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CGDFIVEINST 16791 - 5nr · PDF fileCGDFIVEINST 16791.1D Subj: D5NR AUXILIARY POLICY MANUAL 2 5. CHANGES. Recommendations for changes to this manual are encouraged and should be

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  • CGDFIVEINST 16791.1D



    5. CHANGES. Recommendations for changes to this manual are encouraged and should be forwarded to the Director of Auxiliary via the chain of leadership and management. A list of

    recent changes are included.

    6. PROCEDURES. Official distribution of this manual will be via hardcopy to EXCOM and DCDRs and e-mailed to the distribution. An electronic version will be located at

    7. PRIVACY COMPLIANCE. When completed, the numerous forms identified or referred to in this Manual contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The Privacy Act of 1974, 5

    U.S.C. 522a, mandates that agencies establish administrative, technical, and physical safeguards

    to ensure the integrity of records maintained on individuals. The Privacy Act also requires the

    protection against any anticipated threats which could result in substantial harm, embarrassment,

    or compromise to an individual. In order to maintain the publics trust and prevent privacy

    breaches, the Coast Guard has a duty to safeguard all types of PII in its possession. Unintended

    disclosure or compromise of an individuals PII constitutes a Privacy Incident and must be

    reported in accordance with COMDTINST 5260.5 (series), Privacy Incident Response,

    Notification, and Reporting Procedures for Personally Identifiable Information.

    8. RESPONSIBILITY. Commander, Fifth Coast Guard District (dpa-n), Director of Auxiliary, is responsible for the content and upkeep of this manual and instruction. Questions or concerns

    about this material contained in manual should be addressed to Director of Auxiliary (D5NR) at


    9. DISCLAIMER. This guidance is not a substitute for applicable legal requirements, nor is it itself a rule. It is intended to provide operational guidance for Coast Guard personnel and is not intended

    nor does it impose legally-binding requirements on any party outside the Coast Guard.

    10. RECORDS MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS. All data and documents created for Coast Guard use and delivered to, or falling under the legal control of the Coast Guard are Federal

    records. Ensure that all records created as a result of processes described in this directive are

    maintained and disposed of in accordance with the Coast Guard Information and Life Cycle

    Management Manual, COMDTINST M5212.12 (series).


    have any of the following: significant cumulative impacts on the human environment;

    substantial controversy or substantial change to existing environmental conditions; or

    inconsistencies with Federal, State, or local laws or administrative determinations relating to the

    environment. All future specific actions resulting from general policies in this Manual must be

    individually evaluated for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA),

    Council on Environmental Policy NEPA regulations at 40 CFR Parts 1500-1508, DHS and

    Coast Guard NEPA policy, and compliance with all other environmental mandates..

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    D5INST M16791.1D

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    Significant changes to the D5NR Policy Manual made in this revision:

    Chap 1 Organization

    1. Organization - updated with explanation of D5 and nuances particular to D5NR.

    2. Added additional explanation and relationship of District Directorate Chiefs

    3. Added new e-mail

    4. Updated Org chart for ASC to report to DCO and added DSO-LL under Prevention

    5. New DIRAUX Email for Problem Resolution, Inquiries and Submissions

    Chap 2 Membership and General Information

    1. added update to regional uniform policy

    Chap 3 Auxiliary Data System (AUXDATA)

    1. Updated Guidelines for Reporting and Data Entry

    Chap 4 Member Training and Qualifications

    1. added new Paddle Craft Operator (PCO) program qualification 2. clarification on recertification and removal of REYR status for BCQP members 3. clarification on minimum number of patrols for boat crew school attendees prior to final QE


    4. updated 8 hour TCT course completion for 5 year BQCP recertification 5. new AUXOP program requirements, tracking, and notification updated 6. new update to BCQP concerning failure of a QE certification check ride 7. updated guidelines for fingerprint qualification DO PSI not required

    Chap 5 Standards of Conduct

    1. added section on Ethics

    2. added Marine Safety missions/inspections to focus areas for member capability

    3. delegated DCAPT with capability determinations w/option to EXCOM

    Chap 6 Facilities

    1. added new Paddle Craft (PC) Facility 2. previous optional extra anchor and anchor line is no longer optional for Operational Vessel


    Chap 7 ATON, PATON and Chart Updating Program

    1. mentions new PAV PQS established by National on 14 Jul 2011, and the elimination of formerly used 5NR ATON-1 PQS.

