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  1. 1. Central America Vacation Ideas The meeting point of the Northern and Southern American continents; Central America is considered as a subcontinent and is the isthmus of southern North America. It is spread across around 202,000 sq mi; with the Caribbean Sea to its northeast, pacific ocean to its southwest and the Gulf of Mexico to the southern side. The region is home to seven countries and is declared as a Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot. A biodiversity hotspot is the region with large amount of natural scenery, flora and fauna, that has a threat from humans. Having said that, Central America boasts of more than 7% of the world's biodiversity treasure. The region is a great combination of the wonders of natural, ancient and modern civilizations. When it comes to planning a vacation to this beautiful part of the world, there are a lot of things for you to determine, in terms of sightseeing and traveling. The area is very large and hence, it is virtually impossible to cover each and every vacation destination on a single vacation. You may need to consider each and every country separately. Best Places to Visit in Central America Central America encompasses seven countries - Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The entire region is a tourist destination in itself, let aside the special vacation spots of each and every country of Central America. Belize Belize was initially know as British Honduras and it gained the independence, as late as in the year 1981. Belize is the only Central American country that has English as its official language, which makes it easy for all the non-Spanish speaking people to travel around. Similar to the rest of the Central American regions, Belize is gifted with copious and undisturbed tropical rainforest, pristine sandy beaches, numerous historical monuments and the best of modern infrastructure! Since Belize is the nearest country to North America, most of the American airlines offer short and inexpensive round trips to this mystical place. Here are some of the best places to visit when you are in Belize. Barton Creek Caves Located near the town of San Ignacio of the Cayo District, Barton Creek Caves are one of the largest caves in the world. The Mayans ruled these caves and used them for their infamous ritualistic ceremonies. You can still find skeletons of the victims of those ancient sacrifices. Another attraction here is the giant cylindrical walls (stalactites and stalagmites) in these limestone caves and a variety of flora and fauna. Belize Barrier Reef This is world's second largest barrier reef after the Great Barrier Reef. It is more than 300 kms long and is located around 25 miles off the northern coast of Belize. It is the best place for the snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving enthusiasts. You may also enjoy one of those cozy and cheap round trips by
  2. 2. ferryboat, while staying in one of the nearby coastal towns. El Caracol This is one of the most famous Mayan ruins in Belize that unveils the temple pyramids including Canna, Cahal Pech, Xunantunich, Lamanai, Altun Ha, etc. El Caracol used to be a Mayan observatory where they made naked eye observations of the horizon and made their predictions. Guatemala The Republic of Guatemala is bordered by Mexico, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras and the water bodies of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Original name of this country was Goathemala, which means the "land of the trees". The country is rich with tropical rain forests, interesting biodiversity and historical Mayan ruins. This region saw the peak of the Mayan civilization, arrival of the Spanish colonists, independence from the Spaniards, the Mexican Empire and the modern-day infrastructural and economical developments. As far as your stay and traveling is concerned, Guatemala is a small country and most of its tourist destination could be visited in a single tour to the country. Mayan Ruins The entire country beholds many ancient Mayan ruins. But the places that anyone must never miss out on the tour of Guatemala are the ruins of the El Mirador and Tikal. Both of these are the unforgettable pre-Columbian places to visit for all of you who are interested in history and the ancient heritage. Pacaya Volcano Set at the altitude of 8,371 feet; this volcano is located near the Lake Atitlan. You can enjoy hiking up the Pacaya volcano with a knowledgeable tour guide and get some memorable thrilling experience. You can easily arrange such hiking tours from the nearest cities of Panajachel or Antigua. Explore Guatemala Apart from the historical and natural sites, you may like to enjoy a lot of other things like shopping in the colorful Chichicastenango market; visiting various cities like Flores, Panajachel, Antigua,; taking short term Spanish language lessons; or enjoying serene volcanic countryside and the beautiful beaches like Monterrico! El Salvador If you are totally into the adventure sports, water sports and other such thrilling outdoor activities,
