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CHAPTER 17. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Information means to describe any data in presentable form. Information Technology means how to explore this information. Through worldwide network of computers. One can access any web-site on this worldwide web. INTERNET - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information means to describe any data in presentable form.

Information Technology means how to explore this informationThrough worldwide network of computers. One can access any web-site on this worldwide web.INTERNET The internet is a worldwide system Simply sitting in your living room you can keep in touch with entire world. It has become possible to send and receive information almost instantaneously.

Internet allows access for anybody from anywhere.

One can access the same through computers.

Information travels through the internet at incredible speeds.

It cuts across international boundaries

Once information posted on a 'Website' is available to anybody from anywhere in the globe, at no cost.ProtectionAccess to the information can be protected and made available to specified individuals. By allotting password to the individuals.Sometimes we may require to pay a fee for information. Intranet Intranet is an in house network. Restricted to private circulation. Intranet will be available only to its offices and personnel. The difference between internet and intranet is similar to the difference between newspaper and in-house newsmagazine.Circulars meant for internal circulation can be posted on intranet, & anybody will have immediate access to it. It is possible to restrict some information to certain categories of persons by allotting passwords to them.Usefulness of Internet and Intranet. Be able to operate from any location

Be able to operate any time of day or night

For distribution of information that changes frequently.

Send and receive mail


E-mail is short form of Electronic Mail.

Some of the employees of various classes have been given personal E-mail id which is his address in the net.

Search, read, and download data, files, pictures. Exchange letters and discuss with individuals.

Join discussion groups, including video conferences

Communicate in real time across long distances without any delay.

Display information for who ever is interested.

E-commerce (buy & sell)

Benefits to agents

Can receive all circulars and instructions issued by any office.

Delays on account of postal transmission, dispatch department, being forwarded from one level to another, absence of peons, wrong addresses,misplaced through oversight, lost in transit,can be avoided.

Communication to and from office will be immediate and at low cost.

Any doubts with regard to proposal, benefits, premium, taxation, medical examination, insurability can be discussed directly from person concerned.

Benefits to policyholders

Details of various policies, benefits thereunder & premiums payable.

Prospects can get advice on suitable insurance plan for themselves just by opening website of insurer on its computer at home.

Policyholder can get information about status of policy, bonus, surrender value, loans available, revival possibilities, nearest office..housing loans available on policy and other benefits.

Premiums can be paid without going to office by direct credit to policyholders credit card or bank account.


Kiosk are unmanned information centres.With interactive touch screen.

Kiosks are placed at public places. kiosk is a self contained unit that combines hardware and software.

It is a blend of all current media including graphics, video, text, and quality sound. It consist of touch sensor and monitor. user is expected to touch the relevant sensors through various interactive screens.

The information is received after interacting through various interactive screens.

LIC has kiosk on more than 100 locations covering its divisional headquarters.

Kiosk provide information on policy status, product information about all products

can be used by those who do not have their own computers and can not access the internet

Can be operated 24 hours a day

Do not require any supervision like the ATMs of banks.

Rural areasThe growth of economy will be faster in rural areas than in the urban areas.the income levels and life styles are changing.The normal channels of communication are slow, because of distance involved, the lack of good roads and infrequent transport. The telephone which has penetrated deep into the rural areas is good enough to as a base for building the internet.

ITC, a cigarette company, has taken a lead in expansion of telephone network in rural areas. It had covered nearly a thousand villages by the end of the year 2001.If insurers will also take steps to build such network system in villages, it will be a big boost to the agents working in rural areas.It will also become easier to extend the services to the policy holders in rural areas.


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