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  • Caterpillar C7Caterpillar C7with



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    Caterpillar C7Caterpillar C7

    2006 2007

    7.2L In-line 6 Cylinder520 860 lb-ft Torque @ 1440 rpm

    190-300 hp @ 2200 rpm Truck and Bus300-350 hp @ 2400 rpm RV and Fire Truck1,425 lbs.

    190-350 hp @2500 rpm1,295 lbs.

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    Caterpillar C7Caterpillar C7

    Common Rail Fuel SystemVariable Nozzle TurboClean Gas Induction Diesel Particulate Filter

    2007 Enhancements

  • 4 MAF Sensor


    CGI Cooler

    Cat RegenerationSystem

    Closed Crankcase Ventilation


    CGI Valve

    CGI ValveActuator

    CRS Air SupplyControl

    2007 C7

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    A4 ECM

    Cat Air Compressor

    High pressure fuel pump Common Rail

    Fuel System

    2007 C7


    Modified for new fuel system

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    Common Rail Fuel SystemCommon Rail Fuel SystemFacilitates compliance with 2007 emissions regulationsClean combustion technology Optimizes performanceIncreases fuel economy by up to 4%

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    2007 AftertreatmentCooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR)

    PM, NOx,

    CO2, HC

    PM, NOx,

    CO2, HC

    Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Particulate Trap

    PM, NOx, CO2, HC

    Diesel Particulate Filter/MufflerEGR

    NOx , H2O, CO2

    PM, NOx,

    CO2, HC

    PM, NOx,

    CO2, HC

    Clean Gas Induction (CGI)Clean Gas Induction (CGI)NOx , H2O, CO2

    NOx , H2O, CO2

    NOx , H2O, CO2

    NOx , H2O, CO2

    Particulate Trap

    PM, NOx, CO2, HC

    Diesel Particulate Filter/Muffler


    PM, NOx,

    CO2, HC

    PM, NOx,

    CO2, HC

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    DPF Physical Data

    Weight Approx 120-135 Lbs

    Provides Sound Attenuation Diameter range 11-15 inches Manufactured by Cat Serviced by Cat

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    Soot CollectsAlong the

    Inlet Walls

    Particulate Matter or Soot

    CleanExhaust Out(CO2, H2O)

    Filter Substrate


    Cells Fill Up

    Wall Flow Filter TechnologyWall Flow Filter Technology

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    Active Regeneration OptionsActive Regeneration Options

    Auxiliary Heater

    Increases exhaust temperature at the engine to promote regeneration

    Cat Regeneration System

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    Active Regeneration:Filter is Heated by Auxiliary Means


    Regenerate under all conditionsOptimal fuel economy

    Self-Regenerating DPF FilterSelf-Regenerating DPF Filter

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    System Design for Engine Thermal Management

    System Design for Engine Thermal Management

    100C 200C 300C 400C 500C 600C(212F) (392F) (572F) (752F) (932F) (1112F)


    Not Too Hot,Not Too Cold



    Temperature Required for Self - Regeneration

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    Minimum first cleaning required at 150,000 milesOn- or off-vehicle cleaning by dealers or customers

    Cleaning Out Residual Ash is a Regular Maintenance Procedure

    DPF CleaningDPF Cleaning

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    Cat Process Should be About Half That Time

    Target Service Time is 2 Hours of Shop LaborTarget Service Time is 2 Hours of Shop Labor

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    DPF Ash Service ToolDPF Ash Service Tool

    RemovableInlet & Outlet


    RemovableOutlet Section &

    Inlet Pipe

    Connects to DPF by 3 & 5 hose

    Marmon Flange Connector

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    Cleaner Assembly On -Chassis

    Cleaner Assembly On -Chassis

    Pressure line connected to filter Outlet

    Vacuum line connected to filter Inlet

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    Reduces BTUs By 1% Resulting in Fuel Economy Loss Of 1%

    AvailabilityUltra Low Diesel FuelUltra Low Diesel Fuel

    At refineries by June 2006At terminals by July 15, 2006At retails outlets October 15, 2006

  • For Your Businessand Continued Support

    For Your Businessand Continued Support