Chevrolet Cruze Case study

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Chevrolet Cruze

Campaign Phases Phase 1 : Teaser( 5th Oct 11th Oct )

Phase 2 : Launch(13th Oct - 17th Oct)

Phase 3: Post Launch( 19th Oct 20th Nov )


Talking Banner - Roadblock on MC

On clicking the start button of the right hand side banner, the CAR start running at top banner and vice - versa

IBN Live ( Talking Banner)

Livemint Marketinfo Sponsorship

Reuters Autoshow Sponsorship

False Home Page on ZeeNews

IBNLive (Feature Banner)

Winamp Player / Winamp Featured Skin

Downloads: 102,000

Pre Launch Phase

Pre Launch Strategy

Objective: Give the Chevrolet image a shot in the arm prior to the Cruze launchSomething new and exciting is happening at Chevrolet in India.

Media Strategy and Execution: 5th 11th Oct 09 Media was planned and bought to get maximum reach in digital space with instipulated time frame of 1 week Generate Awareness and Create Buzz and Excitement with in Target Market and Target Audience Had a healthy mix of Horizontal, Verticals (News and Auto) and Video network with all Dominated Properties.

Media PlanYahoo

Google Zigwheels

IT+TOI Rediff



CarwaleGaadi Vdopia Jivox Afaqs

Zee News

Creatives ( Video / Flash)Parking Creative Tunnel Creative Sand Creative

Rediff Expando

Yahoo Monster

Chevrolet Teaser Microsite

Cruze Teaser Landing Page

Important Campaign Properties

Yahoo Video / Rediff Expando

TOI Pre Roll (Video) / IT Pre Roll (Video)

Jivox ( Interactive Banner)

Gaadi -Video Banners / Carwale LREC

Google Search

Launch Phase

Launch Day StrategyObjective: To announce the New Chevrolet Cruze Launch from Chevrolet India

Media Strategy and Execution: 13th 17th Oct 09 Media was planned and bought to get maximum blast and reach to announce the Launch. Generate Awareness and Excitement to TG Had a healthy mix of Horizontal, Verticals (Finance, News and Auto) with all Dominated Properties to Capture interest and attention.

All media deals were done with very special rates Had booked the Homepages of all big horizontals with Big ticket size properties like Floater/OTP Done a complete Road Block for Rediff Audience on 13th and continued till 14th Oct Booked MC home page to announce launch 123 Greetings Homepage road block for 4 days during Diwali

Indiatimes / ET and ToI 1st time ever all properties booked to get max impact and reach False home page at Zee news

Media PlanYahoo

123Greetings Google











Creatives123 Greetings Roadblock Rediff Expando

MSN Roadblock

CreativesCarTradeIndia Roadblcok

Sify Page Tear

Innovation: Moneycontrol Roadblock

Chevrolet Launch Site

Cruze Launch Site

Important Properties

Yahoo Home Page Roadblock

Rediff Expando / Moneycontrol Matrix

MSN Roadblock / Zee News False HP

IT/ TOI / ET Shoshkele

Carwale Roadblock / Gaadi Roadblock - North

Post Launch Phase

Post Launch StrategyObjective: To announce and to start the dialogue with TG and manage Business Goals andMarketing Objectives

Media Strategy and Execution: 19 th Oct 20th Nov 09 Media was planned and bought to get maximum engagement so that demand (leads) can be generated. Had a challenge to keep a high reach within the TG with effective and targeted properties. Therefore an mix of Finance, News, Auto, Video sites bought for maximum Involvement and Interaction All media deals were done for Intercept, Influence and Continuity Properties with very special rates and have had taken many value adds Max deals were on fixed days basis on Live mint and IBN Live, taken 4 lacs extra impressiin on NDTV. Bought a high impact property on Champions Leagues official site. Targeting to all Sr. Mgmt at Linkedin

Innovations Done: Winamp Skin Talking Banner Expando Banner on IBN Live with highlighting the features (Brand Reported done a coverage) Form based Banners on Rediff Logout

Media PlanYahoo / Bing Search Google







Gaadi IT+TOI+ETJivox IBNLive


Creatives ( Video / Flash)Parking Creative Dust Creative

Rediff Form Based Banner

ET 240*400

Creatives (Flash 2nd Set)LinkedIn ExpandoLiveMint 300*600

IT Shosh

Innovation: IBNLive (Feature Banner)

Other Tactical Placement

Moneycontrol Leaderboard

LiveMint LREC on all stories pages

NDTV Mast Head Expando

Rediff Logout Form Based Banner

LinkedIn Expando Targeted to CTOs CXOs and top mgmt

Livemint Site Capture on Stock Market Information

Winamp Player / Winamp Featured Skin

Video Banner through - Jivox Network


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