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Cda news By: Blessy Pinzón

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Text of Cda news By: Blessy Pinzón

  • CDA News

    By:Blessy Pinzn

  • Index

    Contests: Poetry ShortStory Origamami Cda Idol Journalism Photograph


  • Poetry

    Is acontest inwhich you have tocreate your own poem.Soon itwill be taking placeatschool.

  • ShortStory

    Create ashortstory with all theimagination you have.Thecontest already took place.Goodluck to the participants!

  • Origami

    Who likes to do figures with paper?If you can do figures participate inthis contest that is taking placenow.

  • CDAIdol

    If you like to sing atthebathroomthen this contest isespecially created for you!Bepart ofit,andshowyour talent tothe school.

  • Journalism

    Doyou admirethepeople that tell thenews?You cancreateyour own newschannel if youparticipate inthiscontest.It is takingplacenow!

  • Photography

    Taking pictures is your life?Thenbe part ofthis contest that istaking place.You canshowyourabilities with the camerato theother students.

  • Assemblies

    Atschool the last assembly thattook placewas the one ofthe 4thofJuly.

  • Thanks forwatching theCDANews

    CDA NewsIndexPoetryShort StoryOrigamiCDA IdolJournalismPhotographyAssembliesThanks for watching the CDA News