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  • Teli Chinelis

    1 | P a g e

    BSc(Hons) in Audio Technology

    PgDip in Audio Acoustics

    both from the University of Salford

    Chartered Engineer (CEng)

    Corporate member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA)

    Corporate member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (MImechE)

    Sound Insulation Award Association of Noise Consultants Awards

    Transportation Noise Award Association of Noise Consultants Awards

    I am an all-rounder in the field of acoustics, being involved in commercial consultancy from 2002 after

    graduating from four years of study in the field of acoustics. My expertise is extensive in the fields of

    architectural, planning, mechanical services, transportation and environmental acoustics and vibration.

    My comprehensive knowledge of building acoustics covers not only the common issues of room

    acoustics (of open plan offices, dealing rooms, conference facilities, auditoria, etc.) and partitioning

    (i.e. acoustic privacy) between rooms, but also specialist areas such as isolating buildings from train

    induced vibration using elastomeric or spring bearings.

    I have been involved as part of the design team for both design and build and fit out projects for a

    number of developments. I provided input regarding architectural acoustics in order to ensure both

    occupier comfort as well as conventional standard requirements for residential, commercial, retail and

    leisure developments. I have undertaken tests to determine the performance of internal building fabric

    on a number of projects and provide input regarding the acoustic properties of external building fabric.

    My knowledge in environmental acoustics is equally diversified as I have prepared various

    Environmental Statement Chapters, helped numerous contractors with Section 61 Applications, and

    involved in schemes like new roads, rail links, airports, waste facilities, wind farms, power stations,

    mineral excavations, underground tunnel construction etc.

    I have given evidence as an expert witness in public inquiries, planning committee meetings and

    planning hearings.


    Career Summary

  • Teli Chinelis

    2 | P a g e

    Nova Victoria, Land Securities

    Having worked on various schemes on this site for 6 years, a final scheme came into fruition in around


    At a cost of around 2billion, this 5.5 acre island site to the north of Victoria Station. Nova, Victoria is an

    architecturally daring urban campus that delivers a new and vibrant destination for London. The

    complete development comprises five buildings within a new, 82,700ft2 pedestrianized, landscaped

    public space at the heart of London's prestigious West End.

    I led the acoustic consultancy work on the final scheme from the pre-application stage all the way to the

    detailed design stage (RIBA Stage E). This involved preparing an Environmental Statement Chapter

    with a detailed demolition and construction noise and vibration assessment, preparing a detailed design

    for the architectural elements in relation to acoustics, and provide advice in relation to Crossrail line 2

    and re-radiated noise from the underground tunnels beneath the development. One of the biggest

    challenges for this development was the detailed design of the extensive building services installations

    which comprises a large energy centre in the basement and numerous dry air coolers and air handling

    plant located in various external roof top plant areas.

    Millbrook Power Station, Watt Power

    I prepared the Environmental Statement Chapter for the Development Consent Order (DCO) application

    for a 200milion power station near the village of Millbrook.

    The Power Generation Plant operates as a Simple Cycle Gas Turbine (SCGT) peaking plant and is

    designed to provide up to 299 Megawatts (MW) of electricity. This incorporates up to five gas turbine

    generators with up to five exhaust gas flue stacks.

    The noise and vibration impact assessment included a prediction of the impact due to overhead lines

    associated with the corona discharge.

    Selected Experience

  • Teli Chinelis

    3 | P a g e

    Park House, Oxford Street, Barwa Real Estate Q.S.C

    I provided acoustic consultancy services for this 250m mixed used development from 2004 until its

    completion and handover in December 2012.

    Park house is a mixed use redevelopment covering a complete 1.04 acres city block on the edge of

    Mayfair, fronting Oxford Street. The building includes prime retail space at basement, ground and first

    floor levels. The levels above the retail are split into two parts comprising seven floors of prime

    Mayfair office space to the western end and 39 private residential apartments to the east.

    The acoustic consultancy services included the preparation of the noise and vibration chapter for the

    environmental statement and detailed design to completion.

    I was novated to the main contractor to assist with meeting the employers requirements (which I

    prepared) after Stage E (Stage 4) and final commissioning.

    The building is probably the most complicated vibration isolated building in the world. The vibration

    isolation proposals were put in place in order to protect the noise sensitive uses from underground

    train movements (LUL central line runs below Oxford Street).

    Bespoke high quality double glazing was specifically designed, tested and installed on the north

    faade fronting Oxford Street, the busiest retail street in Europe.

    The party walls and floors were designed to significantly exceed the minimum requirements for sound

    insulation under the building regulations.

    The extensive building services were designed to be inaudible at neighbouring premises and utilized

    internally to provide sound masking and therefore enhance acoustic privacy in the residential and

    commercial parts of the mixed use scheme.

    Continuous noise, vibration and dust monitoring was undertaken during the demolition and

    construction periods to ensure that suitable limits were adhered to.

  • Teli Chinelis

    4 | P a g e

    National Aquatics Centre, Beijing Olympic Games

    Comprising a steel space frame, the aquatics centre is the largest ETFE clad structure in the world

    with over 100,000 m of ETFE pillows that are only 0.2 mm in total thickness. This necessitated a

    careful consideration of the acoustics in the space in order to ensure the safety of the users without

    sacrificing or diminishing the aesthetic aspirations of the architect.

    I created an acoustic model of the building in Catt Acoustic in order to review the internal acoustic

    properties of the building and more specification the reverberation time and the speech transmission

    index in relation to PA announcements.

    I also devised a testing methodology (long before ISO:140-18 was published) in order to review the

    internal noise levels due to heavy rainfall (apparently prevalent in China during the summer). A

    bespoke sound transmission test was also devised and the testing was witnessed in the acoustic

    laboratories of Tsingtao University in Beijing.

    Queensway road link

    I prepared the ES chapter for the noise impact assessment during construction and operation for a

    new road link. This included a detailed DMRB assessment and identification of dwellings eligible for

    additional sound reduction provisions based on the noise insulation regulations.

  • Teli Chinelis

    5 | P a g e

    Eden Walk, British Land

    I prepared the ES chapter for the redevelopment of Eden Walk shopping centre in Kingston Upon

    Thames including an additional 400 apartments and a landmark tower. The work comprised

    extensive surveying of the existing climate, the generation of detailed 3D acoustic models, and

    consultation with the local authority, liaison with the design team (i.e. in relation to external building

    fabric make up and ventilation). I also provided advice in relation to the sound insulation performance

    of the separating elements between the proposed apartments and the retail premises which included

    shops, restaurants and a cinema.

    National Audit Office, Wates Construction

    I worked for the contractor to ensure the employers requirements were met for the refurbishment of

    the listed building which houses the National Audit Office. Employers requirements were refined in

    order to enhance the acoustic environment. Various advice was provided in relation to the

    performance of the external building fabric, fit out design including surface finishes and partitioning

    detailing and building services noise and vibration control. Several site visits where undertaken during

    the yearlong construction period in order to monitor progress. A complicated atmospheric plant noise

    assessment, which included various mitigation measures, was undertaken to ensure suitable limits

    were met and the planning conditions discharged.

  • Teli Chinelis

    6 | P a g e

    Google premises, Google

    I provided acoustic consultancy services to Googles various premises near Victoria Station. This

    included acoustic design of a small cinema, recording studio, gymnasium, restaurant and even a

    stage set up for live bands (inside a normal office building). In addition to building acoustic