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  • Celebrating Excellence at The Dixie Grammar School The Dixie Grammar School, Market Bosworth Leicestershire CV13 0LE | 01455 292244 | www.dixie.org.uk

  • Prize Giving 2016 2

    Governors, Parents, Pupils and Guests

    W elcome to this year’s Prize Giving and a particularly warm welcome to our Guest of Honour, Mr William Ashworth.

    This is the second year we have celebrated Prize Giving

    as a whole Senior School at this point in the year and in

    a marquee at our Barton Road Sports Ground. I would

    like to pass on my thanks to K Smith, P Kirk, S Green,

    Mrs Mallard and their Facilities, ICT, Grounds and

    Catering teams for making this celebration of the

    school year possible.

    This afternoon is an opportunity to reflect on the

    extraordinary achievements of this academic year and

    to celebrate all that makes the Dixie Grammar School a

    unique place in which to learn and grow.

    Richard Lynn


    Headmaster’s Introduction

    The Dixie Grammar School ~ Nursery Junior Senior

  • Woodwind Quintet

    Dance Suite (Denes Agay), Chanson Populaire (Richard Hollingdale )

    Entry of Guests

    National Anthem

    School Orchestra (leader Catherine Nicholls)

    Gaudeamus Igitur (Brahms arr. Ennis)

    Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Chair of Governors ~ Mr Paul Smith


    Headmaster ~ Mr Richard Lynn

    Presentation of Prizes

    Guest of Honour

    Mr William Ashworth

    Vote of Thanks

    Deputy Head Boy/Girl ~ Lewie Brooks & Eve Webley

    Review of the Year

    Head Boy/Girl ~ Christian Smaditch & Kathryn Smart

    Woodwind Quintet

    Rondo in Eb (Lauren Nicholls)

    Please remain standing whilst the platform party leave

    School Orchestra

    Pomp & Circumstance Marches 1 & 4 (Elgar arr. Hare )

    You are warmly invited to refreshments in

    the marquee after the conclusion of Prize Giving

    Prize Giving 2016 4


    The Dixie Grammar School ~ Nursery Junior Senior

    William Ashworth M.A. studied social and political

    sciences at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He has

    worked for many years as both a solicitor and a

    barrister and has served as a District Judge since 2011.

    His legal experience is highly varied, ranging from

    presiding over care proceedings and adoptions in

    family courts to youth offending, prison discipline,

    extradition cases and jury trials in the Crown Court.

    He is a father of three and, beyond his legal work, he is

    a fanatical hockey player having been a Cambridge blue

    - and an optimistic cook.

    Mr William Ashworth

    Guest of Honour

  • ISI Inspection November 2015 Independent schools are judged by ISI in 8 categories:

    1. The quality of pupils’ learning and achievement

    2. The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision

    3. The contribution of teaching

    4. The spiritual moral social and cultural development of the pupils

    5. The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care

    6. The contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety

    7. The quality of governance

    8. The quality of leadership and management

    We are absolutely delighted that the inspectors judged

    the Dixie to be ‘Excellent’ in each and every category.

    Richard Lynn, November 2015

    Discover the Dixie Difference Excellence from age 3 to 18

    The full report is available through our website or the School office, but to

    give you a flavour of the document, the following

    excerpts summarise their findings:

