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  • CE Middle School


  • St.Osmunds is a school built upon Christian values. We aim to inspire and empower all to be active, life-long learners who achieve their potential and contribute positively to the world.

  • Staff, Governors and students at St. Osmunds Middle School are very proud to belong to this unique school and we hope that the glimpse that this prospectus offers illustrates why.

    We are committed to ensuring that your children are given the very best of opportunities. We pledge to encourage them to reach the highest of standards whilst we maintain our focus on the needs of the whole child. Through this philosophy, our aim is that all students will thrive in a vibrant and

    Message from the Headteacher

    ambitious environment, leaving us at the end of their time here equipped to relish challenge and embrace all that life beyond St Osmunds has to offer.

    I look forward to welcoming you to our school; visitors seldom fail to be impressed by our setting, facilities, staff and most importantly, by the students whose attitudes and achievements speak for themselves.

    Mr J Williams Headteacher


  • The ChurchAs a Church of England School, we place great emphasis on the spiritual dimension of our childrens growth and development and we hold regular collective worship. Representatives of the Salisbury Diocese often visit the school and are valued members of our Governing Body. The Governors enjoy the support of the Parochial Church Council in all matters, but particularly in helping the Governors to meet their financial responsibility as trustees of the school.

    We respect each individual childs faith position and encourage all to learn from the golden rule common to many faiths, most recognisable to Christians as: Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

    StakeholdersWe believe that the best possible outcomes for children, both emotionally and academically, happen when parents and carers, school staff, governors and students work in partnership. For that reason, open and regular communication is prioritised and active involvement in students learning journeys promoted.

    A Christian Community

    Our doors are always open. Your opinions as primary carers for your children are sought and respected.

    Our PTA is a welcoming, dedicated and thriving group, always keen to seek new members, as is our governing body.


  • DASP We are committed and proud members of the Dorchester Area Schools Partnership. In common with all schools in DASP, we aim to promote a philosophy of One School, working regularly together to raise standards, share best practice and maximise opportunities for all students. The strength of our partnership means that all the way through their school life, our students welfare and well-being is at the forefront of all that we do, whatever stage of their journey they are at.

    It has been said that Middle Schools offer a unique path; students enter as children and leave as young adults. A skilfully managed transition that utilises our strong

    Within an Educational Partnership

    partnership with other schools can ensure that each childs DASP journey is one where anxieties are reduced, and swift and settled starts are made.

    Our Transition Learning Mentor helps each childs entry to St Osmunds to be a time of stimulating discovery in a secure environment. The same thorough process takes place four short years later for pupils transferring to Thomas Hardye School, the Studio School or another upper school. In depth meetings between staff mean that at both ends, transfer is managed with sensitivity and care to both reassure and excite our young people about the next stage of their journey.

    High expectations and outstanding teaching inspire pupils interest and curiosity for learning. Consequently, pupils persevere to improve and reach their full potential. Ofsted 2012


  • Inspire Empower Achieve Curriculum A strength of a 3 tier system is that children benefit from a range of specialist facilities and teachers earlier on than within the Primary/Secondary system.

    At St Osmunds, we pride ourselves on our innovative and rigorous curriculum. Our priority is to deliver an outstanding education that will prepare students to thrive in every area of life. Basic reading, writing and maths skills must therefore be mastered and surpassed, allowing students of all abilities to engage with an increasingly challenging curriculum that is forward thinking, creative and aspirational.

    Support is given to a range of children with differing needs by the schools Education Extra department. Students identified as having the potential to achieve particularly highly are encouraged through a range of extra opportunities that operate throughout the school year, often in partnership with Thomas Hardye School.


  • Approach, Progress and Attainment

    for the future achievements of year groups at the school.

    Results of these tests are shared with parents together with national comparative information. New curriculum and assessment changes mean that schools are now free to create their own assessment systems. Working with other DASP schools, St Osmunds have introduced a comprehensive 5 band system, allowing all stakeholders a detailed picture of students approach to learning, progress and attainment.

    Attainment and progress are heavily influenced by how students approach their learning. We monitor all three markers in order to best address needs and to maximise outcomes for all.

    Students in all year groups are assessed through a combination of continuous teacher assessment and more formal testing at different points in the school year. We also make use of cognitive ability testing to enable us to compare the performance of our students with children nationally and set targets

    This is an outstanding school. All pupils, including those eligible for pupil premium funding, have outstanding achievements. Ofsted 2012


  • Beyond the Classroom

    Our job is to provide opportunities for all to engage and excel. St Osmunds learning environment extends beyond the confines of the school building and the timetabled school day.

    We are lucky to have superb sporting facilities including the St Osmunds Community Sports Centre. These are well used by a large percentage of the school who take part in frequent fixtures including county wide events. Our Arts programme is similarly popular. Students compete annually in national dance events and perform regularly in dramas and musicals. Our musicians have numerous

    opportunities to perform both in and out of school, often utilising our impressive new music studio facilities.

    Friday afternoon Enrichment sessions provide one of the highlights of the week, when all students participate in a number of exciting activities designed to encourage friendships across all year groups within creative and stimulating sessions.

    Local and overseas residential trips, inspiring visitors and new experiences further help to develop passions and encourage high aspirations.


  • As holders of UNICEFs prestigious Rights Respecting Schools Level 2 Award, we recognise article 12 of the UNCRC as a central tenet of school life:Every child has the right to have their opinion listened to.

    Every school year starts with students taking part in a democratic vote to elect their class Student Voice Representative. This body has the formidable brief of participating in decision making processes relating to all areas of school life. Whether reviewing and refining our rewards and sanctions systems, creating anti bullying charters, organising participation in national charity events or delivering whole

    Student Leadership

    school assemblies on themes of global relevance, these young people get the opportunity to speak out on behalf of their peers and engage in active citizenship.

    As students reach Year 8, many aspire to become school leaders, either in a sporting capacity or as Buddy Plus members, responsible for ensuring that a safe and caring environment exists for all members of the school, especially for younger students. We are proud to say that our students aspire to leave St Osmunds with the confidence to stand up for others, challenge injustice and to lead innovation and change.


  • Ossies Allstars Out of School Club Ossies Allstars was established in September 2010. The club is run on a non-profit basis, providing high quality, stimulating childcare for children aged 8 to 13 years old (predominantly but not exclusively from St. Osmunds).

    The club offers a breakfast club and after school club in term time. It opens between 7.45am 5.55pm every day during the school holidays and all inset days.

    St Osmunds Community Sports Centre Our sports centre has an impressive multi-sports hall, a fully equipped fitness suite, floodlit tennis courts and use of all of the outside areas of the school. The sports centre facilities are available for local community use from 4.30 pm on weekdays, all weekend and the School holidays.

    The Fitness Suite is open to the public 7 am10 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am6 pm at weekends.

    Further FacilitiesThe FutureSt. Osmunds opened as a Middle School in 1979 catering for 250 children. Since its opening, the school has grown tremendously; numerous extensions and building projects have been carried out to bring it up to its present size, currently providing outstanding facilities for over 600 students. From September 2016, St Osmunds will see a further increase in numbers.

    Building work begins soon to increase our capacity. Our new block will hold four learning spaces equipped with the latest in educational t


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