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  • 8/2/2019 Chamberlain Autopsy Report


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    Report of death by Dr. Kunjlata Ashar M.D., Medical ExaminerName: Kenneth ChamberlainResidence: 135 South Lexington Avenue White Plains, NYPlace of death: White Plains HospitalAge: 68 Sex: M Race/Ethnicity: Black

    Date & TimeOf Death: 11/19/2011 07:09 A.M.Examiner Notified: 11/19/2011 07:25 A.M.Of arrival at scene:

    Reported By: Dr.MayorPrimary police agency: White Plains PD

    I hereby certify that I, Dr. Kunjlata Ashar, MD have performed an autopsy (in thepresence of ) on the above named person at the Medical Examiner'sFacility, Valhalla, NY, on 11/20/2011 10:55 A.M.

    Signed: ~CJ. f f i _ ; 4 . s A c v " ,urpD Kunjlata AsharPathologist/Medical Examiner

    A certified true and correct cop).

    - i~4/4i A$h4!&...Lt, jOff , ~i th e M e dic al E '> e a m m e r

  • 8/2/2019 Chamberlain Autopsy Report


    AUTOPSY REPORTNAME: Kenneth ChamberlainCASE NUMBER: M2011-2341

    - 1 -

    EXTERNAL DESCRIPTION:The body is received unclad with following therapeutic procedures: A

    nasogastric tube is present in the right nostril. An endotracheal tube is present inthe mouth. EKG patches are present over the chest. Defibrillator pads arepresent over the chest. An intravenous catheter is present in right inguinalregion. The right wrist has a hospital identification bracelet with the deceased'sname on it. Therapeutic needle puncture marks are seen in left forearm and inleft inguinal region. There is a left thoracotomy incision 1 % inch below the leftnipple measuring 10 inches in length. The medial aspect of this incision shows afew black stitches.

    Vertical incisions are present from both iliac crest regions to both feet andfrom left shoulder to upper aspect of left forearm closed with white thread (bonedonation).

    The body is that of a black male measuring about 70 inches in height,weighing 178 pounds and appears to be stated age of 68 years. The body is coldand has full rigidity. The lividity is not seen. The scalp hair is mixed gray andblack measuring up to 1 ,4 inch in length with frontoparietal baldness. The eyes

  • 8/2/2019 Chamberlain Autopsy Report


    AUTOPSY REPORTNAME: Kenneth ChamberlainCASE NUMBER: M2011-2341

    - 2 -show equal round pupils measuring 5 mm in diameter, brown irides and paleconjunctivae without petechial hemorrhages. The nasal bones are intact oninspection and palpation. The nasal septum is intact. The left side of noseshows an old scar measuring 3/8 inch in length. The external auditory canalsand right earlobe are unremarkable. The left earlobe is pierced once. Themustache contains black measuring up to 3/8 inches in length. The beardshows stubble of mixed gray and black hair. No teeth are present in the upperjaw while a few natural teeth are present in the lower jaw. The neck showscentrally located trachea and is free of trauma or deformity. The chest is wellexpanded and is symmetrical. The abdomen is flat. The inner aspect of leftinguinal region reveals obliquely oriented old linear scar measuring 31'2 inches inlength. The external genitalia are those of a circumcised adult male. Thefingernails are cyanotic. No needle track marks are noted. The back showsnormal curvature. There is an entrance bullet wound of right upper arm, whichwill be described later.

    Following injuries are noted: The right side of the neck reveals 1-inchlinear red abrasion. The right supraclavicular region reveals somewhat round red

  • 8/2/2019 Chamberlain Autopsy Report


    AUTOPSY REPORTNAME: Kenneth ChamberlainCASE NUMBER: M2011-2341

    - 3 -

    abrasion measuring 1/16 inch in greatest diameter. The left subclavicular regionreveals two pinpoint red abrasions, The left side of upper abdomen reveals twoareas of red abrasions measuring 1 inch and 1 % inch in greatest dimensionrespectively surrounded by a faint purplish ecchymosis. The left side of upperumbilical region reveals round red abrasion measuring ~ inch in diameter. Thecenter of this abrasion has what appears to be burnt skin. The anterior aspect ofupper third of left thigh shows a purplish ecchymosis measuring 1 % x 1 % inch.Within this ecchymosis are three red abrasions measuring up to 3/8 inch inlength. The right scapular region reveals 1 inch round purplish red ecchymosis.Within this ecchymosis are multiple pinpoint red abrasions.PRIMARY INCISION:

    The body is opened by usual Y-shaped thoracoabdominal incision. Theabdominal pannus measures up to 1 inch in thickness. The left pleural cavitycontains about 250 cc of partly clotted blood. The pericardial sac is open. Theright pleural cavity has about 700 cc of partly clotted blood. The peritoneal cavityis free of excess fluid or adhesions. All the abdominal viscera are in their usualanatomical site. The vermiform appendix is present.

