CHRISTIANITY What are the two most popular religions in the world today?

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>CHRISTIANITY What are the two most popular religions in the world today? Slide 2 CHRISTIANITY: WHERE ITS PRACTICED Slide 3 CHRISTIANITY The religion centered on belief in JESUS as the Son of God. CHRIST from the Greek word christos meaning anointed or messiah. 1 st Century AD Christianity grew slowly 2 nd Century AD took root 3 rd Century AD was widespread Slide 4 HISTORY Jesus = a Jew born in Bethlehem regional tax collecting/census center (under Roman control) According to the Gospels, Jesus was born from a virgin (Mary). The Immaculate Conception Grew up in in the city of Nazareth in Galilee (modern-day Northern Israel) Baptized by John the Baptist, began his ministry Because his teachings emphasized spiritual equality, they appealed to many, especially women and the poor Slide 5 HISTORY Many Jews see him as a threat call him a false prophet Judas betrays Jesus, Romans arrest him Pontius Pilate (Roman governor of Judea) allows Jesus to be crucified Crucifixion Good Friday Resurrection Easter Sunday Christianity is spread by 12 disciples but especially Saul/Paul. He wrote the majority of books in the New Testament. Slide 6 HISTORY Persecution: Nero and Diocletian 313 AD Edict of Milan Constantine - granted religious toleration to Christians in the Roman Empire Theodosius makes Christianity the official religion of the Empire in 380 AD Slide 7 ORGANIZATION Original Church was Catholic Pope Cardinals Archbishops Bishops Priests 1054 AD Great Schism Eastern Orthodox 1500s AD Protestant Reformation Today: 3 Branches Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant Slide 8 TEACHINGS/BELIEFS God is a Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Faith/Belief = Salvation +++Differences - The Eucharist actual or symbolic? - Baptism age/sprinkle v. immersion -predestination -confirmation -marriage/divorce -confession/penance Slide 9 CHRISTIANITY Catholic Protestant Not Catholic or Anglican. Anglican Church of England. Episcopal Churches. Slide 10 TWO MOST POPULAR RELIGIONS IN THE WORLD: Christianity Islam/Muslim </p>


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