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    Cover illustration: Seacliff Bridge, along the coastal road,linking Wollongong to the Sydney Metropolitan area(Lawrence Hargrave Drive), constructed in 2005

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    The Messina Strait BridgeA Challenge and a Dream

    Fabio Brancaleoni, Roma Tre University, Roma, Italy,Gianluca Valensise, Department of Seismology andTectonophysics, INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisicae Vulcanologia - Italy, Enzo Vullo, Stretto diMessina, Roma, Italy, Giorgio Diana, Politecnico diMilano, Milano, Italy, Ezio Faccioli, Politecnico diMilano, Italy, Giuseppe Fiammenghi, Stretto diMessina, Roma, Italy, Ian Firth, Director, Flint & NeillLimited, Great Britain, Niels J. Gimsing, DTUTechnical University of Denmark - Bridge Designer,Gimsing & Madsen, Consulting Engineers Denmark, Michele Jamiolkowski, Politecnico diTorino, Torino, Italy, Peter Sluszka, Vice PresidentAmmann & Whitney Consulting Engineers NY,USA and Giovanni Solari, Department of Civil,Environmental and Architectural Engineering,University of Genova Italy

    This book describes thelarge amount of workcarried out since the earlyseventies on the MessinaStrait Bridge, up to theaward of the detaileddesign and constructioncontract in 2006. Thiswork has includedextensive studies, conceptsand design developmentsto confirm the feasibilityof such an enormous

    undertaking and to optimise costs and expectedperformance levels.

    Attention is not merely focused on design itself, butalso on the context in which the project is located,and on the great challenges involved. Thus,considering the innovations and specific solutionsadopted in order to overcome the difficulties due tothe environment and the challenges presented bythe record length of 3,300 m for the mainsuspended span, it becomes clear how the MessinaStrait Crossing takes its place as a masterpiece inbridge engineering history.

    Selected Contents: Preface; Introduction; 1. Historyand context; 2. Project delivery model; 3. Project finance;4. Environment; 5. The crossing site; 6. Challenges of asuper long suspension bridge; 7. Design of the bridge;8. The way ahead; 9. Fact Files; 10. ReferencesApril 2009: 297x210: 300ppHb: 978-0-415-46814-5: 60.99 US $99.95


    Footbridge Vibration DesignEdited by Elsa Caetano, University of Porto,Portugal, Alvaro Cunha, University of Porto,Portugal, Wasoodev Hoorpah, M.I.O., Paris, Franceand Joel Raoul, Stra, Bagneux Cedex, France

    Footbridge vibration hasenjoyed increasing attentionin recent years, followingtwo episodes of largevibrations in two landmarkfootbridges, the Milleniumbridge in London, and theSolferino bridge in Paris.The intensive research thathas been done in human-induced vibrations infootbridges in the last

    decade is now getting more accredited by theestablishment of design guidelines andrecommendations. This collection of 11 contributionsby eminent experts aims to transfer current knowledgeof footbridge dynamic design in an applied, practicalway. It presents new approaches and the most recentnumerical, experimental tools for assessing andcontrolling pedestrian effects, thoroughly supported bypractical cases. The books focus is on (1)Recommendations, guidelines, codes, design tools andon (2) Practical experience case studies. The firstpart presents, guidelines and codes, as well asexperimental and numerical tools to assist design andthe second part unveils practical experience with aparticular focus on the design and control of footbridgevibrations. Intended for civil and mechanical engineersinvolved with the design and research of footbridges.

    Selected Contents: Introduction; 1. Recommendations,guidelines and codes; 2. Numerical and experimental anddesign tools; 3. Practical experience.June 2009: 246x174: 200ppHb: 978-0-415-49866-1: 48.99 US $79.95


    Track-Bridge Interaction on High-Speed RailwaysSelected and revised papers from the Workshopon Track-Bridge Interaction on High-SpeedRailways, Porto, Portugal, 1516 October, 2007

    Edited by Rui Calcada, University of Porto, Portugal,Raimundo Delgado, Antnio Campos e Matos,University of Porto, Portugal, Jose Maria Goicoleaand Felipe Gabaldon, Universidad Politcnica deMadrid, Spain

    The construction of high-speed railways entails awide variety of aspects tobe considered. They rangefrom safety aspects to newtypes of equipment andconstruction solutions, andrequire state-of-the-arttechnologies. This volumepresents the latest researchon the interaction betweenrail track and bridges.

