Chairing Skills Tuesday 3 rd July 2007. Introductions & Housekeeping

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Text of Chairing Skills Tuesday 3 rd July 2007. Introductions & Housekeeping

  • Chairing SkillsTuesday 3rd July 2007

  • Introductions & Housekeeping

  • Course ObjectivesTo enable governors to clearly identify the role, remit, boundaries and personal skills required to be an effective and successful Chair.To raise awareness of the advice and guidance that is available to support you in your role.

  • Expectations of the ChairJob DescriptionPerson Specification

  • Expectations of the Chair An insight from

    Gill Crandon - Headteacher, Markham Primary School

    Alan Howells Chairman, Markham Primary School

  • Expectations of the ChairJob DescriptionPerson Specification

  • The 7 Key QuestionsEstyn Inspection Framework

    Jane Lancastle

  • Key RoleGive a clear lead in organising the Governing Bodys workDelegate roles and ensure other governors are fully involvedManage meetings effectivelyHold regular meetings with the HeadteacherKeep other governors fully informedCo-operate with other agencies to support school improvement

  • SupportNew GovernorsLiaisonParentsStaffPublic Face Assemblies, Awards, Sports day, Parents Evenings, Fund Raising, PTA

  • Additional PowersThe Chair has no more authority than any other GovernorEmergency- Discharge any power of the Governing Body which can be delegated.Emergency MeetingsAdditional Agenda ItemsCasting Vote

  • The most effective ChairThe most effective Chair of Governors galvanises the rest of the Governing Body into action, delegating responsibilities to make the most of the expertise that exists, and reforming ways in which governors conduct their business so that the needs of the school are most efficiently met OFSTED 2001

  • Governors Strategic Role

    Liz Everson

  • What does it mean?Effectively this can be more simply expressed as follows:-PlanningMonitoringChecking that the school is doing what the Governing Body planned it should do.Evaluating

  • MonitoringHow do you do this?What can you do if the Head wont play ball?What can you do if your governors are just not interested?

  • How can you Monitor

  • Monitoring How?Heads report to governorsGoverning Body Committee reportsData on examination results, attendance etcSchool Development Plan /Self Evaluation Report Estyn Inspection ReportsSchool Visits

  • Getting the Head on side

  • How to Use Your HeadHeads Written Report Meet, discuss, ask governors what they need be realistic.Data APR / ADAR Always take the opportunity for all governors to receive this informationSDP / Self Evaluation Ask to be involved show you are interested.

  • Governor VisitsEstyn Inspections Governors are regular visitors to the school. The school has an effective governor of the month arrangement so that all governors are able to judge at first hand the outcomes of decisions, which they have previously made

  • Governors observe lessons, discuss aspects of teaching during workshops with staff and write their own self evaluation reports.This is outstanding practice, which fosters an open and professional relationship between governors and teachers

  • How to promote visitsEnsure that all governors, staff and the head understand what monitoring means in this contextStress the benefitsSuggest a protocol be agreedIntroduce on a trial basisAccept the heads right to determine who is on site and move on

  • How can you motivate your governors to visit

  • Governors Not InterestedIs this a sign of a greater malaise? do you need to revitalise your governorsLook at your membership/ attendance, are meetings too long/boring?Is it a time commitment problem could other arrangements be made?Have governors checked if their employer allows special leave for Governor Duties/ consider governor expenses review

  • Governors Strategic Role

    Liz Everson

  • Break


  • Boardroom SplitYou notice a rift developing within the Governing Body. The parent governors are moaning about the school and the staff representatives feel undervalued.Other governors are noticing this and are staying away from meetings.How would you tackle this situation?

  • STAFF QUERYYou are the Chairman of Anytown Governing BodyA member of the teaching staff approaches you to ask your approval to take the last two days of the Summer Term off in order to go on holiday. The teacher explains that her husband is restricted in the dates he can take and if they do not leave for their holidays on that particular date it is unlikely that they will be able to go at all. She would prefer not to approach the Headteacher as he has been less than accommodating in the past.

    How would you approach this issue?Are there other issues to tackle here?

