Childhood and Education - The Prince’s Loving-Kindness

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PKSSSS CY2010 Level: J4 Lesson 3: Childhood to Marriage - Chapter 3: Childhood and Education - Chapter 4: Youth and Marriage. Search for Truth. Final Nirvana. BIRTH. Growing Up & Four Encounters. Renunciation. Enlightenment. Teaching. Learn. Practice. Realise. Share. Page 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Childhood and Education - The Prince’s Loving-Kindness

  • PKSSSS CY2010 Level: J4Lesson 3: Childhood to Marriage- Chapter 3: Childhood and Education- Chapter 4: Youth and Marriage

  • Childhood and Education- The Princes Loving-KindnessThe young prince was very kind, compassionate and thoughtful.He never hurt anything, not even the smallest animals.Because he was a prince his life was very easy, he could have chosen to ignore the problems of others. But he felt sympathy for others. He knew that all creatures, including people, animals and all other living beings, like to be happy and dont like suffering and pain.

  • Childhood and Education- The Ploughing CeremonyOne spring day, at the age of seven, he went out of the castle with his father to witness the annual ploughing ceremony.Sitting alone under the rose-apple (jambu) tree watching a farmer at his plowing, he noticed a small worm which had been turned up by the farmer's plough.What do think had happen?

  • Childhood and Education- The Ploughing Ceremony

  • Childhood and Education- The Ploughing CeremonyThe Prince was greatly disturbed by what he had seen."Alas! Do all living creatures kill each other? he thought to himself.He realized that killing is suffering.Concentrated his mind, he experienced the joy of meditation.

  • Childhood and Education- The Incident of the Wounded SwanOne day, at age twelve years old, Prince Siddhartha and his cousin, Devadatta were playing and saw a swan flying in the air.Devadatta took his bow and arrow and shot down the swan. It was badly wounded.Prince ran faster to pick up the swan.Devedatta wanted the swan since he was the one who shot it down but Prince do not agree.

  • Childhood and Education- The Incident of the Wounded SwanUnable to settle the matter, they want to the wise man of the court.Wise man decided that the swan belong to Prince Siddhartha since he try to save it life, not destroy.Prince treated the wound and took care of the swan.

  • Childhood and Education- The Education of Prince SiddharthaIn the palace, the Prince had many teachers to teach and prepare him to be a strong and learned king in future.He was taught on Grammar, Art and Crafts, Medicine, Logic and Religion.He was also taught on riding horses and elephant, using weapons, athletics and wrestling.He was a perfect student. He excelled in all learning, sports or games.

  • Childhood and Education- A Life of LuxuryThe king remembered that the sage had predicted that the prince might one day leave the palace and become a monk.The king provided the prince with a life of luxury and comfort and hid him from realities of life. The king built the Prince three beautiful palaces for him to live in during winter, summer and rainy season.The palaces were built a lovely gardens and extensive parks.

  • Childhood and Education- A Life of LuxuryThe prince was provided with the best food and finest clothing.In the palace, the prince was entertained with music and dance all day long.No one was allowed to mention old age, sickness, death and renunciation in front of the prince.Kings intention is to prevent the prince from becoming a monk.

  • Childhood and Education- Marriage of the PrinceThe King arranged the marriage of the Prince to prevent him from thinking of leaving the palace.Prince agreed but his wife-to-be need to have certain qualities. She must be compassionate, truthful, faithful, kind and considerate. Means pure in body, speech and mind.Princess Yashodhara was found a right match for Prince Siddhartha.Prince Siddhartha excelled in the public contest of strength and intelligence.Royal wedding party carried out for their marriage.Page 10

  • SummaryLearn. Practice. Realise. Share. Page 11Since young, the prince was very kind, compassionate and thoughtful person.Witnessed a bird carrying off a worm and in turn eaten by the eagle, this sight have causes him to think about unhappy situation of creatures which were killed by other creatures for food.Under the rose-apple tree, the young prince experienced the joy of meditation.In another incident, the prince saved the life of a swan which was wounded by Devadattas arrow.As a prince, he received a comprehensive education in arts and sciences and mastered the law of war and royal sports.Prince Siddhartha lived a luxury life in his fathers kingdom.He had chosen Yashodhara to be his bride. He impressed her father in a public contest and won her hand in marriage.

  • Crossword Puzzle GameLearn. Practice. Realise. Share. Page 12

  • Crossword Puzzle Game - HintsLearn. Practice. Realise. Share. Page 13Prince Siddhartha lived a ______ life in his fathers kingdom.The Buddha teaches loving kindness and __________ towards human beings as well as other creatures.Prince Siddhartha was born in _______ park.The Sage, Asita made the prediction that Prince Siddhartha will become a ______.As a prince, he received a comprehensive education in arts and sciences and mastered the law of war and royal ______.Prince Siddhartha mother was Queen ____.Prince Siddhartha chosen Princess ___________ to be his bride.Prajapati was Prince Siddhartha mother ______.

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    Teacher need to relate the story using the animation in the powerpoint.