Celebration of World Environment Day at Chilas District Diamer on 5th June 2015 (1)

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Celebration of World Environment Day at Chilas District Diamer on 5th June 2015.Karakuram Environmental Welfare Society Pakistan (KEWS Pakistan) organized an awareness walk at Chilas with the collaboration of District Administration Diamer, Muniscipal Committee Chilas, Bar Association Diamer, Social Welfare Department Diamer, Population Welfare Department Diamer and Local Bazaar Committee Chilas to celebrate World Environment Day with great zeal and zest. While the program was sponsored by WWF GB, EPA GB, DPAP and Forest Department Chilas.To materialize the program KEWS Pakistan management arranged separate meetings with Mr. Qaisar Naeem Azam Assistant Commissioner Chilas , Haji Zulfiqar Ahmed Chief Officer MC Chilas, Mr. Mehmood Ghaznavi DFO Chilas and Mr. Muhammad Ghani Social Welfare Officer Diamer on 3rd and 4th June 2015 respectively. It was decided that an awareness based walk about environmental pollution will be start from Assistant Commissioner Office Chilas to GB PWD Rest House via main bazaar Chilas.The MC CO ensured that his team will be not only alert during the whole activities but also take special actions to maintain cleanliness of the program area on world environment day. KEWS Pakistan management entrusted the responsibilities of preparation of banners, play cards and ensure of more than 30 volunteers participation in the event. Assistant Commissioner strictly instructed to all stake holders to ensure their presence at program venue at 10:00 am on 5th June 2015.On 5th June 2015 at 09:00 am KEWS Pakistan management team along with volunteers marched from head office towards Assistant Commissioners Offices Chilas. On the way Mr. Muhammad Ghani Social Welfare Officer Diamer also entered in the march group and followed to program venue. Meanwhile Haji Zulfiqar Ahmed Chief Officer Municipal Committee Chilas entered in the office with his full equipped team where Mr. Said Zaboor Chairman KEWS Pakistan and Mr. Muhammad Ghani SWO Diamer gave instructions to participants of event to maintain discipline during awareness walk.The MC team also brought play cards and special bags to pick up the garbage of bazaar. While the volunteers of KEWS Pakistan have also stand with banners and play cards at the venue. KEWS Pakistan team also arranged particular banners for bazaar area.At 10:00 am Chief Guest of the event Mr. Qaisar Naeem AC Chilas reached the program venue allowed to start the activities.Mr. Qaisar Naeem Azam AC, Tehildar Zaid, Haji Zulfiqar Ahmed CO MC, Mr. Muhammad Ghani SWO, Mr. Sarooj Bahar PWO, Mr. Said Zaboor Chairman KEWS Pakistan, Haji Abdul Malik Pesident Bazaar Committee, Mr. Amanullah Advocate and Mr. Muhammad Tahir Advocate District Bar association Diamer lead the participants of Environmental Pollution Awareness Walk towards the GB PWD Rest House Chilas.On the way to AC office to GBPWD Rest House Chilas many people and students also included in the walk and it became a huge gathering of masses. During the walk Chief Guest and participants of the program pick up garbage of bazaar by their hands and put them into the bags of Municipal Committee workers they shift it into MC dust bins of bazaar. When the walk passing the main bazaar of city the local Press members and reporters threw lights of their cameras to save the monuments of walk for future history through their related news papers and magazines. The press members, District Bar Association Diamer and Bazaar Committee also appreciated the program and declared it as a milestone to highlight the sense of local masses about environmental pollution.At last the walk reached to its ending point GBPWD Rest House Chilas where Chief Guest of the program Mr. Qaisar Naeem Azam delivered his speech regarding to aims and objectives of the celebration of World Environment Day. He also shared Islamic point of view with public about man and its role to save the environment of earth. He quoted many Hadiths which clearly narrate that work for betterment of environment is religious obligation of a true Muslim. He encouraged the program and said that it is an honor to KEWS Pakistan because they taking first and the most successful step to highlight the sense of masses about environmental pollution by the coordination of line departments particularly Municipal Committee Chilas and Social Welfare departments Diamer. He further said that district administration Diamer is expecting that KEWS Pakistan will continue such programs in future for the development and prosperity of the region, nation and country. He also promised that he will financially support to KEWS Pakistan to develop brochures for shop keepers, hotels, greengrocers and merchants about environmental safety of the bazaar area in future.At the end of the program Mr. Said Zaboor thanked the participants of the walk. He also invited the guest and volunteers for refreshment at Larosh Hotel Chilas.In this way the program reached its end in peacefully.Pictures Gallery of the Environmental Awareness Walk at Chilas

Mr Said Zaboor Chairman KEWS Pakistan and Mr. Muhammad Ghani Social welfare Officer Diamer giving instructions to the participants of program

AC Qaisar Naeem Azam , Tehsildar Zaid, Haji Zulfiqar Ahmed CO MC, M Ghani SWO, Said Zaboor and Abdul Malik leading the walk from venue

Walk participants passing the main bazaar at Chilas City of district Daimer, GB and municipal workers alert with bags and equipments.

Chief Guest of the event Mr. Qaisar Naeem Azam Assistant Commissioner Chilas addressing the participants of walk near PWD Rest House ChilasReport prepared by Photography byMr. Said Zaboor Chairman KEWS Pakistan Mr. Shabir Ahmed Goher General Secretary KEWS PakistanPress Release by Special Cooperation of VolunteersMr. Saddam Hussain Press Secretary KEWS PakistanMr. Rehmat Wali, Rahimullah,Anwazullah,Nakeerullah,Maikail, Waqar,Israr,Mehboob,


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