Charities Aid Foundation Moving payroll giving from a mechanic to an employee engagement tool

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Charities Aid Foundation Moving payroll giving from a mechanic to an employee engagement tool. Jonathan Gill Corporate Advisor Johannes Strack Corporate Client Manager. Key facts. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Charities Aid FoundationMoving payroll giving from a mechanic to an employee engagement tool

Jonathan GillCorporate Advisor

Johannes StrackCorporate Client ManagerJG1

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) pioneers effective ways for donors and charities to achieve greater social impact.

CAF includes CAF Bank, CAF Venturesome, and CAF Philanthropy Services.

CAF Bank1 and CAF Venturesome offer deposit, lending, and social investment solutions to over 16,000 charities and social enterprises.

CAF Philanthropy Services works with individual, family, and company donors globally to optimise their impact through advisory and transactional services.

We are the UK market leader in managing philanthropic capital with over 1.1 billion held in custody for donors.

We distributed over 400 million to charities for donors in 2012.

We are one of the UKs largest charities with over 80 years of experienceand offices in 9 countries.Key facts1 CAF Bank is a subsidiary of CAF and an FCA-regulated banking institution. CAF Banks services are offered exclusively to charitable organisations. All CAF Bank profits are transferred to CAF and used to benefit the third sector in accordance with its charitable objectives.


Our modelMission

Motivating society to give ever more effectively, helping to transform lives and communities aroundthe world.SolutionsSector DevelopmentEducate Donors Influence Government Policies

Build Nonprofit Capacity

JG3Who we serveCharitiesDonors Individuals Families Companies FoundationsPhilanthropy solutions, from idea to impactAdvisory servicesDonor-advised giving vehiclesBanking solutions for charitiesDeposit productsSecured loansInvestment products

Alternative social investment solutionsUnsecured loansSpecialist funds

JG4IDEAIMPACTIdentify driversMap needsSet clear objectives

Choose Giving Vehiclessuch as

CAF Company Account(donor-advised fund for companies)

Give-As-You-Earn (GAYE)(donor-advised payroll giving for employees)for companies

Develop Corporate Responsibility StrategywithCAF Advisors


DeliverImproveCAF Charitable Trust(donor-advised fund for high-earning individuals)

CAF Charity Account(donor-advised accounts for employees)Our offerDepoly business assetsCommunicate creatively

Measure performanceGrow and scale

Map your activityDefine your activityEngage stakeholdersBuild delivery frameworkJG5CAF GAYE is the largest approved payroll giving scheme in the UK, utilised by 70% of FTSE 100 companies.

CAF supports over 3,000 employers with their payroll giving, helping to donate nearly 80 million each year.

It's a simple way to make a regular commitment to charity and as it comes from an employee's pre-tax pay, they can afford to give more.

CAF promotes innovation in GAYE and invests in research in the area.

CAF & Payroll Giving

JS6Payroll giving as a mechanic...a wasted opportunityPayroll giving is implemented but not aligned to the business.

Promotional drive on implementation.

Becomes stagnant, hidden and slowly declines.

No ownership internally, administrators dont understand the potential.

JG7Employer realises true value to employee engagement, not just as a fantastic benefit but aligned with overall CI strategy.

Understand benefits not just to employees but also business as a whole.

Specific and achievable targets to grow scheme through PGQM and segmentation of employees.

Correct communication that highlights benefits and praises success.

Varied calendar that engages employees with charitable giving.Payroll giving as an employee engagement tool...a win-win situation

JS8Case study: B&Q

B&Q has 321 stores across the UK and over 30,000 employees, sitting at the heart of most communities and striving to be 'good neighbours'.

Aligned to Net Positive strategy communities strand and employee engagement.

Continuous promotionGiving talks, displaying posters, and including articles in their bi-monthly newsletter, on the intranet and induction packs. They are also supported by a Professional Fundraising Organisation who visit the majority of B&Q's stores on a regular basis to boost the awareness of the scheme and sign up new donors.

B&Q has more than 5% of employees participating in the scheme, and because of their efforts they have been presented with the Governments Silver Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award.

JS9Case study: British Airways

Wished to reboot community activity.

Pay roll giving a key element to align employeesEssential due to continuing movement of employees, alternative shift patterns etcCreated 4 alternative propositions to promote internally all aligned to the business

Achieve dramatic up shift in donations

Limited attrition rate

JS10Verdict: What to bear in mind to achieve success

JG11Verdict: What to bear in mind to achieve successGo back to basics what are you trying to achieve?How does this support the business?What does success look like?

Without these set out, you will never know if you are doing phenomenally well, or just treading water.

Ensure your communications are aligned to the businessMake it simpleIncentiviseEducate about the benefitsPositive feedback loops

Fundamentally - be strategic, be creative and utilise all available resources both internally and externally...such as....

JG12CAF Research on Nudge TheoryIn collaboration with the Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team, CAF has carried out research into the most effective ways of engaging people to give to charity.

In collaboration with the Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team, CAF has carried out research into the most effective ways of engaging people to give to charity.

There were four key behavioural insights noted in the research:Make it easy E.g. Automatic enrolment with choice to opt-out

Attract attention E.g. Personalised messages

Focus on the social E.g. Using prominent individuals as case studies

Timing matters E.g. People are more likely to donate in December rather than January


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