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  • 7/30/2019 Chola Navy


    Chola NavyFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chola Navy

    Depiction of the siege ofKedah, the battle between Beemasenan's Chola

    naval infantry and the defenders of Kedah fort.

    Founded 3rd century CE

    Country Chola Empire

    Allegiance Chola Dynasty

    Branch Naval

    Type Naval Force

    Size 600-1000 Ships in the peak period.

    Part of Chola military

    Engagements War ofPandyaSuccession (1172)

    War ofPandyasuccession (1167)

    Kalinga Campaighn (1081-83)
  • 7/30/2019 Chola Navy


    The second expedition ofSri


    The first expedition ofSri


    Anexation ofKamboja(?-996)

    The invasion of Ceylon/Sri

    Lanka.(977 - )

    Skirmishes with Pallava Navy (903-



    Chakravarthy (Supreme commander)



    Amarabujangan (12th century)

    Beemaseenan - The famous admiral

    of the Siege of the Keadh (late 11th


    Karunaakaran - Admiral/general (late

    12th century)

    The Chola Navy (Tamil: ; Car kadatpadai) comprised the naval forces of theCholaEmpirealong with several other naval-arms of the country. The Chola navyplayed a vital role in the

    expansion of the Chola Empire, including the conquest of theCeylonislands andSri Vijaya(present day

    Indonesia), the spread ofHinduism,Dravidian architectureandDravidian cultureto south east Asia and in

    curbing thepiracyinSoutheast Asiain the 900[clarification needed]


    The navy grew both in size and status during theMedieval Cholasreign. The Chola Admirals commanded

    much respect and prestige in the society. The navy commanders also acted as diplomats in some

    instances. From 900 to 1100, the navy had grown from a small backwater entity to that of a potent power

    projection and diplomatic symbol in all of Asia, but was gradually reduced in significance when the Cholas

    fought land battles for subjugating theChalukyasof Andhra-Kannada area in South India.[1]



    1 History

    o 1.1 Early activity

    o 1.2 Ancient navy

    o 1.3 Medieval navy
  • 7/30/2019 Chola Navy


    1.3.1 Interregnum

    o 1.4 Imperial navy with blue-water capabilities

    2 Trade, commerce and diplomacy

    o 2.1 Piracy in Southeast Asia

    o 2.2 Cooperation with the Chinese

    3 Organization and administration

    o 3.1 Administration

    3.1.1 Notes

    o 3.2 Rank structure

    o 3.3 Other naval arms

    3.3.1 Customs and excise

    3.3.2 Coast guard

    3.3.3 Privateers

    4 Vessels and weapons

    5 Campaigns

    o 5.1 Recruitment and service

    o 5.2 Ports and fleets

    6 Political, cultural and economic impact

    7 Popular culture

    8 Timeline of events

    9 Gallery

    10 See also

    11 References

    12 External links


    The Persians are famed for their archers, the Turks for their horsemen, and India for its armies. - An Arab


    This proverb could be still true if not for the periods ofChola Empirewhose actions heralded India's Naval

    domination of the sub-continent and beyond. Historians divide the Chola Reign into three distinct phases.

    The first era is the period ofEarly Cholas.The second phase is ofVijalaya Cholasand the final phase in

    the empire was theChalukya Cholaperiod.

    The Cholas were at the height of theirpowercontinuously from the later half of the 9th century until the

    beginning of the 13th centuries.[1]

    UnderRajaraja Chola Iand his sonRajendra Chola I, the dynasty

    became a military, economic and cultural power inAsia.[2][3]

    During the period 10101200, the Chola

    territories stretched from the islands of theMaldivesin the south to as far north as the banks of