Church Leadership Worship Service & experiencing poverty or natural disasters. The following items are

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  • Worship Services: 8:00 a.m.

    and 10:30 a.m.

    Church Leadership Worship Service & Events

    August 3, 2008 8:00 and 10:30 am Worship Service Hunger Sunday/ Holy Communion 9:15 am Sunday School 11:30 am New Orleans Youth Gathering Kick-off Cajun Lunch August 10, 2008 8:00 and 10:30 am Worship Service 9:00 am Altar Guild 9:15 am Sunday School August 15, 2008 Newsletter Deadline! August 17, 2008 8:00 and 10:30 am Worship Service/ Holy Communion/Teacher Installation 9:15 am Sunday School/Rally Day 11:30 am Potluck Fellowship Dinner August 24, 2008 8:00 and 10:30 am Worship Service 9:15 am Sunday School August 31, 2008 8:00 and 10:30 am Worship Service/Holy Communion 9:15 am Sunday School/Confirmation Class

    Pastor The Rev. Paul J. Zwarich Hospital Visitation Pastor in San Antonio The Rev. Darwin Huartson Director of Music & Worship Thomas Engler Congregation Life & Mission Coordinator Jim Johnson Administrative Assistant Jeannie Hall Desktop Publisher/Secretary Bonnie Cheatham Day School Director Burlene LeClair Nursery Coordinator Heidi Koepsel Wedding Coordinator Dee Dee Burns

    Congregation Council

    Karen Anderson Evelyn Dittmar Deb Haug - President Pat Hoppe David Legore Terry Ludzenski – Treasurer Roland Naumann Elin Oelke Jeanne Palmer Debby Richardson Dennis Sagebiel – Vice President Keith Vinyard – Secretary

    Get in touch with us! Phone:

    (830) 379-5046 Fax:

    (830) 379-7518 E-mail: Catch us on the Web!


    PAID Permit No. 80 Seguin, Texas 78156-1049

    Emanuels’ Mission Statement

    To proclaim God’s grace through Word and

    Sacrament, and to bear witness to God’s Kingdom

    in our daily lives.


    From the desk of the Pastor Paul From the Pastor:

    This year Confirmation Camp was held July 6 – July 11 at Camp Chrysalis where twelve students pictured above participated in the activities. The Bible Study that was presented to the students during the week was entitled “Saints and Superheroes” which I would like to outline for you to use sometime during August as a part of your personal devotions. The series consisted of six lessons.

    Day One Called and Created Genesis 1:26-31 (The creation of man. We are created in God’s image and loved by God.)

    Focus Points • Understand the difference between a superhero and a saint • Recognize that campers were created as loved saints of God.

    Day Two Superpowers Romans 12:3-8 (Spiritual gifts. God has made us all different, special, and unique.) Additional Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12-31; Judges 13:2-5

    Focus Points • Campers will realize their gifts • Understand how to use their gifts of God’s glory

    Day Three Alter Ego Ephesians 4:17-5:1 (Be imitators of God. Do not hide behind a false appearance but be bold in Christ Jesus.) Additional Scripture: Romans 12:2-8; Matthew 5:14-16

    Focus Points • Realize how to be a Christian in a secular world. • Recognize the disguises we wear as Christians • Seek to find ways in which they can live as a saint instead of hiding behind an alter ego

    Day Four Nemesis 1st John 3:7-10 (Your nemesis will try to lead you astray, but God will bring you back.) Additional Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11

    Focus Points • Recognize their arch nemesis • Recognize how to defeat their arch nemesis • Realize that forgiveness is a part of any rivalry • Know that what they do everyday can effect their communities and even the world

  • From the desk of the Pastor Paul (continued)


    Day Five Superfriends Luke 5:17-20 (Jesus healing a paralytic. Friends will go to extreme measures in order to lend a hand.) Additional Scripture Mark 14:12-19

    Focus Points • Learn about the importance of faithful friends • Recognize that saints are created to live in a faith community.

