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CFSP Web Tools Update

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Web ToolsSummary
automate policies, procedures, and
practices developed at CFSP
New versions are stand-alone, more
Apache web server version 2.2.9
MySQL version 5.0.77 (database created for
your information)
PhP 5.2.9
Contact us to get one
Getting Started
Step1 : download the installation package
Open a web browser on your LAMP server and go to:
Lower left, click link “Download Tools”
It would be best to have your system administrator do this step
Step 2 : unzip the installation package
Freeware utility to unzip
Note : the assumption is that the unzipped file is now located on your web server
Will put the tools in the current directory
It would be best to have your system
administrator do this step also
Tests database automatically
Your MYSQL Database
Automatically installs latest version
Tools stored in SVN
System can tell if you need to update
The Repository
Features of the repository: table of available tools and versions
click to install
Make link from existing website to tools – ready to go.
Tools Repository
Project manager
Document manager
Discussion boards
Meetings manager
outside our group
Meeting without the Internet
Prof. Roger Schrader
Garrett Brandt