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  1. 1. Choosing The Best Free Web HostThe old adage "you get what you pay for" holds true with web hosting as much as it does anythingelse in life. In order to get your hosting service free on the Internet, you will inevitably have to give upcertain features and benefits that come with paying for your service. There are, however, some waysto get reasonably good service at no cost, if you know what to look for. Read on for some ways to getthe best free web hosting available.The first thing customers will do when gauging the level of professionalism for your business is to lookat whether or not you have a website. They will then want to know how to get to it, which means adomain name that is yours alone. Unfortunately, most free web hosting services do not allow you tohave your own custom domain name on their server. Most offer this as an upgraded service that youget only when you pay for monthly or yearly hosting through them. Ask about the availability of plansthat allow you to have your own custom domain name, then determine if the benefits are worth anycosts you may incur.Ask how much space you will be allowed for your web pages with the free hosting service. It is veryoften limited, with a few pages only, or a certain amount of bandwidth and storage. If you simply needa presence somewhere on the web, or need a site that augments your main one, it may still be aviable option for you to have a site with a few simple pages that does not incur hosting fees.Ask if the trade-off for free service is that the host company will display ads on your website. If so,request to see an example website that displays these ads, to determine if they will be too distractingor obtrusive for your needs. Many will simply put a small banner or logo at the bottom of your pageswhich indicates that the site was built using their templates and is hosted on their server. These canbe fairly discreet and may be worth the free hosting you get in exchange.Most websites can get their email service through their host provider, which allows them to use theirdomain name in the email address. This can give a feeling of professionalism and identity to yourbusiness. Most free hosting providers, however, do not allow you to have this email feature. They willrequire you to upgrade in order to set up and access email accounts through them. Even if you dodecide to stay with the free service, you can still use another email provider such as Gmail or Hotmail.
  2. 2. Make sure that the company provides free technical support, regardless of whether your site is a freeor paid one. Remember that they are benefiting even from the free sites; otherwise, they would not beproviding them. So check out their customer support technicians and make sure they will be givingyou quality and efficient support when needed.Using free hosting services can be a wise choice for a few situations, so use some of these ideas totest the waters and choose a provider that works for your needs.Click Here For The Best Web Hosting