[Challenge:Future] Breaking away: shared fun, creativity and joy

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<p>Solitary isolation in our lives and beyond</p> <p>Loneliness frequently occurs in heavily populated cities; in these cities many people feel utterly alone and cut off, even when surrounded millions of other people Wikipedia</p> <p>When you enter a crowded store you do not greet anybody because there is nobody to greet. Nobody looks at you, nobody pays attention to you, you take it that all these people in the store are nobody's and naturally you do not greet them. A Bulgarian bloggerIn todays hurried life the person in front of us is mostly personnel, staff, random, a person who does not require our attention in the context of the situation truden.truden.com</p> <p>fun in social interactions;creativity and joy taken together;emphasis on team-work meaning,implied sustainability</p> <p>Lena Burunciuc, Engineer Architect , Auxitech Batiment, Rouen , France Milena Stoyanova, Student at South Western University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria</p> <p> Doing things together means openness, success and evolution </p> <p>Socializing and team-work is the ace of my day-to-day work. It makes my workday productive, practical and easy.</p> <p>Sharing ideas and thoughts is an inevitable phenomenon. Why not to use them in a smart way ?</p> <p>Vasile Valcov, Auditor, Petrom MoldovaChisinau Moldova</p> <p> Yvonne Leclair Preschool Teacher, Vineyard Haver, Massachusetts , US</p> <p>Our future is driven by change, and the only way is to try and work together.</p> <p>People need to stay connected to one another, not just through text/internet, but on a real level</p> <p>THE SOLUTION</p>