  • Year 6 Subject Prizes

    Prize Giving 2016 8

    Art Amaylia Dewis, Daisy Wilebore

    Design & Technology Emily Cutler, Daniel Kennedy

    English Lucas Barter, Amaylia Dewis

    French Lucas Barter, Daniel Kennedy

    Geography Maddison Bolsover, Daniel Kennedy

    History Maddison Bolsover, Amaylia Dewis

    Home Economics Lucas Barter, Maddison Bolsover

    ICT Eleanor Davies Bee, Daniel Kennedy

    Mandarin Maddison Bolsover, Daniel Kennedy

    Mathematics Lucas Barter, Daniel Kennedy

    Music Maddison Bolsover, Emily Cutler

    Musical Performance Amaylia Dewis

    Physical Education Emily Cutler, Daisy Wilebore

    Daniel Kennedy, Robin Thiele

    Religious Studies Lucas Barter, Emily Cutler

    Science Lucas Barter, Daniel Kennedy

    Year 7 Subject Prizes

    Art Margarita Feditsa, George Hemus

    Biology Matthew Coutts, Ryan Smith

    Chemistry Matthew Coutts, Danika Nuttall

    Design & Technology Oliver Crane, Job Davies

    English Jennifer Smart, Harriat Whitehead

    French Isla Crameri, Margarita Feditsa

    Geography Matthew Coutts, Margarita Feditsa

    German Margarita Feditsa, Ryan Smith

    History Emily Clement, Harriat Whitehead

    Home Economics Margarita Feditsa, Jennifer Smart

    ICT Job Davies, Danika Nuttall

    Mandarin Margarita Feditsa, Ryan Smith

    Mathematics Matthew Coutts, Isla Crameri

    Music Emily Clement, Matthew Coutts

    Musical Performance Margarita Feditsa

    Physical Education Isla Crameri, Danika Nuttall

    Ethan Kirwan-Jones, Kaleb Wohlford

    Physics Matthew Coutts, Robyn Walker

    Religious Studies Danika Nuttall, Harriat Whitehead

    The Dixie Grammar School ~ Nursery Junior Senior

  • Year 8 Subject Prizes

    Prize Giving 2016 10

    Art Max Benbow, Noah Gent

    Biology Grace Brooks, Lexie Kirwan-Jones

    Chemistry Grace Brooks, Freya Webley

    Design & Technology Matthew Evans, Chloe Vinestock

    English Grace Brooks, Camille Purnell-Mullick

    French Imogen Banton, Grace Brooks

    Geography Imogen Banton, Chloe Vinestock

    German Grace Brooks, Kathryn Penrose

    History Alice Sykes, Chloe Vinestock

    Home Economics Grace Brooks, Freya Webley

    ICT Florence Ball, Jay Sall

    Mandarin Zia Cummings, Kathryn Penrose

    Mathematics Grace Brooks, Katie Mears

    Music Matthew Evans, Jessica Falshaw

    Musical Performance Kyla Burton

    Physical Education Matthew Evans, Chloe Vinestock

    Physics Grace Brooks, Katie Mears

    Religious Studies Lexie Kirwan-Jones, Alice Sykes

    Year 9 Subject Prizes Art Olivia Dracup, Cameron Overton

    Biology Laila Gauhar, Emma Lowden

    Chemistry Laila Gauhar, Sophia Smaditch

    Design & Technology Ella Briddick, Olivia Dracup

    English Laila Gauhar, Emma Lowden

    French Laila Gauhar, Simran Mann

    Geography Emma Lowden, Rebecca Smart

    German Laila Gauhar, Emma Lowden

    History Alexander Daniels, Rebecca Smart

    Home Economics Katy Hurst, Rebecca Smart

    ICT Emma Lowden, Cameron Overton

    Mandarin Jonathan Kam, Simran Mann

    Mathematics Laila Gauhar, Emma Lowden

    Music Laila Gauhar, Emma Lowden

    Musical Performance Sophia Smaditch

    Physical Education Eleanor Partridge, Rebecca Smart

    Jack Gilman

    Physics Laila Gauhar, Emma Lowden

    Religious Studies Emma Lowden, Rebecca Smart

    The Dixie Grammar School ~ Nursery Junior Senior

    Step into the NHS Regional Winners

    Georgia Hancock, Rebecca Smart

    Henrietta Williams, Eleanor Partridge

  • Year 10 Subject Prizes

    Prize Giving 2016 12

    Art Elizabeth Harvey, Jessica Testar

    Biology George Bacon, Amy Hemsworth

    Chemistry George Bacon, Hannah Mihsein

    Computer Science William McGinnigle

    Design & Technology Jessica Testar, Joseph Thirlby

    English Literature George Bacon, Amy Hemsworth

    French Amy Hemsworth, Lauren Nicholls

    Geography Bradley Gledhill, Emily Lawrie

    German Elizabeth Harvey, Amy Hemsworth

    History Amy Hemsworth, Lauren Nicholls

    Home Economics Hannah Mihsein, Joseph Thirlby

    Mandarin George Bacon, Amy Hemsworth

    Mathematics George Bacon, Amy Hemsworth

    Music George Bacon, Lauren Nicholls

    Musical Performance Joseph Hilyer

    Physical Education Rahul Mahan

    Physical Education GCSE Ella Grainger, Joseph Thirlby

    Physics George Bacon, Amy Hemsworth

    Religious Studies George Bacon, Zara Cummings

    Science Zara Cummings

    Year 11 Subject Prizes

    Art Georgia Ellis, Abigail Riley

    Biology Eniola Awodiya, Sophie Beale

    Chemistry Eniola Awodiya, Zacharia Gauhar

    Computer Science Jack Barter

    Design & Technology Isobel Jones, Olivia Paice

    English Language Eniola Awodiya, Anna Ketchion

    English Literature Abigail Riley, Anna Sykes

    French Eniola Awodiya, Anna Sykes

    Geography Zacharia Gauhar, Anna Ketchion

    German Anna Ketchion, Anna Sykes