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Christian Counseling for nearly 30 years, we have served the greater Seattle and Everett area as a Christian based counseling service"


  • Christian Counseling South Seattle

    Agape Family Counseling is directed by the Rev. Dr. Philip Gene Anderson. He began his practice in professional

    counseling in 1972 and established his work in the Seattle area in 1975 which he later named Agape Family

    Counseling which became known as Agape Family Counseling Services. From the beginning he has maintained a

    Christian counseling presence in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound area. Dr. Anderson is joined in carrying out the

    functions of the counseling service by a team of advisors and co-counselors. The following is a brief statement

    describing several of the key operational personnel:

    Rev. Dr. Philip Gene Anderson, B.A. (SPU), M.Div. (ATS), Ed.D (UNC), LMHC (STATE OF WA.)

    Dr. Anderson is shown here with his wife Alice, who assists in administrative duties. Both the Andersons are ordained ministers and have had a life-long background in the Church. Currently they attend and are actively involved in a non-denominational congregation. Dr. Anderson is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) in Washington State and has held memberships in several professional counseling associations. He is also a licensed Christian counselor with an association that has membership worldwide. He has served in a pastoral role and as a professional counselor for more than 25 years. Dr. Anderson has a wide range of counseling experience and has developed specialties in behavioral therapies and in marriage and family counseling. He also enjoys the role of parent and grandparent.

    Melodee A Hansen, M.Ed. (SU)

  • Ms. Hansen holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology and counseling. She has also pursued graduate studies in clinical psychology at City University. In addition to her insights into human behavior, Ms. Hansen has developed specialized knowledge and skill for insurance collections and mental health claims services. She now assists Agape as a specialist interfacing with the insurance industry and in providing on-going processing of mental health claims made by our clinicians. Melodee has been an active Christian since her childhood and continues to be involved in the work of the Lord.

    Rev. Dr. Philip Gene Anderson, B.A. (SPU), M.Div. (ATS), Ed.D (UNC), LMHC (STATE OF WA.)Melodee A Hansen, M.Ed. (SU)