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Chappell Anniversary 2011

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  • 2TOWNSENDOwned and Operated by the Cleary Family for 54 Years Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

    The PresidentsAward recognizes

    outstanding customersatisfaction perform-ance from our very

    best Dealers.-Bill Ford Jr., Chairman

    & CEO Ford MotorCompany

    Congratulations Chappell Tractor on 55 Years in Business!

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    Used Vehicles


    NEW and USED CARS340 Main St. (Route 119), Townsend, MA


    PARTS DEPARTMENT978-597-8100

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    Manchester, NH Office

    T 603-669-2211 F 603-623-8442


    Attorney John R. Monson and the law

    firm of Wiggin & Nourie, P.A.

    congratulates Chappell Tractor on 55

    wonderful years.

    { w w w . w i g g i n - n o u r i e . c o m }

    Portsmouth, NH Office

    T 603-436-7667 F 866-210-8442

  • 3Kents Towing/Recovery and Transportation

    has been proud to serve Chappell Tractor Sales, Inc.

    and would like to congratulate them on 55 years in business!

    (603) 673-4848283 Elm Street Milford, NH 03055

    Open 24 hours,365 Days

    a Year

  • 4Chappell Tractor Celebrates 55 Years in Business

    The N.H. Family Firm Continues Mission to Offer Everything Under the Sun and Even a Little More


    Chappell Tractor SalesInc. celebrated its goldenanniversary five years ago.The company, however,was founded by a pearl Perley Chappell and hisson, George.

    Perley lived longenough to see the thirdgeneration own and oper-ate what has becomeChappell Tractor, whichcelebrated 55 successfulyears in business in 2010.Now the forth generationowns and operates thebusiness.

    From the first FordTractor sold out of the family barn to today, Chappell Tractor con-tinues to treat all customers like pearls. You have to like machinesto sell them for more than five decades. And Perley likedmachines. Back in the 1930s, he was among the first dairy farm-ers in Clarksville to own a tractor.

    His whole family lived in the Clarkesville area, said grandson

    Kent Chappell. He andhis brothers worked in thewoods, logging, doingmaple syrup in the earlyspring and guiding huntersfrom the south during thedeer hunting season.

    Gramp was alwaysforward thinking. He usedhorses in the early days,but generally didnt likethe lack of performanceand, being a rather impa-tient man, jumped on thefirst mechanical deviseavailable.

    Having a big familyalso was a way to get hardfarm work done more eas-ily, so he and wife, Diana,and the first four of his six

    children moved to Milford in November 1935. Two more daugh-ters were born later. Diana was behind him all the way.

    Gramp only went through the third grade and never learned toread proficiently. On the other hand, his wife did, and they workedas a business team. She was right with him on many businessdeals, said Kent.

    Shown here is Chappell Tractors first facility in 1960 after it had moved from the family farm.

    George (sitting on tractor) and Perley Chappell are seen in this undated photo.


    Congratulations Chappell Tractoron 55 years of service!At STIHL, we have a special appreciation for things that stand the test of time. STIHL salutes Chappell Tractor on its 55 years of dependable service and wishes you continued success in the coming years.

    2010 STIHL

  • 6Milking an OpportunityAfter the family moved

    down to Milford, life on thefarm became routine and oneday while milking the cows,son George, mentioned to hisfather, Perley, that a Ford trac-tor dealership was going out ofbusiness. Perley replied toGeorge, Look inito it.

    It was George and his wife,Pauline, who wrote a letter tothe Ford Motor Company ask-ing about the possibility of hav-ing a dealership in the Milfordarea. George was never enam-ored of milking cows andsought a better way of making aliving. His love of getting thejob done easier was a catalystfor starting the tractor busi-ness, said Kent.

    After much negotiating, thepaperwork was complete andGeorge was off and running thedealership, while Perley contin-ued on the farm for a time untilhe too left farming and support-ed Georges efforts in makingthe tractor business work.

    It was a gradual thing ... wepurchased a few tractors andsome other equipment, thenstarted selling them. It grewfrom a small start. Since therewas a four-car garage at thefarm and some extra space inthe barn on the main level,father and son used that foroffice, parts storage and shoparea for working on the trac-tors, said Kent.

    New Machines, New Moves

    With his new machines,George instilled a work ethicgeared to customer satisfactionand loyalty. He believed that ifhe treated people right, theywould continue coming back tohim. His philosophy worked asthe company grew, addingmachine lines and moving to

    George Chappell is seen here picking up tractors as they arrive at the train station in downtown Milford.From here, he had to drive them up the road to the dealership.

    The development of Route 101 led to another move in 1970 to a 7,200-sq.-ft. structural steel building upthe road. An addition of a lawn and garden showroom soon followed.

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    Congratulations Chappell Tractor Sales, Inc.

    on 55 Years in Business!Hyundai is Proud to be a Partner of Yours!

  • 8increasingly larger facilities.In 1960, the company moved from the Chappell family farm to

    a 3,000-sq.-ft. cement block building on Route 13. The development of Route 101 led to another move in 1970 to

    a 7,200-sq.-ft. structural steel building up the road. An addition ofa lawn and garden showroom soon followed.

    In 1985, the company moved across the street to a facility morethan twice the size of its previous location. This is where the fam-ily created a post and beam facility for office, parts and show-room.

    In 1995, Chappell Tractor added the big house service area

    for larger pieces of equipment, and in 2005, the family added onto that facility with another post and beam addition of approxi-mately 15,000 sq. ft.

    Today, Chappell Tractor carries Kubota, New Holland agricul-tural and construction equipment, Hyundai, Link-Belt excavators,Takeuchi and much more.

    Putting People at EaseIn 1985, brothers Kent and Roger Chappell built the unique

    post and beam building where the companys headquarters is now.It was a big leap to go from 9,840 sq. ft. to almost 25,000 sq. ft.,

    Chappell Tractors Milford, N.H., facility also houses the B-B Chain and its Outfitter store.

    Ted Higley works inside sales inBrentwood.

    Dave Gage works inside sales out ofMilford, N.H.

    Flip Henry is sales manager.


    Takeuchi was the first to introduce the compact excavatorand compact track loader to the North American market,setting the stage for one of the fastest growingmarket segments in the construction industry.

    Try a Takeuchi and feel the power

    The Power of Product and Supportf pp

    Congratulations Chappell Tractoron your 55th Anniversary

  • 10

    but they were up for the challenge. The move really paid off as customers

    enjoyed the new feel of a post and beam facil-ity.

    The post and beam structure did exactlywhat we hoped it would it put people atease when they walked in and took away thefear of high pressure found in the typical steeland glass environment, said Brad Chappell,who, along with cousin Corey, is the fourthgeneration to run the business. We wanted togo away from typical and found that usinggranite and wood worked well for makingpeople feel at home. Offering our customersfree coffee when they walk through the doorhas been a welcome touch as well.

    Tractor and ChainIn 1994, Chappell Tractor Sales purchased

    B-B Chain from retiring Bob Bragdon, whofounded and had operat