    2008: 246x174: 222ppHb: 978-0-415-45774-3: 76.99 US $119.95

    Dynamics of High-Speed RailwayBridgesSelected and revised papers from the AdvancedCourse on Dynamics of High-Speed RailwayBridges, Porto, Portugal, 20-23 September 2005

    Edited by Raimundo Delgado, Rui Calcada,University of Porto, Portugal, Jose Maria Goicoleaand Felipe Gabaldon, Universidad Politcnica deMadrid, Spain

    Covering the latest researchon recently developeddynamic analysis techniques,train excitations, design issuesfor high-speed railwaybridges, fatigue conductof viaducts and large spanbridges, and bridge dynamicbehaviour, this title will beinvaluable to professionals,scientists, public institutionsand students involved inthe design, construction

    and maintenance of high-speed railway bridges.2008: 246x174: 176ppHb: 978-0-415-46767-4: 69.99 US $109.95

    Bridges for High-Speed RailwaysRevised Papers from the Workshop, Porto,Portugal, 3-4 June 2004

    Edited by Rui Calcada, University of Porto, Portugal,Raimundo Delgado and Antnio Campos eMatos, University of Porto, Portugal

    Issues addressed in Bridgesfor High-Speed Railwaysinclude: steel andcomposite bridges forhigh-speed railways;European Standards forhigh-speed railwaybridges; prestressedconcrete high-speedrailway bridges; bridge-vehicles dynamicinteraction; seismic designof structures for high-

    speed railways; design; codes and dynamic analysis;construction, monitoring, maintenance and repair.2008: 246x174: 304ppHb: 978-0-415-47147-3: 86.00 US $134.95

    Understanding Bridge CollapsesBjorn kesson, Consulting Engineer, Fagersta, Sweden

    As widely known, much ofthe knowledge of today isoften based on the failuresof the past. Structuralengineers still learnimmensely from studyinghistorical failures ofstructures, such as bridges.In addition, when studyingreal bridge failures, boththe theory and the relatedphenomenon are supportedby what has happened in

    practice, which positively affects the acceptation andvisualization of the mathematical theories by the engineer.

    Richly illustrated and in a straightforward style, theauthor has provided a detailed overview of 20 cases offamous and other highly interesting bridge collapsesover the last two centuries. The failure analyses madeare supported by well-known explanations and, insome cases, by new theories. The chronological ordermakes it easy to follow the gradual development inthe use of different bridge types and the choice ofconstruction material. The increase of knowledge andexperience in the structural engineering discipline overthe years is clearly observable, although everymodern engineer will admit that both fatigue andbuckling are very complex phenomena and thatknowledge about them can increasingly profit fromstudying past bridge construction projects failures.

    This book is intended for consulting engineers(bridges, steel and metal structures) and foradvanced-level and postgraduate students instructural and bridge engineering. Because of itssystematic and visual character it may also form agood introduction to bridge failures and theunderstanding of complex structures to undergraduatestudents in civil and mechanical engineering.

    Selected Contents: Dee Bridge (1847); Ashtabula Bridge(1876); T ay Bridge (1879); Quebec Bridge (1907); HasseltBridge (1938); Sand Bridge (1939); Tacoma NarrowsBridge (1940); Peace River Bridge (1957); Second NarrowsBridge (1958); Kings Bridge (1962); Point Pleasant Bridge(1967); Fourth Danube Bridge (1969); Britannia Bridge(1970); Cleddau Bridge (1970); West Gate Bridge (1970);Rhine Bridge (1971); Zeulenroda Bridge (1973);Reichsbrcke (1976); Alm Bridge (1980); Sgt. AubreyCosens V.C. Memorial Bridge (2003).2008: 246x174: 276ppHb: 978-0-415-43623-6: 57.99 US $89.95


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  • Plate Buckling in Bridges and OtherStructuresBjorn kesson, Consulting Engineer, Fagersta, Sweden

    Well-illustrated andcomprehensive account ofvarious aspects of localbuckling in bridges. Coverstheory and background ofbuckling, presenting simpledesign calculations whichaddress this intriguingphenomenon. Attempts tomaster the process ofbuckling are described,citing both successes andfailures. A number of failure

    case studies are presented, including five bridgecollapses which occurred in a four-year-periodbetween 1969 and 1973. Examining such failuresprovides valuable information about the phenomenonof buckling. The final section of the book presentseasy-to-follow design examples which conform tothe latest Eurocode. Intended to introduce seniorstudents in Bridge and Structural Engineering to thephenomenon of buckling, with special focus onthin-walled plated bridge girders. Suitable as acourse instruction guide for its highly visual anddescriptive style. Moreovere a good reference onbuckling for practising and consulting engineers.

