Chhattisgarh Tourism

Chhattisgarh Tourism

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An evergreen tourist destinationLakes and Dams are the most beautiful part of Chhattisgarh. These attract many folks forcing them to make Chhattisgarh as their vacation destination

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Chhattisgarh Tourism

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Apna Chhattisgarh, the 26th state of Indiais famous for its tourism industry. It is the 10th largest state in India.

Chitradhara WaterfallPurkhoti MuktanganKeskal PanchvatiRani Dah WaterfallSurang tila temple Madhku DweepRatanpur Fort

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Chitradhara Waterfall

The waterfall is located at just 19 km form Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh at 19°12’3″N, 81°41’59″E on the way

to Chitrakoot Falls. The best sightseeing and weekend vacation destinations are the favorite among all

the visitors. The scenic beauty of the bastar district is the main attraction of the place. The waterfalls are

situated near a small village called Potanar.

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The main source of Chitradhara Waterfalls is river Indravati. The river passes in a zigzag manner through dense forested lands,

through uneven rocky terrains and finally moves down from the

top of the hills.

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Purkhoti Muktangan

This museum is being developed by Government of Chhattisgarh, Culture Department under

Ministry of Tourism at Naya Raipur, the coordinates are 21°8’1″N 81°45’28″E. The depiction of habitation, artifacts,

folk dances, food habits of the tribal is presented here.

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Medicinal and traditional plantation is being grown. The open air art Museum cum Park Developed

by Tourism Ministry of Chhattisgarh gives the whole description of the entire state

in one theme park.

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Keskal Panchvati

Keskal Panchvati is 129 km from Jagdalpur at 20°6’3″N 81°35’11″E. There is a scenic spot

and offers a spectacular view of the valley below.It is situated at nearly 2 km from keshkal bus stand.

Keshkal is a town in Bastar district. Keskal has heavy bauxite deposits. Keskal is 168km from


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Keshkal Ghat is a famous attraction which is a scenic spot and offers a spectacular view of the valley. Keshkal Panchvati is

very famous spot of tourism.

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Rani Dah Waterfalls

Rani Dah Waterfalls Most Frequented Picnic Spot in Jashpur. Rani Dah Waterfall an attractive waterfall situated at 12 kilometres from Jashpur for nature

lovers located in Jashpur city of Chhattisgarh. Rani Dah waterfall lures thousands of tourists

every year by the spell bound beauty of covered forests around it.

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Rani Dah Waterfall is one of the major income sources of the eco – tourism

department of Chhattisgarh. Rani DahWaterfall is situated in hilly terrain

in the midst of forest.

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Surang Tila Temple

It is an ancient 7th Century Shiv Temple. The location is 21°20’47″N 82°10’54″E. Surang Tilatemple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and excavated

during 2006-07. The attractive feature of the temple is its structure in pyramid style and is

built of white stones.

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Madhku Dweep

A beautiful island situated at 21°50’33″N 81°56’33″E forthe lovers of serenity and peaceful surrounding lovers a far

off place from the city’s population. In the leisure time people can enjoy the beautiful

color splashes of the sunlight.

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The visitors can enjoy the bright blue canopy of the sky stretching beyond the horizon and

the breeze through the farmlands.

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Ratanpur Fort

Situated at a distance of about 25 kms from Bilaspur, Ratanpur enjoys a considerable importance from the point of view of tourism. Ratanpur Fort in Bilaspur

is counted among one of the significant places of tourist importance.

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