[Challenge:Future] Faith in humanity

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<p>Faith in humanity</p> <p>Faith in humanity </p> <p>Ok, who am I? Im a 20 years old student of Genetics and bioengineering at Internacional Burch University, Sarajevo. Thats in Bosina and Herzegovina. I choosed this background because that is how I see my town and I would like if you all come and visit it. Also these are hands of me and my boyfriend.Love, and youre gonna be loved. Be the one that will restore the faith in humanity. Have courage to be different, to be someone's idol. To inspire other people to do good because that is what we need in our modern society. Make an effort to help as much as you can anywhere and anyone, ignoring the fact that others probably won't do the same. Be stubborn; dont give up on your ideas, no matter how crazy they sound. Try to make everyone's day even if that means you will say: Hiwhile smiling. Be brave, be unique, be kind, be inspirational, be yourself. SPREAD LOVE, NOT HATE! </p>