Chap 24 – Urinary System Learning Objectives 1.Describe the basic anatomy of the urinary system. 2.Describe the gross anatomy of the kidney. 3.Describe

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Text of Chap 24 – Urinary System Learning Objectives 1.Describe the basic anatomy of the urinary system....

  • Chap 24 Urinary SystemLearning ObjectivesDescribe the basic anatomy of the urinary system.Describe the gross anatomy of the kidney.Describe the anatomy of a nephron and its role in filtration.Explain the formation of dilute versus concentrated urine.Describe the normal physical and chemical properties of urine.List several abnormal urine components, and name the condition characterized by the presence of detectable amounts of each.

  • PREDICT How many 2L bottles full of fluid do your kidneys filter every day from the bloodstream?10306080100

  • DiscussionWhat kind of stuff do our kidneys filter?

  • Focus on Kidney Disease There are many diseases that threaten the kidneys. Lets hear one familys story:

  • Other DiseasesWhat are kidney stones?

  • Chemical Composition of UrineWater = ___Solutes & nitrogenous wastes = ___ - Urea (normal breakdown of amino acids) - Uric acid (end product of nucleic acid metabolism) - Creatine (from skeletal muscle/ ATP useage) - Na+, K+, ammonia, etc.

  • Physical Characteristics of UrineColor & Transparency Clear Pale Deep Yellow

    Yellow color due to pigment _________ (results from bodys destruction of hemoglobin (via bilirubin and bile)

    Ph = __

  • Abnormal Urinary Constituents, pg 900Glucose glycosuria as in ________Protein proteinuria which could indicate heart failure, severe hypertension or ___________Ketone ketonuria may indicate __________Bile bilirubinuria may indicate ___________RBCs hematuria may be a sign of _______ in the urinary tractWBCs pyuria may indicate ________ in the urinary tract

  • Alternative Use For Urine?Ecological Sanitation in Romania successful results from testing urine as fertilizerHuman urine from a school's urine-diverting toilets proves to be an excellent fertilizer for a maize field

    In spring 2005, the urine of the schoolchildren - after septization through storing - was used as a fertilizer on a maize field of the local medical doctor. The doctor is extremely satisfied with the results. Urine is an excellent fertilizer. The quality of the maize which had been given urine was much better than the maize which had not been given urine.

  • Urinary System______ - star of the show; main organ of filtration and water balance______ slender tubes that take urine from the kidneys to the bladder______ - smooth, collapsible muscular sac that temporarily stores urine______ - thin-walled muscular tube that drains urine out of the body NOTE the position of the renal artery & vein

  • Structure of the Bladder_______ - smooth muscle layer (means thrust out)3 layers:Epithelium called _____________Fibrous layer or ________________________ - area with openings for ureters and urethra