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Childhood Memories Adinda Putri Selaras (1406621172) Tasya Armani Putri (1406559181)

Childhood Memory

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Childhood memory

Childhood Memories

Adinda Putri Selaras (1406621172)

Tasya Armani Putri (1406559181)


GameBoy was a toy that we usually played when we were a child. It was very popular among us, we loved to play this toy although there was only one game in it called Tetris.


Tamagotchi is a virtual animal game. It has a small round shape with a screen display on the front. With Tamagotchi we can adopt pet such as rabbit, chicken and even dinosaur. It is originally come from Japan.


The majority who likes to play this game are boys. It was generally made from wood. We can play yoyo by wrapping the cord neatly onto the yoyo then put it on the floor and pull the rope until the yoyo spins.


This game is majorly played by the girls. In Java, it is usually called Gatheng. There are two tools needed if we want to play this, the first one is the ball and the second is biji bekel.

Kapal Othok-othok

This toy is commonly made from sheets of zinc which are shaped like a ship complete with the captain, the chimney, the flag and machine gun. To play this toy is pretty easy, first, fill the boat tank with kerosene, put it in a bucket filled with water, then light up the axis, and the boat will finally move.

Balon Lem

This toy is quite unique, it comes with a small straw and a gel form which is filled in a tube made of copper. The gel-like form is similar to castol glue that is often used to glue shoes. To make a big balloon, remove the gel from the tube then place it at one end of the straw, then we blow from the other.


Until these days, there are some children who still like to play marbles. To play this, you have to shoot the opponents marbles with your marble, if the marble make contact, then the opponents marble become yours.


Although it looks simple, this game actually requires a good strategy and fast-calculation skill to beat your opponent. We usually play this game using shells or even gravels.