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<ul><li><p>COMMUNITY UPDATEAUTUMN </p><p>2016</p><p>WINTER SPORT</p><p>The Centennial Park Sporting Precinct is a grand vision to create the Great Southerns premier sporting and recreation precinct. The Precinct covers a large area between Barnesby Drive and Campbell Road.</p><p>This significant project will feature a Premier Stadium, new playing fields, a new cricket/soccer pavilion, lighting upgrades, shared pathways including a central spine and much more.</p><p>This is a major, long-term project which will be completed in stages over several years.</p><p>CONSTRUCTION TIMELINE</p><p>BACKGROUND INFORMATION</p><p> Fields, irrigation and subsoil drainage works completed and ready for use</p><p> Lighting is installed and ready for use Pavillion is due for completion in </p><p>August 2016</p><p>CENTENNIAL PARK SPORTING PRECINCT</p><p>Western Precinct</p><p>Eastern Precinct Major stadium and arena is due for </p><p>completion November 2016 Arena turf is being laid in July 2016, </p><p>ready for use during the winter season 2017.</p><p>WINTER SPORT 2016Winter Sporting season is due to commence week starting April 23, 2016!Winter Sport will continue during the redevelopment of Centennial Park Sporting Precinct. With club support the City has implemented a number of strategies and support infrastructure to ensure sporting groups can continue to play their chosen winter sports.</p><p>The City is mindful that Winter 2016 may be a challenging time for sport and community. The City is working closesly with all sporting groups and clubs to ensure a smooth transition and all needs are met. Whilst this winter may be challenging, the improved playing surfaces and future club rooms will be worth the disruption.</p><p>BALLS AND NORTH ROADBarrier netting will be installed to stop soccer balls from entering onto North Road.</p><p>The City of Albany has contracted PILA group to supply proprietary manufactured netting and poles, each barrier will be 30 metres wide and 6 metres high. These will be installed behind the goals for four fields along North Road.</p><p>The system has been designed to be able to be removed completely in the off season, or for release and removal of the nets only during the season to ensure longevity.</p><p>Installation of the nets will commence April 23 and be ready for the season.</p><p>PROUDLY FUNDED BY: Dept of Infrastructure and </p><p>Regional Development (Federal) Dept of Sport and </p><p>Recreation Dept of Regional Development City of Albany</p><p>Department ofRegional Development</p><p>GOVERNMENT OFWESTERN AUSTRALIA</p><p>For more information contact:Samantha StevensManager Recreation Servicessamanthas@albany.wa.gov.au</p><p>STORAGE &amp; FACILITIESThe City of Albany has installed two sea containers which will provide storage for Albany Junior Soccer and the Great Southern Senior Soccer Association.Junior AFL will be able to use the existing Soccer storage building located in the Eastern Precinct.Thank you to Junior AFL for lending their sea container to Albany Junior Soccer for storage during the Winter season.</p><p>Whilst the pavilion is under construction, the City has installed hot showers and temporary toilets on the Western Precinct at the back of the hockey club rooms.Public toilets are available across both precincts as well as at Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre. </p></li><li><p>PARKING INFORMATION</p><p>WINTER SPORT</p><p> Please plan your movements &amp; modeof transport well in advance, make use of the maps below to plan your trip</p><p> It may be preferable to walk, car poolor cycle to your sporting fixture</p><p> Parking is not permitted on NorthRoad, Knight Street or Symers Street</p><p> Please take note of parking signage</p><p>The City of Albany has established temporary park &amp; walk locations in all three precincts - Western, Central and Eastern.</p><p>Packages of the full size maps will be available in hard copy from the City of Albany Administration Offices on North Road and Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre. You can also download the maps and information from www.albany.wa.gov.au</p><p>For more information contact:Samantha StevensManager Recreation Servicessamanthas@albany.wa.gov.au</p><p>PARKING INFORMATION DURING WINTER 2016</p><p>CENTENNIAL PARK SPORTING PRECINCT</p><p>CENTRAL &amp; EASTERN PRECINCT PARKING MAP</p><p>WESTERN PRECINCT PARKING MAP</p><p>CENTRAL PRECINCT</p><p>P8 - Park &amp; Walk: Corner of Lockyer Avenue &amp; North Road</p><p>EASTERN PRECINCT</p><p>P10 &amp; P11 - Unsealed Carpark: Parking will be available at the grounds. Traffic flow will be one-way in off North Road and one way out, onto Campbell Road.</p><p>P9 - Park &amp; Walk: Additional parking is available on the grassed area off Cockburn Road with access from either Cockburn Road or Lockyer Avenue to enable patrons to walk over a footbridge along Symers Street to the grounds.</p><p>WESTERN PRECINCT</p><p>P6 - Unsealed Carpark Atheletics: Off Sanford Road</p><p>P5 - Park &amp; Walk: Off Sanford Road along ALAC access road</p><p>P4 -Unsealed Carpark ALAC: Has been improved so cars can park safely</p><p>P2 &amp; 3: ALAC sealed carparks</p><p>P1 - Unsealed Gravel Carpark: West</p><p>TRAVEL SMART MAP AND INFORMATION Have you considered walking or riding to your AFL or Soccer game instead of driving? 500 meters takes about 6 minutes to walk or 2.5 minutes to ride 1km takes about 12 minutes to walk or 5 minutes to ride 1.5km takes about 18 minutes to walk or 7.5 minutes to ride 2km takes about 24 minutes to walk or 10 minutes to ride</p><p>For more information collect a copy of the Albany TravelSmart map from the City Office, Library, Visitor Centre &amp; local bike shops or down load a copy from http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/activetransport</p></li></ul>


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