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    Society of Broadcast Engineers

    Chapter 24Newsletter

    Madison, Wisconsin

    Meeting Minutes.................................2Amateur Radio News.........................3Proposed Bylaws Changes.................4Sustaining Members...........................7Summer Engineering Conference......8

    In this IssueWeds., June 20 WBA Summer Engineering Conference MilwaukeeWeds., July 25 Tour of Sun Prairie Media Center

    Coming Up

    Next MeetingNext Meeting

    Wednesday, May 23

    May 2018

    Standby Power Flywheelsand UPS

    by Eaton IndustriesAt this months meeting

    members will review andvote on proposed changesto the By Laws governing

    SBE Chapter 24 operations.The proposal is available in

    the May newsletterand on the Chapter web site.

    Please review it before the meeting.

    Then Bret Quinnell of theData Center Segment of

    Eaton Corp will speak to usabout AC UPS Systems& DC Sources for UPS,

    Flywheels vs. VRLA Batteries.

    Dutch treat dinner at 5:30 pmFood Court

    66 W Towne MallMadison, WI

    Meeting and program at 7:00 pmWISC TV, Conf B

    7025 Raymond RoadMadison, WI

    Visitors and guests are welcome!

    2018 Election Results

    Chairman Rich WoodVice Chair Clif GrothSecretary Mike NortonTreasurer Roy Henn

    Thanks to our re-elected slate of officers for their time and dedication to Chapter 24for the next year.

    FCC Eases DTVServices Filing

    TV Broadcasters may no longer have to make the annual filing reporting on auxiliary or supplemental services that they may provide within their DTV transmissions. The FCC issued the notice ( on April 13th. As part of allowing TV stations to use a second channel during the DTV transition, Congress required the FCC to collect a 5% fee on all payments that a station received from data or other non broadcast services. All stations were required to file with the FCC a report each December whether they provided services or not. With this notice only stations that provide these services will be required to file the report each year with their payment. This relieves stations from filing one less form which was irrelevant to their operation.

    >>> by Tom Smith

    Registering Satellite Dishes

    On April 19th, the FCC issued an order ( requiring the registration of satellite receive stations in order to collect data on existing satellite receive stations and possibly provide protection from interference by the possible sharing of the 3.7 to 4.2 GHz band currently used for satellite reception and telephone common carrier point-to-point microwave transmission. They issued a freeze on all new satellite stations and point-to-point microwave stations in the 3.7 to 4.2 GHz band in the same order. In order to register a satellite station, it must have existed before April 19th. The FCC also issued that day a public notice ( ) that they were asking for comment on a proposed rulemaking to allow mobile broadband (cellular) service to share the band and on May 1st the FCC released a notice ( outlining the questions they

    >>> by Tom Smith


  • ChairRichard Wood

    Resonant ResultsW: 608-839-3950

    Vice-ChairClifford GrothNRG Media


    SecretaryMike Norton, CSTE, CBNE

    ECB, Wisconsin Public BroadcastingW:

    TreasurerRoy Henn

    Chief Engineer - WIFS(608) 535-9504

    Past-ChairKevin Ruppert, CPBE, CBNT


    Committee AppointeesProgram Committee

    Volunteer to chair the program committee!

    Membership / Newsletter EditorPaul Stoffel, CPBE (retired)

    Sustaining MembershipFred Sperry, CPBE

    Certification & EducationJim Hermanson, CPBE,

    Frequency CoordinationTom Smith, CPBE

    WebmasterLeonard Charles,


    Page 2 SBE Chapter 24 Newsletter May 2018

    Chapter ContactsMeeting Minutes

    from the April 2018 Business Meeting

    Chapter 24 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers held its monthly meeting on Thursday, April 26, 2018, at the WMTV studios in Madison. There were 11 members present, 7 who held SBE certification, and 2 guests. Chapter Chair Rich Wood called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. The March meeting minutes, as published in the April Newsletter, were accepted on a motion by Leonard Charles and a second by Rich Wood. Treasurer Roy Henn reported there were no new deposits in the chapter account, and the group finances continue to be stable. Leonard Charles provided a chapter newsletter update. Now that elections are completed, proposed modifications to the Chapter bylaws would be put in the next newsletter and/or on the website. With a quorum present at the May meeting a vote could be taken to eliminate the requirement for a chapter newsletter. It would be replaced by information on the website, along with a monthly email notice of upcoming meetings. If bylaw changes are approved, then news articles, minutes, and certification information would move exclusively to the website. Rich Wood gave a membership update stating there are 36 current members. Fred Sperry forwarded information showing 16 sustaining members, with Alpha Video and WMTV as recent renewals. Rich reviewed the upcoming programs, starting with the Wednesday, May 23 talk about flywheel UPS systems to be held at WISC-TV. June 20 will be the WBA summer conference in Milwaukee, and the July 25 meeting will include a tour of the Sun Prairie Media Center. Frequency coordinator Tom Smith noted there were no new requests for coordination. He did note that the FCC is studying the feasibility of sharing C-band satellite downlink frequencies with commercial wireless services. Radio and TV stations with receive-only satellite dishes using 3.7-4.2GHz frequencies should register their downlinks with the FCC before July 18. Leonard Charles relayed a National report item with the SBE National holding a Strategic Planning Conference on Saturday, June 9 in Indianapolis; more details are available on the website. There was no old or new business brought up for discussion. In professional and general announcements, Tom Weeden mentioned that Pete Deets was recovering from surgery and would be out for a number of weeks. Rich Wood talked briefly about the recent television tower collapse in Missouri that caused a fatality, and what information was known at the time. The meeting was adjourned at 7:28 pm. The NAB Wrap-up program followed, with members who attended the NAB conference and trade show giving a summary of information and products of interest.

    Submitted by Mike Norton, Secretary

    Shane CollinsClark Wire & Cable Sales

    Unit A408 Washington Blvd

    Mundelein, IL 60060-4401(800) CABLE-IT (847) 949-9944

    Fax: (847) 949-9595e-mail:

  • Page 3 SBE Chapter 24 Newsletter May 2018

    compiled by Tom Weeden, WJ9H

    Amateur Radio News

    Portable, Professional AudioSound Devices, LLC

    E7556 State Rd. 23/33 P.O. Box 576

    Reedsburg, Wisconsin 53959www.sounddevices.comPhone: (608) 524-0625

    Fax: (608) 524-0655

    Radio amateurs were among some 600 global visitors signing in at American Radio Relay League's booth at the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas April 7 - 12. Those stopping by hailed from many countries, including Australia, South Korea, Israel, Norway, Canada, England, Ireland, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Tanzania, Greenland, the US Virgin Islands, Poland, South Africa, Bulgaria, and Spain. Nevada Section Manager John Bigley, N7UR, who said many visitors never signed the register, managed the booth with the help of volunteers from various Nevada Amateur Radio groups "When you have m