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  • 7/23/2019 Cfc Ugnayan Mar 31- April 13 2014


    lar delegation for this program.The students, chaperoned by 7

    members of the Holy Cross fac-ulty and Fr. Patrick Tepoorten,pastor of the Immaculate Con-ception Parish in Delta, Brit-ish Columbia, arrived at 7:30AM Manila time. After a quickfreshening up, they were ush-ered to the ANCOP KapatidCommunity (AKC) in CaloocanCity. While there, the ANCOPscholars of CFC Metro ManilaNorth A entertained the guestswith cultural dances. The HolyCross kids also had the chance toplay with the children and dance

    with the teens.Working in ANCOP

    The next day, the Holy Crossgroup had a taste of workingunder the sweltering Manilaheat. After the Mass ofciatedby Fr. Patrick, the group re-ceived instructions from GannyEvangelista, the Shelter Pro-gram Coordinator of Metro Ma-nila West C sector. The studentsand teachers worked up untilthey breaked for lunch. Aftertheir lunch break, the group

    By By Alma Alvarez

    Canadian High School Sends

    Volunteers to CFC ANCOP

    SOLD ICON Turning Point

    THIRTY-two students fromGrades 11 and 12 of Holy CrossRegional High School, Surrey,British Columbia, Canada cameto the Philippines last March 18,2014 to participate in what theycall the Holy Cross Mission Trip2014. The trip, organized by AN-COP Canada in partnership withCFC ANCOP in the Philippines,brings students from Catholicschools in Canada to immersein the Building the Church ofthe Poor program of Couples forChrist, particularly the ANCOP

    Shelter Program. Holy Cross isthe biggest high school in Brit-ish Columbia, and it is their rsttime to immerse in ANCOP. LastNovember, the Toronto CatholicDistrict School Board sent a simi-

    resumed working until about4:00 in the afternoon.

    This was a typical day for theenthusiastic workers, whichwent on for the next 6 days.But it was not all work and noplay. In between shoveling,carrying debris, laying bricks,and painting houses, the HolyCross missionaries found timeto have fun with the children,teens, and even the moms anddads in AVANAI.

    On Day 3, the group held atalent show where both the kidsfrom AVANAI and Holy Crossshowcased their talents. On Day

    5, the AVANAI teens played amean game of basketball withthe Holy Cross Crusaders.

    March 25 was the groups lastday in ANCOP AVANAI. Afterthe days work, the communityhosted a dinner/ serenade forthe Canadian guests.

    The following day, the groupwent up to the Our lady ofBanneux Community in SanMateo, Rizal. It was a differentexperience for the students andteachers, from urban AVANAI

    Holy Cross Crusaders, counterclockwise from top: the students wearing their bright green AGW shirt; getting ready toboard for Manila; some initial activity after touchdown; dancing for the AKC ANCOP scholars; playing with kids from AKC.

    Building homes... touching lives... more fun in the Philippines! Students and teachers from the Holy Cross Regional High Schooldid not mind the sweltering Manila heat as they worked and played with the residents in AVANAI.

    A welcome break from the construction work was the trip to Saint Martin de Porres Childrens Center in Tondo, Manila and thehistorical tour of the Intramuros.

    SOLD and men in CFC

    called to be True Men of God!

    E ASSURANCE that Jesus will ac-company SFC to and through anychallenge of growth and that eachperson must nd the joy that goeswith lifes daily crosses.

    When we carry our cross, rejoice!We are given the privilege to share inthe glory of God, said Noli Manuel,SFC International Coordinator.

    The SFCs were also reminded thatthe Catholics devotion to Mary isalways about Jesus, and that theycontinue their journey to Jesus,through Mary, as most of the speak-

    ers often mentioned.In your journey, you cannot choose

    a better companion than Mary.e assurance that Jesus will accompany

    SFC to and through any challenge of

    growth and that each person must ndthe joy that goes with lifes daily crosses.When we carry our cross, rejoice!

    We are given the privilege to share inthe glory of God, said Noli Manuel,SFC International Coordinator.

    The SFCs were also reminded thatthe Catholics devotion to Mary isalways about Jesus, and that they

    By By Alma Alvarez

    Holy Cross Regional High School at the Our Lady of BanneuxANCOP Community

    Holy Cross / C2

    C1Vol. 18 No. 07March 31 - April 13, 2014

    CBCP Monitor

    The News Supplement of

    Couples for Christ

  • 7/23/2019 Cfc Ugnayan Mar 31- April 13 2014


    Just call me Lolo

    Ricky Cuenca

    I AM now a lolo(grandfather). And whenever I amasked how it feels to be a grandfather, I cannot hidethe excitement and happiness I feel.

    You see, for me, becoming a grandparent is astage of life and I know that we will eventuallycome to that. And having an apo(grandchild) istruly a blessing! In fact I have two, one each frommy daughters, who came one after the other.

