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You are welcome home to

You are welcome HOMEtoLAKE BAIKAL

Presented by Kedei INAH

Uniqueness of Lake Baikal Oldest existing freshwater lake of about 25 million years old.Contains nearly 20% of the worlds unfrozen freshwater reserve.Deepest continental body of water about 5,315feet (I.620 meters).Worlds largest freshwater with about one-fifth of freshwater. 5,500cubic miles (23,000 cubic 1cm).Large rivers and streams like Selenga, Barguzin, Upper (Verkhnyaya) Angara, Chikry and Uda with 330 rivers and streams flow into the Lake-Baikal and flows out only through Angara River, a tribute of the Yenisey.Self- contained aquatic ecosystems with about 1500 endemic species found no where else on Earth.Produces hot mineral springs in the area due to the breaks in the earths crust. (Britannica, 2007)

How to promote Lake Baikal and its natural resourcesAbility to measure good publicity as measured by past success promotional literature and market capabilities.Advertising capabilities like media relationships, past experience, and advertising budget.Sales promotion techniques like trade allowances, special pricing and contests.Sales capabilities including availability of personnel, quality, location of sales outlets, ability to generate sales leads, relationship with customers and ability to demonstrate the benefits of the offering.Experience of marketing and sales manager.The effectiveness of the distribution channels which includes history of relation, financial stability and reputation. (MacNel Consult, 2010)

Business ModelUsing the 6Ws of Corporate Growth by Vadim Kotenlonikow in 2004.WHY WHAT WHERE WHEN WHO HOW

WHY;- creating a healthy, peaceful and environmental friendly society.

WHAT;-crystal clear water, beautiful mountains, majestic cliffs, caves, mysterious rock paintings, forest, air full of the smell of the sea, deep blue sky, white clouds, sun, wild flowers and herbs. ( Magic Baikal, 2006)WHERE;- located in South Russian region of Siberia, between Irkutsk. The lake is divided into three basins; North , Central and South. The only freshwater lake with direct and indirect of gas hydrates. (Wikipedia, 2011)

WHEN;- rafting trips, fisheries, ship building, kite boarding, sunset crises, camping, wildlife safaries etc. ( Wild Water Adventures, 2011)WHO;- You

HOW;- providing a platform for experimental research, revenue generation from tourism, cross- cultural understanding, and exploration of diverse mineral resources.

Success story of Lake BaikalKnows its history.Properly confined.Maintains its cultural heritage.Having a detailed climatic records of the lake.Its mountains is technically constructed as a natural park.Equipped laboratory for educational and research projects.Has an underwater Neutrim Telescope for identifying new species and climatic changes. (Wikipedia, 2011)