  3. 3. then El Salvador is the place for you. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the country shares its borders with the neighboring countries of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Nicaragua. Here you will get to enjoy lazy days, sandy beaches and the bustling nightlife that you may enjoy after spending the entire day in sightseeing! El Salvador is popularly known as The land of Proud and Arrogant Volcanoes. It was dwelt by the Native Americans, Mayans and the Spanish conquistadors! All these inhabitants left a rich and proud heritage which is still visible while you are in El Salvador. The country is rich with historical monuments, mighty volcanoes, playful beaches and serene forests. Here are the best vacation spots in El Salvador. El Boquern National Park One of the most popular vacation destinations in El Salvador, this National Park is located in the crater of the dormant San Salvador Volcano that hasn't been active for more than 80 years now. The area has pretty cool temperature and it is enriched with nature's realm, various natural hiking trails and diverse wildlife. All this makes this place a must visit in Central America! Los Planes de Renderos Los Planes is a township in San Salvador, which is popular for its views and numerous parks like the Balboa Park, Family Park and La Puerta del Diablo, which is a place made of three rocks making different halls and caves that are located in this area. The entire region is a feast for the outdoorsy people. Explore El SalvadorIn case you don't want to visit these natural treasures, you can always have the best of time by visiting various sparkling lakes; going to Punta Rico, which is the best surfing spot in El Salvador; enjoying shopping and clubbing in the city of San Salvador. You may also like to visit numerous art museums, historical museums, art galleries, live musical plays or simply spending your holidays one of the hilltop resorts! Honduras Honduras is one of the largest countries of Central America. It is bordered with El Salvador and Nicaragua and the water bodies of the Gulf of Honduras, Gulf of Fonseca and the Caribbean sea. This is another beach country, with most noticeable traces of the indigenous cultures including the Mayans. Rich export markets of clothing and tropical fruits, make Honduras one of the noteworthy nations on the world map. The long coastline and diverse wildlife has made Honduras to be one of the bustling tourists spots in Central America. Vacation ideas for Honduras are just endless, provided you have enough time and energy for their execution! Romantic Vacations
  4. 4. If you haven't considered Honduras to be one of the lover's nest for a romantic getaway or honeymoon vacation, then this is the right time to start doing so! You may visit the Bay Islands, Mosquito Coast, and various other islands like the Utila and Cayos Cochinos to experience the totally undisturbed paradise on earth. The region is blessed with exotic coral reefs, colorful fish and pristine beaches to accompany both of you! Family Vacations Along with various beach fronts, you can always visit various Mayan ruins like the Copan and learn about the historical heritage of this rugged country. You may also like to visit the Bay Islands and the Roatan Islands to enjoy the innovative eco-tourism of Honduras. You may also take the kids to Guanaja, which is a playful Caribbean coast with rich corals and kid friendly atmosphere. Adventure Vacations If you are planning the vacation with a group of friends, then you can rent one of the motels or hostels in the cities like La Ceiba, Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula and visit various beaches for watersports, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and even beach football! You may also consider living in the upscale areas like Puerto Cortes and Guanaja Islands! Nicaragua The Republic of Nicaragua is the largest country here, which is bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica. The Pacific Ocean is situated to the western side and the Caribbean Sea is situated to the eastern side of Nicaragua. The country is divided into two cultural regions, Mesoamerican and Andean. Nicaragua was inhibited by various indigenous cultures, the most significant of them being the Aztecs and the Mayans. Later the country was ruled by the Spanish conquistadors. Nicaragua has had a troubled political past, until the revolution of 1961. The fertile west coast of Nicaragua is home to a diverse wildlife and tropical rainforest too. As a result, it is a great tourist attraction. San Juan del Sur
  5. 5. If you are looking for a peaceful family holiday, this is an ideal place for you. San Juan del Sur is located on the Pacific coastline of the country. It provides good quality local infrastructure, the best beach front resorts, inexpensive hotels and plenty of watersports activities like surfing, snorkeling and fishing that offer you a guaranteed fun! The kids may also get to e