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Resource Management

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 2



This knowledge requires you to understand six processes, as described

in the book PMP

Exam prep: Plan Resource Management, Estimate Activity Resources,

Acquire Resources, Develop Team, Manage Team, and Control


The term resources has a broad meaning here, including both the

people involved in the project (inside and outside the organization)

and the materials , equipment, and supplies needed to complete the


For example, resource management includes developing team

members skill creating recognition and reward systems for them.

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 3


What is the process of resource management?

Plan Resource Management

Estimate Activity Resources

Acquire Resources

Develop team

Manage team

Control Resources

What are the key outputs of the plan Resource Management Process?

Resource management plan

Team charter

Project documents updates

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 4


What are the key outputs of Estimate activity


Resource requirements

Resource breakdown structure

What are the key outputs of the Acquire Resources


Physical resource assignments

Project or work assignments

Resource calendars

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 5


What are the key outputs of the Develop Team Process?

Team performance assessments

Change requests

Project management plan updates

Project documents updates

Organizational process assets updates

What are the outputs of the manage team process?

Change requests

Project management plan updates

Project document updates

Enterprise environmental factors updates

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 6


What are the key outputs of the control Resources


Work performance information

Updates to project documents and project

management plan

Change requests

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 7


What are the resource responsibilities for project managers?

Determine human and physical resources needed

Negotiate with resource managers and confirm availability of assigned


Create a project team directory and job descriptions for team members

Make sure all roles and responsibilities are clearly assigned

Create a resource management plan

See the full list in the Resource Management chapter of the PMP

Exam Prep, Ninth Edition

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 8


What is the difference between a RAM chart and a RACI chart?

What does RAM stand for?

What does RACI stand for?

The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) chart cross-references team

members with the activities or work packages they are to accomplish

The RACI chart defines role assignments more clearly by noting how team

members are to be involves with four categories: Responsible, Accountable,

consulted, informed (RACI)

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 9


What is the purpose of an organizational breakdown


To assign project responsibilities to division or

departments within the organization, such as

marketing, product development, or IT

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 10


What are the key elements of a resource management plan?

Human resources

Identification of human resource requirements

Roles and responsibilities

Project organizational chars

Process for acquiring human resources

Training, team development, and recognition

Project team management



Release of human resources

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 11


What is the purpose of a team charter?

A working agreement developed by the members of the

project team; it describes the approach the team will take

regarding communications, decision-making, and conflict

resolution, as well as ground rules for team meetings

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 12


What is Preassignment ?

When is negotiation necessary?

Preassignment : Resources, both physical and team, that are assigned

before the project begins

Negotiation is necessary when resources are not preassigned ; this includes

gaining resources from within your organization and in procurement


What is multicriteria decision analysis?

Using a set of criteria (such as availability, cost, experience, location, skill

set, knowledge, or training) to evaluate potential team members

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 13


Name and explain the four motivation theories.

McGregor's theory of X and Y:

Managers believe workers are incapable (X) or employees can direct their

own efforts (Y)

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: people are motivated by using their skills

and contributing to the project

McClelland's Theory of needs: people are motivated by one of three

needs (achievement, affiliation, power)

Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory of Motivation: Hygiene factors are not

sufficient to motivate people; motivating agents will keep people

energized and engaged

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 14


What are the responsibilities of the project manager when it comes to

team building?

What are some characteristics of team building?

Guide, manage, and improve the interactions of team members

Improve trust and cohesiveness among team members

Incorporate team-building activities into project activities

Team building requires a concerted effort and continued attention

throughout the life of the project

WBS creation is a team-building activity because it allows team

members to actively engage in the planning and ownership of the


CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 15


Team building should start early in the life of the project

According to the Tuckman ladder, what are the stages of team

formation and development?






CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 16


Why is influencing an important part of the project manager's


By listening to differing viewpoints, acknowledging them, and

then using communication and persuasive skills,

A project manager can develop mutual trust, and, eventually,

agreement within the team

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 17


What is a team performance assessment?

What are project performance appraisals?

Team performance assessment: an assessment by the

project manager meant to evaluate and enhance the

effectiveness of the project team

Project performance appraisals:

Evaluations of the performance of individual team


CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 18


How can the training of team members positively impact the project?

Training can help decrease the overall project cost and schedule by

increasing efficiency

What is colocation?

What are the challenges of a virtual team?

Colocation: the entire team has offices together in one place or one room

Challenge of virtual teams: Extra efforts will be required to keep everyone on

a virtual team informed, engaged, and committed to the project work;

there is an emphasis on communication

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 19


Name some communications technology tools that can help a team keep in

touch during a project.

A shared portal

Video or audio conferencing

Email and online chat

Why is it valuable to provide recognition and rewards to a team or individual

team members?

In addition to recognizing past accomplishments, rewards provide incentive

for ongoing achievement and efforts

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 20


What are some of the key actions a project manager can take to help challenge

team members to be part of a high-performing team?

Track and evaluate team performance

Provide leadership

Deal with team issues and facilitate conflict resolution

Negotiate and influence

Adjust plans based on performance data

Manage risks to team success

Observe what is happening

Use an issue log to track resolution

Actively look for and help resolve conflicts among team members

CH ( 9 ) Resource Management 21


What is an issue log?

A record that lists the project issues, their causes and

impact on the project, the person(s) responsible for

resolving each issue, the issue status, and target

resolution dates

CH ( 9 )