CHRISTIANITY Kelsey, Ellie, Lexi and Amiee. THE RELIGION  Christianity is a popular religion worldwide.  2 Billion Adherents worldwide  Around 42 Million.

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Slide 1 CHRISTIANITY Kelsey, Ellie, Lexi and Amiee Slide 2 THE RELIGION Christianity is a popular religion worldwide. 2 Billion Adherents worldwide Around 42 Million in Britain 6 Million in Britain actively practice the religion. Slide 3 BASIC CHRISTIAN BELIEFS God Jesus Justification by Faith The Trinity Life after Death The Saints Slide 4 WHAT MANY CHRISTIANS BELIEVE ABOUT GOD. Believe that God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7 th. Believe that God sent Jesus down to Earth to spread the word about love, faith and to banish sins. That God represents three persons. God the Father, God the Son and The Holy Spirit. Slide 5 WHAT MANY CHRISTIANS BELIEVE ABOUT JESUS Many Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Believe that Jesus was the Messiah who was promised to people in the old testament. Jesus was born over 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. That he sacrificed his life for human kind. He died when he was crucified on the cross. Slide 6 WHO ARE CHRISTIANS Christians are people who believe in Jesus teachings and the bible. Many Christians pray to God, for example to forgive them for their sins. Slide 7 CHRISTIANITY Many Christians go to church to pray, however they are able to pray wherever they are. The Holy Book that Christians use is called The Bible. There are two testaments in the Bible, the Old testament and the New testament There are many braches of Christianity including, Protestants and Catholics, all with similar beliefs. Slide 8 HISTORY OF THE RELIGION Adam and Eve Virgin Mary King Herod 12 Disciples The Crucifixion Resurrection Slide 9 HOLY DAYS The Main Holy Days: Easter Christmas Mothering Sunday Lent Slide 10 SUBDIVISIONS The Amish Christadelphians Pentecostalism Salvation Army Church of Scotland Baptist Church Church of England Methodist Church Eastern Orthodox Church Roman Catholic Church Coptic Orthodox Church Slide 11 WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY Video clip Slide 12 THE 10 COMMANDMENTS This is a short video clip of the ten commandments. Christians believe God gave them these rules to follow. Video clip The Holy Book: The Bible Revelation (last book of the Bible) Slide 13 KEY WORDS God Jesus Mary and Joseph Bethlehem Bible Adam and Eve The 10 commandments


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