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    Chap 8 Patrols

    1. added new patrol environmental limitations 2. added new authorization for hot weather patrol uniforms 3. included new Paddle Craft Program 4. clarified Auxiliary Unit Vessel marking policy 5. clarification of Air Patrol program requirements

    Chap 9 - Search and Rescue Detachment (SARDET)

    1. clarified SARDET hours of operation, staffing, communications, and ready crew requirements.

    Chap 10 Communications

    1. removed reference to old 140 MHz frequencies and replaced with the new 5 narrow band Coast Guard authorized frequencies. Established new District Comms Goals.

    Chap 11 Aviation Program

    1. updated CG Air Station Auxiliary Air Liaison Officer responsibilities

    Chap 12 Awards

    1. moved Edmond Morton Award for member training to District versus Div 13 award

    2. added to informal awards the Special Recognition award and Aux of the Week

    Chap 13 Public Affairs

    1. added new section on Auxiliary Color Guard

    Chap 14 Forms

    1. chapter deleted, redundant. Merged with chapter 3

    Chap 15 Emergency Response Plan

    1. Revised and updated chapter to include checklists for different disasters and incorporated contingency operations.

    Chap 16 Qualification Examiner (QE) Program

    1. inserted new chapter and information on QE program

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    Chap 17

    1. no significant changes

    Chap 18

    1. no significant changes

    Chap 19 Auxiliary Chef Program

    1. new chapter

    Appendix A - D5-NR Unit Boundaries

    1. elimination of Division 9 2. inclusion of new 5NR interactive Map.

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    Chapter 1 Organization

    A. General 1-1 B. Fifth Coast District Organization 1-1 C. Fifth District, Northern Region Auxiliary (D5NR) Organization 1-3 D. Chain of Leadership and Management 1-4 E. DIRAUX Customer Service Standards 1-6 F. DIRAUX Efficiency 1-6

    Chapter 2 Membership and General Administration

    A. Enrollment and Disenrollment Procedures 2-1 B. Membership Dues 2-6 C. ID Cards 2-6 D. Uniforms 2-7 E. Election and Appointment of Officers 2-8 F. Standing Rules and Unit Reporting 2-10 G. Forms 2-11 H. Property 2-12 I. Donations and Gifts 2-13 J. Travel Claims 2-14 K. Youth Training Programs 2-14 L. Sexual Harassment 2-15 M. Unit Finances 2-15 N. Use of Coast Guard Real Property 2-16 O. Personnel Security Investigations 2-17

    Chapter 3 Auxiliary Data System (AUXDATA)

    A. Auxiliary Management Information System 3-1 B. AUXDATA Correction and Update Procedures 3-3

    Chapter 4 Member Training and Qualifications

    A. Member Responsibility 4-1 B. Checking on Qualification, Re-Certification and Currency Status 4-1 C. General Boating Safety Course Requirement Across Programs 4-2 D. Qualification Process 4-2 E. Boat Crew Qualification Program (BCQP) 4-4 F. Fingerprint Technician 4-7 G. Administration of Specialty Courses, Correspondence Courses 4-8

    and C School Training

    H. Seminar Attendance 4-11

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    I. Removal from Program (Member Requests) 4-12

    Chapter 5 Standards of Conduct

    A. Core Values 5-1 B. Professionalism 5-1 C. Elected and Appointed Officers 5-1 D. Member Capability 5-2 E. Augmentation of Coast Guard Units 5-3 F. Ethics 5-3

    Chapter 6 Facilities

    A. General 6-1 B. Vessel Facilities 6-1 C. PWC and Paddle Craft (PC) Facilities 6-3 D. Radio Facilities 6-3 E. Air Facilities 6-4 F. Vehicle Facilities 6-4 G. Digital Photos 6-4

    Chapter 7 ATON, PATON and Chart Updating Program

    A. Private Aids Verifier (PAV) Program 7-1 B. Chart Updating Program 7-2 C. Discrepancy Reporting 7-2 D. Navigation Systems (NS) Program 7-3 E. Miss

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