    Day Six Mission Micah 6:8 (The Lord’s requirements. It is possible to be an everyday saint.) Additional Scripture Matthew 16:24-26; Matthew 28:19-20; John 21:15-7; Matthew 25:31-40

    Focus Points • Learn the difference between Mission Impossible versus Mission Possible • Realize what their everyday mission as an everyday saint is

    See you in Church

    Pastor Paul

    A Message from the Congregational Council President

    Dear Fellow Members of Emanuel’s, Our Council meeting for the month of July was cancelled due to a number of family activities and vacations taking place the week of the Fourth of July and Pastor Paul’s attendance with our Confirmands at camp the following week. We will meet at our regularly scheduled time on Wednesday, August 13 at 6:15 and, again, we welcome your attendance. Also, there is a special time set aside on the agenda each month for “Member Issues” to give you an opportunity to speak or ask questions if you would like. As the minutes for the June meeting have not yet been approved due to the cancellation of the July meeting, they will be posted in the narthex and on the board outside the office following the August meeting for you to review. Thank you again for your participation in all of the activities that took place the month of June. We were very busy educating not only our own youth, but so many from our surrounding community too, and your interest and assistance in all of those programs is another sign of your commitment to Emanuel’s and the furtherance of our ministries. May God bless each and every one of you. Sincerely, Deb Haug Congregation Council President

  • Financial News

    Comparative Financial Report – June 30, 2008

    Assets & Liabilities At June 30 Assets: 2007 2008 Money Market Funds 246,997 239,061 Less: Borrowings Against Money Market Funds to Support Operating Shortfalls (78,882) (81,534) Net Remaining Money Market Funds * 168,115 157,527 Endowment Funds 362,978 362,157 Total Assets 531,093 519,684 Liabilities: Current Cash Deficit 21,599 (7,696)

    Loan at Mission Plus for A/C & Heating Unit - - Loan at Mission Plus for Alexander Property 49,065 - Total Liabilities 70,664 (7,696) Net Assets $ 460,429 $ 527,380 Increase/Decrease in Net Assets $ 66,951

    Income Statement Through June 30

    2007 2008 Operating Income 209,539 234,879 Operating Expenses 230,470 233,760 Net Operating Loss $ (20,931) $ 1,119 * Note - For clearer disclosure Money Market Funds used to finance church operations due to shortfalls in giving are shown netted against the original amount of Money Market Funds. Thus "Net Remaining Money Market Funds" are the actual amount of funds remaining on deposit with the bank as of that respective date.



    Adult Sunday School BE A PART OF THE ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM AT EMANUEL'S During the 9:15 Sunday School hour both the Men's Bible Class and the Women's Bible Class will study the book of James following the format in the Augsburg Adult Bible Studies by Walter Bouzard. The Women's Class is led by Evelyn Streng and the Men's, Dennis Sagebiel. On August 3 the Covenant Sunday School Class will be led by Jeanne Palmer, a professional counselor. Jeanne will lead a discussion on questions that were asked during the "Who is Welcome? series and also explore three pages of the Social Statement on Human Sexuality that needs a response to the ELCA by Nov. 1. On August 10 Bob Elliott who is active in the Roman Catholic lay ministry will help explain the Catholic viewpoint on issues difficult for us Lutherans such as annulment, the power of the Pope, etc. We thank Dennis Martin and John and Jeannine Schwartz for arranging this opportunity for understanding. On August 17 a course on Adult Catechism will begin. This course was written by Dr. William Russell, a professor of Theology at TLU and an ordained ELCA pastor. The material used will be Luther's Small Catechism. Dr. Russell will teach on August 17 and 31. He will be leading both worship services on August 24. That day John Schwartz who is a retired ELCA pastor, a former theology teacher at TLU and also a scholar in this area, will lead the class. BE A LIFELONG LEARNER! The Welcome Mat is out to both members and nonmembers. For suggestions on future topics or teachers please contact Virginia Balter at 830-433-4280

    Lectionary Lessons for August Date First Reading Psalm Second Reading Gospel

    August 2 Exod 16:2-4, 9-15 Psalm 78:23-29 Eph 4:1-16 John 6:24-35 August 9 1 Kings 19:4-8 Psalm 34:1-8 Eph 4:25-5:2 John 6:3