  • Disgruntled StaffYou hear rumours of discontent in the staffroom. Some feel the Headteacher dictates his/her will to them whilst others feel he/she is only doing what is necessary to move the school forward.There are fears of an us and them situation developing.

    What do you do?

  • A Headteacher in DifficultyA member of staff has raised concerns about the Headteachers health.You have noticed mood swings by the Headteacher.The Headteacher has dealt with issues inconsistentlyThe Headteacher has made bizarre and inappropriate comments about a teacher You notice that the Deputy Headteacher is more involved in the day to day management of the SchoolGossip starts to reach you from parents concerned about the Headteachers unusual behaviour.

  • Child ProtectionAn angry parent has approached you, alleging their child has been struck by the Headteacher .

    Who needs to be consulted?

  • The PressIf you are contacted by the Press for any reason we strongly recommend that, along with informing the Head teacher, you consult our Communications Team based at Tredomen.

    They will be pleased to help you and offer appropriate advice.

  • Who to contactMrs. Rosemary Mathews Communications ManagerPolicy & Central Services01443-864262

    Mr. Stephen PughMedia OfficerPolicy & Central Services01443-864264

  • Chairing Styles

    Steve Cresswell

  • Do You Recognise Yourself?VisionaryCoachingAffiliativeDemocraticPacesettingCommanding

  • Do You Recognise Others?

  • I belong to...A Group

    A number of persons or things considered as a collective unit.

    A Team

    A group of people organised to work together.

    From: Oxford English Dictionary

  • The Consequences Of FailureAlliances and cliques. -A and B teamsChaos and confusion.- Power controlled by a few.Individually motivated. - Effect upon others?Disillusionment - Lack of Action.Objectives inadequately set and communicated.- Effect? Power centralised to whom?Little commitment - Why bother?End of an idea.- Who suffers?

  • Managing Conflictfor all for life . i bawb am bythIrene JonesBy

  • Managing Conflict

    Conflict can be inevitable part of decision making. Research shows that teams who do not always agree, make better decisions and achieve more than teams who are always in agreement

  • ConflictWhen faced with conflict, we sometimes become emotionally involved and become challenging or defensive. This sort of reaction can cause tong-term damage rather than resolving the situation.

    ListenStop Think Stop Speak

  • Strategies for resolving ConflictAsking people who are upset to explain why they feel strongly so that everyone understands

    Asking for the views of those who are less emotionally involved but who will give a frank answer.

  • Strategies for resolving ConflictSummarising the different view points, which may clarify the situation.

    Remaining emotionally uninvolved.

    Considering a vote to help come to a resolution.

  • Strategies for resolving ConflictEnsuring that the views of all are given a fair hearing by not rushing the decision making.

    Being firm about the need to make a decision if not immediately, then in the very near future.

  • Strategies for resolving ConflictSecuring commitment to a corporate decision so that the disagreement does not continue.

    Being clear about the process for revisiting the decision in the future.

  • Strategies for resolving ConflictBeing sensitive to those who have lost their argument.

    Being positive about the value of a healthy debate.

  • Chairing SkillsThere is an up sideTell us yours!

  • Course ObjectiveTo enable governors to clearly identify the role, remit, boundaries and personal skills required to be an effective and successful Chair.To raise awareness of the advice and guidance that is available to support you in your role.

  • Thank you for attending

    Good luck with putting into practice the skills you have learnt today

    Me Supportive role, Irene will be covering effective meetingsMake new govs welcome contact nos buddy systemLiase with outside agencies Lea, Press, Councillors Parents know how to deal with ? s or where to directStaff samePublic face of the GB visits, assemblies, sports day etcAuthority of a GB rests with the whole group corporately

    Where not practical to call a meeting

    Can call without 7 days noticeTHE ENDMeeting PreparationAgenda:-

    Pace: -

    Before the meeting become acquainted with the agenda and jot down for your self approximately how much time you may wish to send on each item.Pace the meeting you may wish to consult with the Headteacher or clerk to agree the important items that my be apportioned more time. If you accustom your self with the agenda check if