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.. ..Originally published in 1982A Global Campaign to Save Mankinda a aBoston l New York l ScotlandMojave Desert l Maine l South PacificShadows of Yog-Sothoth is published by Chaosium Inc.Shadows of Yog-Sothoth is copyright 1982, 1989, 2004 byChaosium Inc.; all rights reserved.Call of Cthulhu is the registered trademarkof Chaosium Inc.Similarities between characters in Shadows of Yog-Sothothand persons living or dead are strictly coincidental.H. P. Lovecrafts works are copyright 1963, 1964 1965by August Derleth and are quoted for purposes ofillustration.Except in this publication and related advertising, orunless otherwise agreed to, artwork original toShadows of Yog-Sothoth remains the property of theindividual artist, and is copyright by that artist underhis or her separate copyright.This Chaosium Inc. product contains no Open GameContent. No portion of this work may be reproduced inany form without written permission.Address questions and comments by mail toChaosium, Inc.22568 Mission Blvd. #423Hayward CA 94541Please do not phone in game questions; the quickestanswer may not be the best answer. Our web always contains the latest releaseinformation and current prices.Chaosium publication 2397ISBN 1-56882-174-3Published in August 2004Printed in the United States . ..As the investigators discover them, give these handouts to the players. Thepage numbers reference the handout reproduced in the scenario text... ... ... ... . . ..Do you dare imagine things as they can be? As,indeed, they will be when the earth is trans-formed and the illusion of reality is erased fromthe minds of men by the annihilation of thoseminds? Do you live in hope to see Great Cthulhustriding the earth? Do you dream of the Throneof Azathoth, of joining the flutists who dancethere forever? O, purify yourselves then, for theseand greater things await you who are members ofour terrible Order! Cultist speech overheard and quoted.Scotts farmhouse stood just one hundred rodsnorth of the old Anglican graveyard, near theCambridge Road. That cemetery was later movednearer to the bay. Whipple locates the farmhousebeneath which were caverns.Redoubled in their volume, the noisome com-plaints bit so grimly at our hearts that we feignedretreat from the cavern so that we might reloadour weapons in semblance of order. Our mindsdetermined, we returned and volleyed into thosehorrors, then held up our lamps in survey. Menwith many heads, men with twisted features,things with the features of frogs and outrightdemons twisted and died on the floor, loosing astinking exudate. Others whined and fruitlesslytugged against their chains. We silenced themall. Whipples party finds the caverns.Hermetic Order Papers 1 (p. 8)Cambridge Man MissingPolice today sought the information from the public concerning the puzzling disappearance of Mr.James Clark from his home at 1312 Newton Circle,Cambridge, Mass. He was last seen at home by hiswife at about ten oclock on Monday night.Mr. Clark is of medium build, brown hair, and34 years of age. An omnibus driver reports seeing apassenger resembling Mr. Clark headed towardBoston at about 2:30 in the morning. Mr. Clarkkeeps a law office in Boston.His is a public spirited, outgoing personality.Friends at Masonic Hall and at the Hermetic Order ofthe Silver Twilight expressed dismay when apprisedof his disappearance.Boston Globe.Hermetic Order Papers 2 (p. 12)Infant StillMissing;MotherProstrateAuthorities seekingyoung Erin OMalley,aged six months, todaybroadened their searchfor the missing infant byissuing a warrant ofarrest for one KarlSanford, of 18 Trimount-aine Close, whereaboutspresently unknown.Neighbors give con-tradictory descriptions ofSanford, and have littleto report of him exceptfor his disagreeabledemeanor and secretivebehavior.Lieutenant of Detect-ives Beneke urges allwho know of this man tostep forward and do theirduty by City andCommonwealth. AnyBoston policeman willdirect the inquiring citi-zen to Lt. Beneke.Friends and family re-port that Mrs. OMalley isprostrate with grief andbegs whomever hastaken the infant to returnher, with the blessings ofGod.Boston Globe.Hermetic Order Papers 4 (p. 13)Hermetic Order Papers 3 (p. 12)Boston Witches Recalled byHistorian (cont.). . . These benighted individualsseemed to their fellow colonists to behostile to the very tenets of Christ-ianity, and transcripts from the era ofthe witch trials document their confi-dence in their own dark powers.Though they were often put on trial, analarmed citizenry sometimes rose upagainst them without the benefit oflawful arrest or trial, as happened tothe Cambridge area warlock John Scottin 1721. Scott was attacked and cap-tured, found guilty of witchcraft