CHRISTIANITY By Anna, Rutherfurd, and Thomas. 2.1 BILLION PEOPLE FOLLOW CHRISTIANITY Number of followers:

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CHRISTIANITYBy Anna, Rutherfurd, and ThomasThis template can be used as a starter file for a photo album.

12.1 Billion people follow ChristianityNumber of followers:

2Some Christian holidays are Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Good Friday, and The Feast of Ascension.Holidays

Christianity is found in North America, South America, Russia, Africa, Australia, and Greenland.

Were is Christianity practiced 4The main symbol of Christianity is the cross. The cross represents when Jesus died a painful death on the cross. The other is the fish. The Christians would draw a line in the sand. Another would come up and make another line that looks like a fish.

5History- It was started 2,011 years ago in Bethlehem, Judea present day Israel. With Jesus and his disciples. History6The bible- it holds the new testament and the old, which includes the Jewish bible.

7 Customs- Some costumes of being a Christian are getting baptized, confirmation, communion, and going to church every Sunday.

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