Celebrating Worthing College January 2013

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Celebrating Worthing College January 2013

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    Worthing College January 2013

    Aspire event an inspiration

    Competition for places at Britains top universities remains red hot. That was the clear message for a packed audience at Worthing Colleges recent Aspire event.

    The Colleges unique Aspire programme offers inspiration and support to students aiming to apply for places at The Russell Group of universities which includes Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, Bristol and Durham.

    The audience heard that a clutch of grade As and A*s are as important

    to make sure all current Year 11s are aware of the fantastic opportunities it offers.

    Admissions Director Steve Flittonwas delighted with the interestthe launch generated.

    Our wide A Level programme is well known and second to none in the area. We were able to highlight the extras we can add through the Aspire programme including Cambridge Pre-U and the Extended Project Qualifications

    at GCSE as at A Level; so the message was loud and clear for all Year 11s present - Keep up the good work at school and hit your high grade targets as your first step.

    Aspire co-ordinator Antony Allchin drew parallels with our top Olympic athletes aiming for gold: the key is hard work and careful preparation. Aspire programme students benefit from university visits, expert speakers, summer schools and specialist advice. For several years Aspire has been running successfully butthis year we have launched it early

    Sammy Fairman talks about applying to Cambridge where she is currently studying Chemical Engineering

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    2 www.worthing.ac.uk

    In this edition of Celebrating Worthing College you can also see the fantastic achievements of our Arts Academy, Performing Arts Academy and Public Services students as well as reports from recent activities including Student Parliament meetings and a visit from renowned hypnotist, Martin Taylor. The Worthing College Maths Team won the regional final of the Senior Team Maths Challenge held at Lancing College in November.

    In sport the Womens Rugby team was selected to represent the British Colleges Sport South East Regional Squad, Womens football players have gained scholarships at US universities and Mens Football players celebrated when a player was selected to represent England Schools Under 18s squad, Worthing College students were placed third overall in the recent Southampton Solent University Inter Colleges Fitness Challenge with Harley Colwell-Levene being ranked second highest male performer out of fifty-six and we have new blood in the Basketball team with the recruitment of ex-England player Dominic Baker as coach.

    Students have been able to Visit the Future on trips to our new college at the Warren and we are arranging further visits and open days during the spring and summer terms.

    Apart from all that, students have been hard at work preparing for January exams and our applications department has been busier than ever arranging interviews for those who are enrolling in September. Yes, last term was as busy and exciting as ever and I hope you enjoy reading more about it all.

    Caroline Pickup, Editor

    EDITORIALHappy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year Festivities, despite the lack of seasonal weather. I expect the memory of festivities is beginning to fade as everyone gets back into the usual routine. All that aside, congratulations Worthing College you have done it again; so many fantastic achievements since October and a great deal of giving something back too.

    First of all I must say how delighted we were to see so many visitors at the Aspire event on 10th January. Worthing is clearly high achieving.

    In recent weeks there was a series of charity fundraising activities. For example, a Charity Day that united students and staff in raising 750 for the Chestnut Tree House Childrens Hospice, a tea party for senior citizens when about 70 people got into the Christmas spirit together, male staff growing moustaches and (hair)raising 75 for Movember, a Sleep-out by students and staff that raised over 1,500 for Worthing Homeless Projects and a massive 3,634 for the Chestnut Tree House following a sponsored walk by students and staff organised by the Sport Academy. And, thats not forgetting the Worthing Education Fair in October making a donation of more than 1100 to the Chestnut Tree House - all in all a sizeable contribution made by many people.

    Other Christmas celebrations saw a fantastic Ahhh inspiring Nursery nativity play and Christmas fair, a joyful carol concert in Carols by Candlelight at St Botolphs Heene Church and laughter and tears at the staff Christmas lunch when staff celebrated the start of the holiday and bid farewell to colleagues who were leaving.