byacclamation, burned alive in an enor-mous bonfire, and buried in anunmarked, unhallowed grave, all onthe same day before seven oclock inthe evening. Neighbors swore he hadcreated monsters and brought the deadto life in secret caverns located on hisfarm. His farm would be fascinating toexplore, but unfortunately its preciselocation has been lost for centuries. Boston Globe.Hermetic Order Papers 5(p. 13)The wailings of the mad arebut the birth-cries of the new man the old man is gone like dust inthe desert wind. Cleansed of thelies of mankind, the new man, theman of darkness, is free to absorbthe beauty of nothingness, to gloryin the stark night of the utter void.As your useless reason dissolves,rejoice in the knowledge that othersin diverse places such asScotland, Louisiana, and theSouth Pacific have walked thesame path, have drunk the sameblood, and have reveled in the sameprospect of everlasting night, asyou . . . . Excerpt from Entering the Silver GateHermetic Order Papers 6 (p. 19). . . Therefore retaliation isnow our sacred duty, to prove ourpurity of purpose, to makemanifest the will of our DreamingLords, to pick up the sacredobligation of the flesh withoutlimit and demonstrate the mightand bite of those Who have begunto stir. Shall we wait as ifparalyzed when blood frenzy is thepleasure of Those Whose reignsshall be without end or limit? Excerpt from Holy Mysteries of theGreat ReturnHermetic Order Papers 8 (p. 17)You do not yet know the truegods. Everything you know is alie. The Great Old Ones are therulers of the Universe; these andothers you have not yet heard ofwill be the objects of youradulation, your emulation, andyour tenacious love. You are thefortunate ones the time maycome, if you give your selflessdevotion that you will worship,in the flesh, in the Temples ofRlyeh, whose glory is beyondyour comprehension. Excerpt from Catechism of theKnights of the Outer VoidHermetic Order Papers 7 (p. 20)MacBain HouseCannich, Scotland12 January 19 Dear Mr. Stanford,Greetings and felicitations.Miss Chantraine has advised me of your recent successes and informed me of the itemyou require. I fear that it will be some time before I find it as there are two Americans dig-ging at what I believe to be the site of the Temple. Two of my people are working for theAmericans. It may be that they will accomplish all for me. I realize that you are most anx-ious to obtain it, but I feel caution and discretion to be the better course of action.My studies with the serpent people progress most satisfactorily. Another year should seethem completed. The serpent people recommend that I journey to the Nameless City for fur-ther instruction, but I will remain here until we have it. When possible, I want to obtain thefurther instruction offered. I will, however, be ready to carry out any further tasks our Ordermay have for me.You mentioned in your last letter that Miss Chantraine might join me here when she hasconverted the leaders of the Thule Bruderschaft. I fear that the Germans are overmuch upsetwith the French at this time for them to listen to her. Might I suggest that you ask HelmutGrosmann to take over for her? I realize that he has not been to Germany for over two hun-dred years, but unless you have someone else in mind, I feel he would be best for the task.I agree with you that the Order of the Templars of the Orient does not contain the type ofindividual we seek. They are not ready for greater truths. You might suggest to our Germancolleagues that individual members of the Order be carefully approached as potential fol-lowers of the true Gods.I am not familiar with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn or the AstrumArgentinum and can give no recommendation. I will hand on the query to our Londongroup and have them send you word. I spoke with a Mr. William Seabrook who said that Mr.Aleister Crowley, who is associated with both groups (or had been at one time), may haveoccult powers. We should perhaps contact this man.I understand that Mr. Scott is in charge of the project in your area. Please extend mygreetings to him. I have not seen him since before the Great War. Perhaps we can meet nextyear.Most sincerely,Duncan MacBainHermetic Order Papers 9 (p. 22)A Letter from David LeeDear _________I feel rather silly writing for help, but I simply must have aid in thismatter. It would be useless for me to go to the police, as I have no proofof any criminal activity. I have heard of your accomplishments with theSilver Twilight, and am hoping that you could at least advise me. Iwould be most grateful.A year or so ago, an organization called Look to the Future cameto New York. It billed itself as a cooperative businessmans group, andpromised to inspire and aid materially tho