Christianity Ch. 16  What do you know about Christianity???

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Text of Christianity Ch. 16  What do you know about Christianity???

  • ChristianityCh. 16What do you know about Christianity???

  • Religions of the World

  • I. Life of JesusBorn in Bethlehem to Joseph and MaryGrew up in NazarethJewish educationWorked as a carpenterBegan preaching at about 30Only one GodAll children of GodSinners would be forgivenEverlasting life to those who believe and follow his teachings

  • Went to Jerusalem to celebrate PassoverGreeted as the messiahArrested and found guilty of treasonCrucified and resurrected from the deadDisciples spread the teachings of Jesus

  • LeprosyDisfiguring infectious diseaseCaused by bacteriaContagiousCharacterized by skin sores, loss of feeling, nerve damageFortunately can be cured todayThroughout history, lepers were isolated

  • Romans Persecuting Christians, Why???

  • II. Christianity and RomeWhy Romans did not trust Christians!Would not worship emperor as a GodDid not want to serve in armyDid not worship Roman GodsEveryone equal in eyes of God

  • Christianity still spreads. Why?Paul and other dedicated apostlesPax RomanaBasic principles were appealingEveryone equalBetter life after deathAll Gods childrenBy 400AD, Theodosius makes Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire

  • III. Church OrganizationPope- One, named FrancisHeads the catholic church and BishopsBishop of Diocese of RomePriest of St Johns BasilicaBishops- 2946 world wideHeads a diocesePriest of a cathedralPriests- 219,000 priestsHeads a parishCatholic people1 billion

  • Monasteries- Christian communitiesMonks vs. hermitsBenedictines ruleGive up all possessionsCould not marryReligious services 8 times a dayRest of time working in fields or other jobsCould you be a monk or hermit??

  • Break up of the Early Christian ChurchReasonsWho is head of the church?Should icons be used during service?Selling of indulgences?Branches of ChristianityCatholicsProtestantsOrthodox