    You can find out more from our new brochures The Aspire Programme at Worthing College and Support at Worthing College for students applying to Oxbridge which can be found on our website. Alternatively, email us at info@worthing.ac.uk or call us on01903 243389 and we will send you copies.

    Ex students Sammy Fairman and Rory Callan (above), currently at Cambridge, told the audience of the value they attached to the Aspire programme in securing top places and current student Ivan Croydon Veleslavov gave us a taste of his recent experiences. All three were in strong demand afterwards from applicants keen to hear more.

    which enable students to prove themselves against the very strongest competition in the country

  • students included in the silver certificate winners: Chen Xanyu, Wu Si and Kristian Kraevski.

    Students also attended Maths talks at Sussex university and particularly enjoyed the Maths of Juggling Talk and attended the Maths in Action talks in London with Debbie Collier where talks on The Wisdom of the Crowd and Shapes and Smoke Rings were popular.

    Mentoring is an important part of the lives of students in the Maths Academy and this year has seen a new initiative with Chatsmore school. Stephen Coleman, Michael Donlevy, Hannah McCready, Michael Davies, Adib-Yaghmai, Sasha, Sarah Chegwin, Abigail Inch and Emily Waitland have all been working with Years 7 and 8 students since September. Their work has been highly praised by the Head of Maths and the Headteacher at Chatsmore school and they have made huge contributions to the mathematical understanding of the younger students at one of Worthing Colleges partner schools.

    Celebrating Worthing College

    Worthing College Official Site Worthing College 3

    James Brackin scored sufficiently highly to qualify for the 1st round of the British Maths Olympiad in which both scored highly. Rmy was one of the top scorers in the country and has now qualified for the 2nd round of the British Maths Olympiad. He now has the opportunity to be selected for the UK Team dependent on his performance in the 2nd round. Also, Oliver Wright, James Cameron and Will Graham scored high enough on the Senior Maths Challenge to go through to the Kangaroo Challenge where Oliver was awarded a Merit Certificate.

    For the second successive year, largely driven by Rmy and his enormous enthusiasm for Maths, Worthing College held its own Maths Olympiad for members of the Maths Academy and a record 35 students took part ( Maths is fun you know, those of you who find this hard to believe). Top scorers and winners of gold certificates and HMV vouchers were James Cameron, Oliver Wright and James Brackin with some of our international

    The Worthing College Maths Team won the regional final of the Senior Team Maths Challenege held at Lancing College in November. They beat teams from Lancing, Brighton College, Roedean and Worth to name but a few and will be taking part in the UK final in London in February.

    The team includes two students who also competed successfully last year: Rmy Naylor and James Brackin, as well as two new excellent mathematicians: Brett Mayes and Jay Almond. The team has trained with Gill Buqu under the expert guidance of Rmy Naylor at lunchtime sessions and after college on Mondays in order to achieve their success.

    Members of the Maths Academy have also had their most successful year yet in the Senior Maths Challenge competition held in college on November 5th. There were 6 gold, 9 silver and 3 bronze certificates awarded and Rmy Naylor and

    Worthing College comes out on top and gains place in UK final of the Senior Team Maths Challenge

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    The end of term went with a bang at Worthing College in December with a Charity Day that united students and staff in raising 750 for the Chestnut Tree House Childrens Hospice.

    Sports Academy students were very active with an exciting mixed Netball

    Other events included a Big Bang Theory Room, a raffle, the Periodic table made in cakes, and various guessing games. One of the colleges international students Emilio Conti from Italy said This is amazing. We dont have anything like this in my school.

    Tournament. Board and computer gamers also took part with a PlayStation and Wii room, and even a poker tournament. The Student Union organised a Mission Impossible Nerf challenge and the Grand Library Quiz was won by team I thought it was a Disco by just one point.

    4 www.worthing.ac.uk

  • Celebrating Worthing College

    Highlight of the Charity Day for many was the return of The X Factor competition. More than a dozen acts to