    Selected Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Plate BucklingTheory 3. Box Girder Bridges 3.1 Introduction 3.2 TheBritannia Bridge 3.3 Collapses 3.3.1 The Fourth DanubeBridge 3.3.2 The Cleddau Bridge 3.3.3 The West GateBridge 3.3.4 The Rhine Bridge 3.3.5 The ZeulenrodaBridge 3.4 Summary 4. I-girders 4.1 Introduction4.2 Normal stress buckling 4.3 Concentrated Loads4.4 Shear buckling 5. Shell buckling 5.1 Introduction5.2 Theory Examples Literature Picture and PhotoReferences 2007: 246x174: 164ppHb: 978-0-415-43195-8: 46.99 US $73.95


    Design and Construction of SteelBridgesUtpal K. Ghosh

    This book provides the reader with an overallperspective for design and construction of steelbridges, particular from considerations of economy,durability and ease of maintenance during servicelife. It highlights both theoretical as well as practicalaspects which govern the process. Realistic illustrationsof practical applications have been used throughout.

    It is expected that the book will provide practicalguidelines to students as well as engineers anddesigners in industry for achieving economy,durability and ease in maintenance.2006: 246x174: 458ppHb: 978-0-415-41836-2: 127.00 US $195.95

    Innovations in Bridge EngineeringTechnology

    Selected Papers, 3rd NYCBridge Conf., 27-28 August2007, New York, USA

    Edited by KhaledMahmoud, BridgeTechnology Consulting,NYC, USA & BridgeEngineering Association,NYC, USA2007: 246x174: 301ppHb: 978-0-415-45337-095.00 US $149.95

    Bridge Maintenance, SafetyManagement, Health Monitoringand InformaticsProceedings of the Fourth InternationalConference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety andManagement, July 13-17 2008, Seoul, Korea -IABMAS 08

    Edited by Hyun-Moo Koh, Seoul NationalUniversity, South Korea and Dan Frangopol, Centerfor Advanced Technology for Large StructuralSystems, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA

    Collection of 550 revised,state-of-the artcontributions on mostrecent advances in bridgemaintenance, safety,management and life-cycle performance fromleading experts in thisarea. 2008: 246x174: 778ppHb: 978-0-415-46844-2178.00 US $279.95

    Hybrid SimulationTheory, Implementation and Applications

    Edited by Victor Saouma and M.V. Sivaselvan,University of Colorado at Boulder, CO, USA

    Hibrid Simulation: Theory,Implementation andApplications deals with arapidly evolvingtechnology combiningcomputer simulation(typically finite element)and physical laboratorytesting of twocomplementarysubstructures. It is a costeffective alternative toshaking table test, and

    allows for the improved understanding of complexcoupled systems. Traditionally, numerical simulationand physical tests have been uncoupled andperformed separately. In this simulation paradigmthe coupled nature of the simulation allows forimproved understanding, and more efficient designsince the factor of safety does not have to bearbitrarily inflated to account for uncertainties ofuncoupling. It is a multidisciplinary technology whichrelies heavily on control theory, computer science,numerical techniques and finds applications inaerospace, civil, and mechanical engineering.

    Selected Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Theory; 1Hybrid simulation: A historical perspective; 2 Trajectoryexploration approach to hybrid simulation; 3 Integrationschemes for real-time hybrid testing; 4 Assessment ofexperimental errors in hybrid simulation; 5 Hard versussoft real time hybrid simulations; 6 Variations in physicaltest equipment and computer simulation tools for civilstructural hybrid simulation; 7 Real-time hybridexperimental system with actuator delay compensation;Laboratory facilities; 8 Continuous pseudo-dynamictesting at ELSA; 9 Hybrid testing facilities in Korea; 10NEES@Lehigh: Real-time hybrid pseudodynamic testing oflarge-scale structures; 11 CU-NEES fast hybrid testingfacility; 12 Real-time substructure testing on distributedshaking tables; 13 Networked hybrid simulation of large-scale structures in Taiwan; 14 Real time substructuring inthe UK; Applications; 15 UI-SIMCOR: A global platformfor hybrid distributed simulation; 16 Real-time hybridsimulation of a seismically excited structure with large-scale Magneto-Rheological fluid dampers; 17 Hybridsimulation at CRIEPI: Applications to soil structureinteraction; 18 Hybrid simulations of nonlinear reinforcedconcrete frames; 19 Hybrid testing in aerospace and

    ground vehicle development; 20 Hybrid testing &simulation-the next step in verification of mechanicalrequirements in the aerospace industry; Subject index2008: 246x174: 242ppHb: 978-0-415-46568-7: 69.99 US $109.95




