Children Around the World Montessori Cards

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<ul><li><p>For more materials please visit my TpT store!http://</p><p>Also please visit my Facebook Page:</p><p>With the help of these cards your child will learn about diversity!</p><p>1. Tell the child that there are a lot of people on the Earth and everyone isunique, but all of them are wonderful.2. Show the child the Montessori Continents Map and tell that peopleliving on these continents are all different.3. Take one continent and put it at the top.4. Show different pictures of children living there.5. Then show the mark of the continent at every picture and make clear that it shows the same continent. It will then serve as control of error.6. Study pictures with children of the continents one by one.7. Later show the child all the continents and all the pictures or classify them. When everything is ready tell the child See how beautiful our planetis. See how wonderful and beautiful the people are</p><p>Print all the material and cut it out. Then glue the name of the country or region to the back of every card. Laminate</p></li><li><p>Morocco</p><p>Indonesia</p><p>Tibet</p><p>Vietnam</p><p>Kenya</p><p>East Siberia</p><p>Ethiopia</p><p>Brazil</p><p>India</p><p>Senegal</p><p>Mexico</p><p>Ghana</p><p>Guatemala</p><p>Ethiopia</p><p>USA</p><p>China</p><p>USA</p><p>USA</p><p>USA</p><p>Bolivia</p><p>&gt;page 1</p><p>&gt;page 2</p><p>&gt;page 3</p><p>&gt;page 4</p><p>&gt;page 5</p></li><li><p>Columbia</p><p>Brazil</p><p>Ecuador</p><p>Peru</p><p>Australia</p><p>New Guinea</p><p>Australia</p><p>Australia</p><p>Australia</p><p>Russia</p><p>Vanuatu</p><p>Romania</p><p>England</p><p>Czech Republic</p><p>Arctic Europe</p><p>Poland</p><p>&gt;page 6</p><p>&gt;page 7</p><p>&gt;page 8</p><p>&gt;page 9</p></li><li><p>I do not own any of the photos. All the rights goes to their owners. I am gratedul for making such amazing photos. These are authors and references:</p><p>Sarah CorbettKaren ReVelleUrsula Capik Le Hong HaGmb AkashPaloma Reis FlorThuk Je CheSergio Gatti BaldyPatikradjaEric LafforgueHideki NaitoJesse DyerEric LafforgueManuela Trevia set-72157625121890142/Ahmed Hameed set-72157622311797748/lightbox/Vu Minh Quan/Shotgun911 page-9</p></li><li><p>Copyright. All rights reserved</p><p>Thank you for downloading this material!</p><p>If you would like to exhibit this activity please add the link to the file and leave me a message at I would be grateful to you for this!</p></li></ul>


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