Chris Cortinas Pub. 2009 Mrs. Brown By: Tim Green 6 th period

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  • Chris Cortinas Pub. 2009 Mrs. Brown By: Tim Green 6 th period
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  • The Setting The story takes place in the present mainly at uncle Guss house. They live next to the woods and in a small,trashy house. There are beer cans and cigar ashes all over the inside of the house. Outside there are woodchips all along there grass from Ty chopping wood
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  • Ty- 12 years old, brown eyes, freckles, black hair Thane- brown hair, blue eyes, tall and muscular Charlotte- short, long black hair, glasses
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  • THE COFLICT Uncle Guss boss, Lucy is making Ty get information from Thane about the injuries on the Jets. That allowed uncle Gus and aunt Lucy to bet a lot of money because they know who will win. That made them win a lot of money. So uncle Gus took Ty to Lucys gang and told them everything and Ty never knew it was bad because they told him it was for fantasy football. Thane never knew Ty was asking him for the injuries for that reason. They got in trouble by FBI Agents.
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  • Thane explained to the agents what happened. They made a plan of getting the gang in trouble except for Ty and Thane, but Thane didnt want uncle Gus to go to jail and leave aunt Virginia and Charlotte by themselves. Even though uncle Gus was a jerk to Ty he gave shelter to him when Tys parents died so they got a plan of Ty and Uncle Gus lieing to the gang for them to bet on the wrong team and lose all their money.
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  • I thought the book was full of action. Every page I read the book would get better and better and it made me want to keep reading. I just couldnt stop because it kept me interested until the end. You never knew what was going to happen next. The book was vey awesome.
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  • 5 interesting facts about Tim Green 1.Tim Green graduated from Syrcause University with a degree in English 2.He was inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame 3.He also played in the NFL as the first round pick for the Atlanta Falcons 4.Tim Greens book Football Genius made the New York times best-seller list of childrens chapter books 5.He has written suspense novels and other books and has served as commentator for the NFL on Fox.
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  • 5 Questions About The Book 1.How did Ty and Thanes parents die? Answer: in a car accident 2.What team drafted Thane in the first round pick? Answer: The New York Jets 3.Who was the person that gave Ty the nickname plunger boy Answer: Calvin West 4.What was the present that uncle Gus and aunt Virginia give to Ty on his birthday? Answer: a Workers Perment 5.What is Thanes Nickname? Answer: Tiger
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  • Ty is living with uncle Gus, aunt Virginia, and Charlotte because his parents died when he was 9. Thane Lewis just made it into the NFL. On Tys b- day uncle Gus got him to work for him because he said he needed a job. Ty is having a rough life even though Thane is in the NFL. When Ty joined school the school football team his coach liked him, but Calvin west didnt. He was the kid that bullied Ty and cheated him on the football field. After Lucy gets Ty to get info from his brother and big bets to win a lot of money. Then these agents figured out was was happening. They made a plan and got the gang to lose their money except for Mr. Damic. In the end uncle Guss family had to move, but Ty got to stay and live with his brother Thane.


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