    Dynamics of Structure andFoundation - A Unified Approach1. Fundamentals

    Indrajit Chowdhury, Petrofac International Limited,Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and Sambhu P.Dasgupta, Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur, WB, India

    Designed to provideengineers with quickaccess to current andpractical information onthe dynamics of structureand foundation, thisunique work, consisting oftwo separately availablevolumes, serves as acomplete reference,especially for thoseinvolved with earthquake

    or dynamic analysis, or the design of machinefoundations in the oil, gas, and energy sector. Thisfirst volume deals with theories and formulations,covering the full range of topics involved withdynamics of structure and foundation. It specificallyfocuses on a unified approach in dealing withdynamic soil-structure interaction and geotechnicalconsiderations for dynamic soil-structure interaction.The authors present new insights and theories, suchas the computation of Rayleigh damping forstructures with a large number of degrees offreedom, and the dynamic analysis of Hammerfoundations, considering non-classical soil damping.In a clear style, this well-illustrated guide addressesdetailed topics, grouped in the following majorthemes: elasticity and numerical methods inengineering; lumped parameter vibration; soil-structure systems under static load, and structuraland soil dynamics. Intended for academics andprofessionals in civil and structural engineeringinvolved with earthquake or dynamic analysis or thedesign of machine foundations. In combination withthe Applications book (Volume 2, ISBN9780415492232), it could be used as coursematerial for advanced university and professionaleducation in Structural Dynamics (Vibration), SoilDynamics, Analysis and Design of MachinedFoundations and Earthquake Engineering.

    Selected Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Theory ofelasticity and numerical methods in engineering; 3. Basicsof lumped parameter vibration; 4. Concepts in structuraland soil dynamics; 4. An introduction to soil-structuresystems under statical condition 2008: 246x174: 882ppHb: 978-0-415-47145-9: 146.00 US $229.95


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    Structures & InfrastructuresThe scope of this advanced-level Book Series covers the entire spectrum of structures and infrastructures.

    Topics treated include research, development and application of the most advanced technologiesfor analyzing, predicting and optimizing the performance of structures and infrastructures, like buildings,bridges, dams, underground construction, offshore platforms, pipelines, naval vessels, ocean structures,nuclear power plants, and also airplanes, aerospace and automotive structures.

    Themes featured are mathematical modeling, computer and experimental methods, practicalapplications in assessment and evaluation, construction and design for durability, decision making,deterioration modeling and aging, failure analysis, field testing, financial planning, inspection anddiagnostics, life-cycle analysis and prediction, loads, maintenance strategies, management systems,nondestructive testing, maintenance and management optimization, specifications and codes,structural safety and reliability, system analysis, time-dependent performance, rehabilitation, repair,replacement, reliability and risk management, service life prediction, strengthening and whole lifecosting.


    Prof. Dan M. FrangopolFazlur R. Khan Endowed Chair

    of Structural Engineering and Architecture

    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Center for Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS)

    Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA

    [email protected]

    ISSN: 1747-7735

    VOLUME 1STRUCTURAL DESIGN OPTIMIZATION CONSIDERINGUNCERTAINTIESEdited by Yiannis Tsompanakis, Techn. Univ. Crete, Chania, Greece,Nikos D. Lagaros, Nat. Techn. Univ. Athens, Greece, and ManolisPapadrakakis, Nat. Techn. Univ. Athens, Greece

    Vol. 1, February 2008: 246x167mm: 656 pp.HB: ISBN 978-0-415-45260-1, Price: 140.00 / US$219.95

    A presentation of the latest advances in structural optimizationconsidering uncertainties. Its selected contributions deal with theuse of probabilistic methods for the optimal design of different

    types of structures and various considerations of uncertainties. The first part is focused onreliability-based design optimization, the second part on robust design optimization. Theexperts articles provide an overview of the current advances in structural optimizationand reliability, and probabilistic computational mechanics. Recommended toprofessionals and students in civil, mechanical, naval and aerospace engineering and tothose working on complex cost-effective design problems.

