CBP/DFW Import Specialist Team Contact List

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CBP/DFW Import Specialist Team Contact List

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PUBLIC INFORMATION NOTICEDATE: OS/25/2012 NUMBER:DFW 12-014 FOR FURTHER INFORMAnON CALL:Supervisory Import Specialist Joyce VerMehren at (972) 870-7592

SUBJECT: Commodity Specialist Team Realignment

This Public Information Notice supersedes DFW PIN 11-017. New personnel have joined the teams and staff has been reassigned on the Port of Dallas/Fort Worth commodity teams. The current team assignments and assigned supervisors are reflected, below.

Branch 1 Supervisory Import Specialist: VacantSections I-IV VIII XI-XII XX-XXI Bennett, Holly Bohling, Todd Hill, Marisa Levene, Karen Team 683 HTS Chapters 1-24 41-43 50-67 94-97 Senior Import Import Import

(972) 870-7582

Import Specialist Specialist Specialist Specialist

Basic Commodities Animal, Animal/Vegetable Products, Food, Skins and Furs, Textile Articles, Footwear, Headgear, Feather Articles, Furniture, Lamps, Toys, Miscellaneous, Art (972) 870-7587 (972) 870-7581 (972) 870-7516 (972) 870-7574

Branch 2 Supervisory Import Specialist: Joyce Ver MehrenTeam 684 Sections V - VII IX-X XIII - XIV XVI HTS Chapters 25 -40 44-49 68 -71 8443,8471-8473 85 Senior Import Specialist Import Specialist Import Specialist Import Specialist Import Specialist

(972) 870-7592

Basic Commodities Minerals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Candles, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, Paper, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Precious Metals, Printers, Computer Equipment, Electrical Machinery (972) (972) (972) (972) (972) 870-7595 870-7484 870-7591 870-7501 870-7477

Hawkins, Chuck Alvarado, Joseph Keyes, Addie Ytuarte, Sandra Miller, Gloria

DISCLAIMER: This information has been prepared for your convenience by the CBP officers at the Port of Dallas/Fort Worth. This material is intended to provide guidance. Recognizing that many complicated factors are involved in CBP matters, importers may wish to obtain a binding ruling under 19CFR Part 177. Reliance solely on this information may not be considered reasonable care. Importers are referred to Treasury Decision 97-96, which was published in the Federal Register of December 4, 1997, and in the Customs Bulletin of December 17, 1997, for in-depth information on the concept of reasonable care. Please visit our website at www.cbp.qov

Branch 3 Supervisory Import Specialist: Juana KundakTeam 685 Sections XV -XIX HTS Chapters 72 - 84 (except 8443, 8471-8473) 86-93 Senior Import Specialist Senior Import Specialist Import Specialist Import Specialist Import Specialist

(972) 870-7598

Regan, Terrence Ethridge, Melissa Hard, Rory Stoeber, Julie Wisenbaker, William

Basic Commodities Metals, Machinery, Vehicles, Aircraft, Vessels, Transport Equipment, Medical/Photo, Clocks, Instruments, Arms (972) 870-7576 (972) 870-7575 (972) 870-7573 (972) 870-7517 (972) 870-7515

Douglas L. Truesdale, Acting Area Port Director Area Port of Dallas