  • 8/2/2019 Chamberlain Autopsy Report


    AUTOPSY REPORTNAME: Kenneth ChamberlainCASE NUMBER: M2011-2341


    The entrance is located in right upper arm, 4 % inches from right shoulder,3 % inches right of midline from front and 2 inches right of midline from back ofthe upper arm. The perforation measures 3/8 inch in diameter and shows 1/16inch circumferential marginal abrasion. There is no evidence of stippling orsmudging surrounding the entrance wound. The wound tract involves the skin,underlying soft tissues and muscles, goes behind the right humerus, then passesthrough the soft tissues and muscles of axillary region and enters the right chestcavity through third intercostal space in posterior axillary line causing fractures ofright third as well as fourth rib. It then passes through and through the upperlobe of right lung, passes through the vertebral body of thoracic vertebra 4 andthen through and through the upper lobe of left lung. The left 4th rib showsfracture in posterior axillary line, surrounding this fracture the outer soft tissuesand muscles reveal diffuse hemorrhage. There is no exit wound seen on thesurface of the skin. However, the left thoracotomy incision is present on 4thintercostal space. No bullet is recovered. The direction of the wound track isfrom right to left in a straight line.

  • 8/2/2019 Chamberlain Autopsy Report


    AUTOPSY REPORTNAME: Kenneth ChamberlainCASE NUMBER: M2011-2341

    - 5 -

    CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM:The scalp is reflected by usual intermastoid coronal incision. The soft

    tissues of scalp are unremarkable. The underlying skull bones and dura areintact. The brain weighs 1200 grams. The leptomeninges are thin andtransparent. There is no evidence of epidural, subdural or subarachnoidhemorrhage. The sulci and gyri are unremarkable. The gray and white matter iswell delineated. NO lesions are seen within the brain parenchyma. Thecerebellum, midbrain, pons and medulla are unremarkable. The blood vessels atthe base of brain are thin walled and widely patent.

    The soft tissues and muscles of back of neck in upper cervical region arereflected through the same incision and they fail to reveal hemorrhage. Thetectorial membrane is incised and no hemorrhage is seen in the ligaments.There is no hemorrhage in the anterior paraspinal muscles. The cervical spine isintact on inspection and palpation.

    The thoracic spinal cord underlying vertebra involved by bullet wound isremoved by anterior approach. Specks of hemorrhage are present in epidural

  • 8/2/2019 Chamberlain Autopsy Report


    AUTOPSY REPORTNAME: Kenneth ChamberlainCASE NUMBER: M2011-2341

    - 6 -

    region. There is no subdural hemorrhage surrounding the spinal cord. Theunderlying spinal cord is intact without hemorrhage, discoloration or softening.CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM:

    The heart weighs 420 grams. The epicardium contains usual amount ofadipose tissue. There is no dilatation of chambers. The valves are soft andpliable. The chordae tendineae are unremarkable. The papillary muscles appearslightly hypertrophic. The measurements of valvular circumferences are asfollows: Tricuspid 14 cm, pulmonic 8.5 cm, mitral 12.5 cm and aortic 8 cm. Theendocardium is smooth and glistening. The myocardium is brown and meaty.The right ventricle is 0.3 cm in thickness while the left ventricle 1.6 cm inthickness. The coronary ostia are widely patent. The coronary arteries arenormal in distribution and reveal minimal segmental atheromatous change. Theirlumina are widely patent. The aorta and its major branches reveal moderateatheromatous change. The inferior vena cava is unremarkable.NECK ORGANS:

    The hyoid bone and thyroid cartilages are intact. The strap muscles arefree of hemorrhage. The thyroid is of usual adult size and has brown colloidal

  • 8/2/2019 Chamberlain Autopsy Report


    AUTOPSY REPORTNAME: Kenneth ChamberlainCASE NUMBER: M2011-2341

    - 7 -parenchyma. The laryngeal and tracheal mucosa is unremarkable. No foreignmaterial is present in their lumina. Moderate anthracotic pigment is present inthe lungs.GASTROI NTESTINAL SYSTEM:

    The esophagus is lined by intact mucosa. The stomach contains 25 cc ofwhat appears to be pieces of meat. The gastric mucosa is intact and showsusual rugal pattern. The duodenum is free of ulceration. The jejunum, ileum andlarge intestines are unremarkable. The vermiform appendix is present.HEPATOB1LlARY SYSTEM:

    The liver weighs 1790 grams. Its capsule is smooth and glistening. Thecut surface shows preserved lobular architecture, is brown and is of usualconsistency. The gallbladder contains about 30 cc of bile and numerous blacksoft calculi measuring up to 1/8 inch in greatest dimension. The gallbladdermucosa is green and velvety.SPLEEN:

    The spleen weighs 50 g