    My daugh-ter Crissy andher husbandJose were thefirst to makeme a lolowhentheir daughterAria was born.A month or solater, it wasmy daughterJ a c q u i a n d

    her husbandJP who gav eus our second,Jillian.

    In my tripto the US andCanada lastFebruary, ourfam i ly ce l -ebrated a very joyous occasion. Aria, my grand-daughter who lives in Canada, was baptized lastFebruary 9. It was a very small partywe wereonly in one table. But it was truly a spirit-lledevent!

    As a new lolo, I am giddy with excitement overmy grandchildren. Masara p pala! I remembersomeone asking me, What would you like yourgrandchildren to call you? I replied, I want themto call me Lolo! Hindi naman halata, di ba? I guessactively serving God through CFC keeps us alllooking and feeling young.

    And speaking of serving in CFC, I can see thatmy aposwill grow up to be God-fearing, obedient,

    kind and generous individuals because they wouldgrow up in the community. Both my childrenand their spouses are actively serving as leadersin Couples for Christ, and I truly look forward toseeing my grandchildren grow in the Lord.

    I remember one time, when Aria was three monthsold, the doctor specically told her parents not totake her out because of the extremely cold weath-

    er. However,there was aleaders train-ing Crissyand Jose werescheduled toattend. Andso Aria hadto come withthem, all bun-dled up andcozy.

    I rememberexperiencingthis with ourown daugh-t e r s w h ogrew up in aCFC environ-ment. Irmaand I would

    take them everywhereHousehold prayer meet-ings, assemblies, and all of the CFC activities.And the Lord always protected them from theelements. Even when they were growing up, Godshielded them from bad company. In fact, one ofmy daughters wanted to become a nun, and almostentered the convent!

    Who knows, my granddaughters might becomenuns later on. The strong Catholic foundation thatthese children would be raised in can make thatpossible. And that would truly bring us joy. Asa matter of fact, my daughters nun-friend has

    consecrated these little ones to the Lord.What a joy it is to be a grandfather!

    CFC ANCOP, DLS-CSB Partnership Welcomes15 New Scholars

    FOR the third year, ABS-CBN/ DZMMand CFC ANCOP USA are co-sponsorsfor the grand nals of the USA GlobalPinoy Singing Idol (GPSI) competition inOrlando, Florida on April 5, 2014.

    Fourteen singers from seven states willcompete. They are Aaron Caras (FL);Giselle Delos Reyes (MN); Vanessa Quil-

    lao (FL); Michael Toledo (FL); Ian Ramos(FL); Kyle Mercado (FL); Cheryl Badiola(FL); Jozen D De Leon (TX); Jolilorlyn QWenghofer (IL); Michael Rey Calalang (NJ);Alessja Morales (CA); Martin Honor (MD);Maria Raina Rivere (MD); Rodel Sajor (CA).

    Singer Pops Fernandez and actor GabyConcepcion will be the guest performersduring the competition.

    Awell Paz and Melody Garcia-Muniz ofDZMM will co-emcee the ve-hour singingcontest that will be carried live by DZMMin all it coverage areas around the world.

    According to Roger Santos, ExecutiveDirector of ANCOP USA, two rst prizewinners will be awarded $1,000 each, plusfree round-trip tickets and weeklong stayin Manila for the Global Finals of GPSIsometime in January 2015.

    Proceeds from the event will go to CFCANCOP USAs ongoing projects for the

    poor in the Philippines, including thevictims of Typhoon Yolanda.

    By ANCOP USA Communications

    Holy Cross / C1

    to the quiet and rural OLB Community. Yet, theCanadian missionaries experienced the samewarm welcome from the families living there.

    Visiting Saint MartinAmong the places the Holy Cross delegates

    visited was the Saint Martin de Porres chil-drens center in Tondo, Manila. After the Massconcelebrated by Fr. Pat and Msgr. Matt Garcia,

    the high school kids spent time with the chil-dren and gave them gifts. One of the students,12th grader Courtney Barich, prior to her trip toManila, had pledged to raise money for the saidcenter when she opted to forego the purchase ofa gown for her graduation dance. Instead of anexpensive gown, she decided she would wear adress made from a potato sack, use the moneyshell save to start the fund-raiser, and hopesto send $10,000 to Saint Martin. (See CourtneyBarich story at

    After that encounter with the street childrenof Tondo, Vida Cuares, CFC ANCOP Coordina-tor for Canada, took the party to a brief histori-cal tour of Manila, with a kalesaride being thehighlight of the tour.

    Personal missionAmong the missionaries were the mother-

    daughter tandem of Wendy and Rachel

    Beauchamp. Wendy, who is also a teacherat Holy Cross, came to Manila with anothergoalto fund the building of a house in honorof Tessa, her daughter who had died of cancera year ago. In a symbolic turnover, Wendyand Rachel personally awarded the house toa family in AVANAI, together with fram

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