Charlotte Holmes. ï½ Sad to leave Beavers ï½ Be prepared to: â—¦ Join Cubs â—¦ Be Respectful â—¦ Learn about Others â—¦ Be Creative â—¦ Keep fit â—¦

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Text of Charlotte Holmes. ï½ Sad to leave Beavers ï½ Be prepared to:...

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  • Charlotte Holmes
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  • Sad to leave Beavers Be prepared to: Join Cubs Be Respectful Learn about Others Be Creative Keep fit Have fun Help others Make friends Earn badges Become a chief scout Become a leader Have the time of your life
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  • Beavers was so cool. Could Cubs come close?
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  • I attended both Beavers and Cubs for three weeks to get used to Cubs I swam up to Cubs on 6 th October 2011
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  • Thinking of others Remembrance Day parade every November Duty to God St Georges Day parade every April Renew our promise Duty to the Queen Diamond Jubilee parade I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Cub Scout Law
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  • Australia, China, India, Scotland, Uganda, Wales We have learnt about Chinese New Year, St Davids Day, Burns Night We learnt more about Australia and India for our Global Challenge We are linked to a Scout Group at Outspan School in Uganda
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  • Tie dyed Hats Cards Biscuits Cakes Performances Play, Puppet show at AGM Christmas crafts And so much more.........
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  • Healthy eating Exercise Athletics Silly Olympics Circuit training
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  • Camps Pack, District, Group, County Hikes Pitsford sports field Overstone Cub Ground Pitsford Reservoir Water activities
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  • Games Find the flag Roller skating Ice Skating Shooting Canoeing Putting on shows Preparing and serving meals And so much more
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  • Local community Litter picking in the sportsfield and village Charities Comic Relief, Rainbows Hospice Overseas Outspan School
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  • In your Six In your Pack At District Events At County Events With penpals in Uganda
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  • Activity Badges in your pack or at home or at school I achieved all these:
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  • Challenge Badges these are more difficult and are made up of lots of things from the Activity Badges
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  • Staged Badges as you do more or learn more you can get higher badges as you progress through the 4 Scout Sections
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  • Chief Scout Silver
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  • Sixer of Green Six
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  • And now that totes amaze journey is over Theres more I can become a Scout and continue the adventure