis Zorn. May you know the healing power and Spirit of God. (Call 412-343-9548 to add names to the Ladies of Charity prayer chain.) Those who have died: + Andrew Tice, Sr. May he live in the eternal peace of the Risen Christ. THE SANCTUARY CANDLE will burn this week in honor of Imelda Vogel as requested by Vogel, Robinson and Dougher ty Families. THE BLESSED MOTHER CANDLE will burn this week for Carmen DAbruzzo as requested by DAbruzzo Family. The CANDLE FOR THE UNBORN will burn this week for Bill Carver as requested by Phyllis Carver. CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION PITTSBURGH (BROOKLINE), PA Date Time Lectors Extraord. Min. of H.C. Sat. 8-30-14 5:00 PM Sun. 8-31-14 8:30 AM Brunetti Sun. 8-31-14 11:30 AM Showalter Sun. 8-31-14 6:30 PM Spear Altar Servers Monday, August 25, Sts. Louis and Joseph 6:00 PM Edward and Rita Schlegel (Eileen) Tuesday, August 26, Weekday 9:00 AM Laverne Smith (Rose Schmitt) Wednesday, August 27, Saint Monica 9:00 AM Lisa Austin (Tom Zelonis) Thursday, August 28, St. Augustine 9:00 AM Thomas Thomas (Justin and Candice Smith) Friday, August 29, Passion of St. John the Baptist 9:00 AM Patrick Barrett (Jim and Judy Benson) Saturday, August 30, Weekday 3:00 PM GrebRump Wedding (Congratulations!) 5:00 PM Donald M. Tarr (Children and Grandchildren) Sunday, August 31, Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:30 AM Babe Dattilo (Dolly and John Bolla) 11:30AM Agnes and Michael Suska Jr. (Agnes and Al Ignasky) 6:30 PM All Our Parishioners Military Prayer List: A1C Brandon OToole Minot AFB North Dakota; Nicholas Lehman2nd Lieutenant Army Ft. Sill, OKActive Army; Benjamin LehmanAir National Guardsman171 Air Base; LT Colonel Dave ZaccheusActive Army; Eric Wedo-skiActiveGreen Beret Liturgical roles STEWARDSHIP August 17 Collections Sunday .......$4301 Parishioners receiving envelopes................950 Current Debt...$234,965 *2014 Parish Share campaign (3/1/147/31/14) 2014 Parish Share Goal....................$75,503 Collected.........................$36,236 Balance.......$39,267 July 2014 Online Giving Offering .........$3343 PLEASE DONT FORGET RESURRECTION CHURCH IN YOUR ESTATE PLANNING. BIBLE STUDY AND SHARING Every word of the Bible bears witness to the living Word who is Christ. If we come to the Scriptures with a sense of expecta-tion, a desire to listen deeply, and an eagerness to encounter the Lord, we will not be disappointed. That is what LECTIO DIVINA helps us to do. Learn to read your Bible in the LEC-TIO DIVINA way. Welcome to our next session: Thursday, August 28 in Father Quinn Hall from 9:30-10:15am. Bring your Bible; bring a friend! ANNUAL MISSION APPEAL Sister Madeleine Rybicki, a sister of the Holy Family of Naza-reth, will join our parish on August 30-31 to speak with us on behalf of sisters, children and families of the Philippines. Sister does consulting work for social service agencies in PA and Ohio. She has conducted workshops in the Philippines. This mission appeal is an annual event and is endorsed by the Dioce-san Mission Office. ATTENTION READERS AND MINISTERS Information Sessions for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Com-munion & Readers at Mass Fr. Frank & Deacon Rich will be holding information sessions for these two adult Lay Ministries. These will be held on Wednesday September 17th beginning at 7 PM and Saturday September 20th at 10 AM. Each will be held in the Church and two sessions are offered to accommodate schedules. This will be an opportunity for those who are interested in these Minis-tries to come and learn more about it. This is also going to be a continuing education session for those who are already serving in a ministry. For existing Ministers there is a requirement for ongoing development and these sessions will serve in this re-gard. For those who are interested to newly serve this will be the time to learn more about this wonderful way to serve the Church. The sessions will be divided with FR. Frank and Dea-con Rich leading each. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend FAMILY MINISTRY As Pope Francis said there is no better teacher of the Faith than the Family. A Family Ministry program is being initiated in order to attract Families to the service of the Church. What better way to demonstrate witness & example than by making Church & Faith a Family Affair. Kids can be Alter Servers and parents Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion or Read-ers at Mass. Schedules will be flexible enough and coordinated so that the Family can serve the Mass all at the same time. What a wonderful and grace-filed way to serve. Come and learn more about the Family Ministry program at one of the general information sessions that will be held. There will be one on Wednesday September 17th at 7 PM and another on Saturday September 20th at 10 AM. Both will be held in the Church. If you cannot make the session and are interested please contact the Rectory at 412-563-4400. MENS GROUP TO RECONVENE The Mens Group will reconvene this year beginning after the Labor Day weekend. The first meeting of the year will be on September 7th. The meetings are held on the first and third Sundays of the month from September thru early June. The meetings begin at 9:30 AM and last about an hour. These are held in the Rectory. For veteran members it is hoped you will return and for those who may be new or just interested please come and check the group out. What a great way for Men to come together to share faith, issues and spirit centric fellow-ship. Come and check it out! CCD TEACHER NEEDED FOR FIFTH GRADE Resurrection Church is looking for someone interested in teach-ing 5th grade CCD. For more information, please call Juanita at 412-343-9548. HELP WANTED A parishioner who is a mason is looking for a full-time helper. The candidate should have experience but its not necessary. If interested, please call 412-721-8869. AROUND TOWNSUBSTANCE ADDICTION MINISTRY Drug and alcohol dependence and abuse causes great distress for both the afflicted and affected loved ones. But there is hope and there is help. The Diocese of Pittsburgh is beginning a col-laborative endeavor of parish-based Substance Addiction Min-istries (SAM), a ministry of prayer, presentations and personal presence. On Tuesday, September 2 a newly formed South Hills area SAM team will gather at St. Louise de Marillac Church at 6:30pm during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, for praying a Rosary of Recovery for all who are afflicted or affected, or have lost loved ones to addiction. At 7pm there will be an opportunity for anyone who desires to receive the Sacra-ment of Reconciliation, followed at 7:30pm by a meeting in the Bishop Leonard Room. SAM is a supportive ministry for fami-lies and individuals and is not meant to replace counseling, therapy, treatment or participation in 12-step programs. For more information, please email or call 412-833-0661. Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time August 21 , 2014 BINGO! Happy summer, Bingo Players! Stop by August 25 at 7PM when the doors open for your chance to win tons of cash priz-es. There are tons of games to play. There will also be re-freshments which include hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, candy, chips and more! Some games to play: Ace of Hearts: $1700 Joker Poker: $800, consolation: $100 Progressive Jackpot: $1350 in 46 nos. After $1250 Mystery No: $308 All Nighter: $250 SAINTS-IN-THE-MAKING:OF FIRE AND SPIRIT I have often quoted from Father Joseph Breighners articles that appear in Baltimores diocesan paper. Here is one that I have adapted as a reflection for our SAINTS-IN-THE-MAKING: A psychologist had an amazing spiritual experience. On Pente-cost, while she was at Mass, she suddenly felt overwhelmed by a burning sensation. It wasnt a hot flash, for she knew the difference. What it was like she really couldnt explain. All I know is that it took me a long time to come back into my body, she said. Naturally, we ask: WHAT DID HAPPEN? Some-thing profound. What better day could there be to experience burning sensation as on Pentecost when the Holy Spirit de-scended on the apostles in tongues of fire! On Pentecost, the Spirit took those apostles bodies out of hiding, and put them out on the street, fearlessly proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ. Their experience of fire dissolved their fears. We can also recall the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus who met Jesus unrecognized, as they walked along, and recog-nized him in the breaking of the bread. They said, Were not our hearts burning as he explained the Scriptures to us? No, not every burning sensation is a sign of God. No doubt heartburn and hearts burning feel somewhat similar. One points to the need for an antacid, the other to a whole new awareness of God. The late Father Andrew Greeley surmised that a very significant percentage of Catholics said they had some kind if mystical experience. Most didnt know what to do with the ex-perience, making light of it. Father Breighner continues: I would like to suggest that we take such experiences seriously. I really dont know what the psychologists experience meant specifically, but surely an out of body experience tells us something. True, some have an out-of-body experience, called sleeping, during the sermon. Her experience didnt fall into that category. (Story: a pastor was showing someone around his newly constructed church. The visitor asked, How many does the church hold? The pastor replied, It sleeps about 600!) So, what did that particular psychologists experience mean? We can only speculate; but it seems that her coming back into her body indicates an experience of extreme intimacy with God. WHO ARE WE? Obviously, we are not just our bodies. Our bodies will all fall apart someday, but thats not who we are. We will all lose our minds someday, but we are not our minds. We will all lose our public persona, our reputations one day, but they are not who we are. Our deepest identity is that we are spirit. Our spirits dont die. Despite losing our bodies, minds and all memory that we ever existed, we cannot lose who we are. We are flesh and blood enlivened by our souls, our spirits. On Pentecost, the Spirit of Jesus awakens us to the fact that we share the very life of God. In day-to-day life, we play small. Our minds are too small to grasp the immensity of God. So sometimes God has to awaken us to the reality that we bear the presence of God. Words dont always grab our attention. Fire does. Tongues of fire worked for the apostles. A fiery experience of being lifted out of her (the psychologists) body into a divine embrace by God touched this individual. We are so much more than Freud ever imagined! A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR The Second Reading for todays mass is also from Pauls Letter to the Romans. In this passage, he is bringing his reflections on his fellow Israelites to a conclusion. You may recall that he reminded us that the Israelites were the first to whom God made cove-nant, gave His promises and His commandments. They are still special in Gods eyes even though they may have rejected His plan as revealed in Jesus. Paul then concludes this section of the letter by reminding us that indeed, God has a plan and that plan will in-clude His first chosen people, Israel. It seems that in the plan of God, God wants to use Is-rael to bring about the culmination of all that He has in mind for the human race. Since Gods plan is so mys-terious, we still dont know how this will all play out. Paul has been focusing on the relationship between the Christian church of his time and the Israelite commu-nity. This reflection does bring to mind the conflicts that are going on in the Middle East at this time. These conflicts are much broader than the one Paul was ex-periencing in his day and they involve relations be-tween Jewish people, Muslim people and Christian people. Our Holy Father Pope Francis has encouraged us to pray for that situation. Included for your prayer-ful consideration is this prayer by Archbishop Raphael Sako, Patriarch of Babylon. Its called Peace in Iraq. Lord, The plight of Iraq is desperate and the suffering of Christians is severe and frightening. Therefore, we ask you Lord to spare their lives, and to grant them patience and courage to continue their witness to Christian val-ues with trust and hope. Lord, peace is the foundation of life; Grant the people of Iraq the peace and stability that will enable them to live with each other without fear and anxiety, and with dignity and joy. Glory be to you forever. 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