    VOLUME 2COMPUTATIONAL STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS ANDEARTHQUAKE ENGINEERINGEdited by Manolis Papadrakakis, Nat. Techn. Univ. Athens, Greece,Dimos C. Charmpis, Univ. Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, Nikos D. Lagaros,Nat. Techn. Univ. Athens, Greece, and Yiannis Tsompanakis, Techn.Univ. Crete, Chania, Greece

    Vol. 2, December 2008: 246x167mm: 670 pp.HB: ISBN 978-0-415-45261-8, Price: 114.00 / US$179.95

    The increasing necessity to solve complex problems in StructuralDynamics and Earthquake Engineering requires the development ofnew ideas, innovative methods and numerical tools for providing

    accurate numerical solutions in affordable computing times. This book presents the latestfindings in Computational Dynamics, Stochastic Dynamics, Structural Dynamics andEarthquake Engineering, selected from the COMPDYN conference (Rethymno, Greece, June2007). It will benefit readers working in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, andget them acquainted with advanced computational methods and software tools fortackling complex problems in dynamic/seismic analysis and design.



    Vol. 3, April 2009: 246x167mm, approx. 250 pp.HB: ISBN 978-0-415-40354-2, Price: 63.99 / US$99.95

    This volume details the computational aspects of stochasticanalysis within the field of structural mechanics. Including anintroduction, it comprises well-structured chapters on probabilitytheory and statistics, regression and response surfaces,mechanical vibrations due to random excitations, responseanalysis of spatially random structures and on the computation of

    failure probabilities. Suitable for graduate students and for structural analysts wishing toexplore benefits of stochastic analysis.

    VOLUME 4FRONTIER TECHNOLOGIES IN INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERINGEdited by Alfredo H.S. Ang, Univ. California, Irvine, USA and Shi-Shuenn Chen, Nat. Taiwan Univ. ofScience and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

    Vol. 4, April 2009: 246x167mm, approx. 480 pp.HB: ISBN 978-0-415-49875-3, Price: 95.00 / US$149.95

    An exclusive collection of expert papers on frontier technologies in the planning, design,construction, and maintenance of civil infrastructures. Contributions cover life-cycle cost andperformance, reliability engineering, risk assessment and management, constructionmanagement, optimization methods and optimal design, role of maintenance, inspection,and repair,dynamics and system health monitoring,durability, fatigue and fracture,structuraldynamics, corrosion technology for metal and R/C structures and concrete materials andconcrete structures

    VOLUME 5ASSESSMENT OF STRUCTURES UNDER OPERATING CONDITIONSDamage Models and AlgorithmsSiu-Seong Law, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, Hong Kong, and Xin-qun Zhu,University of Western Sydney, Australia

    Vol. 5, Autumn 2009: 246x167mm: approx. 240 pp.HB: ISBN 978-0-415-45264-9, Price: 63.99 / US$99.95

    A guide to a new area of model updating and improvement for the identification of localanomalies, making use of the measured time responses.The development of techniques andalgorithms are mostly based on the sensitivity approach, with physical interpretationsrelated to the different components of a structural system. The algorithms developed arecomplemented with the presentation and application of a range of models on differentphysical damages with a structural component. The reader will be introduced with theintegration of the model improvement technique and the subsequent safety and reliabilityassessment of a structure highlighted at the end of the book.

    VOLUME 6STRUCTURAL IDENTIFICATION AND DAMAGE DETECTION USING GENETICALGORITHMSChan Ghee Koh, National University of Singapore, Singapore, and Michael John Perry,National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Vol. 6, Autumn 2009: 246x167mm: approx.140 pp.HB: ISBN 978-0-415-46102-3, Price: 44.99 / US$69.95


    STRUCTURE AND INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING Maintenance,Management,Life-cycle Design and Performance

    Editor-in-Chief:Dan M. Frangopol, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA

    Print ISSN 1573-2479 Online ISSN 1744-8980

    Taylor & Francis, 6 issues per year, Vol. 5, 2009 www.informaworld.com/sie

  • New

    Dynamics of Structure andFoundation - A Unified Approach2. Applications

    Indrajit Chowdhury, Petrofac International Limited,Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and Shambhu P.Dasgupta, Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur,WB, India

    Designed to provideengineers with quickaccess to current andpractical information onthe dynamics of structureand foundation, thisunique work, consisting oftwo separately availablevolumes, serves as acomplete reference,especially for thoseinvolved with earthquakeor dynamic analysis, or the

    design of machine foundations in the oil, gas, andenergy sector. Whereas the first volume deals withthe fundamentals, this volume is dedicated toapplications in various civil engineering problems,related to dynamic soil-structure interaction,machine foundation and earthquake engineering. Itpresents innovative, easy-to-apply and practicalsolutions to various problems and difficulties a designengineer will encounter. Again a well-illustratedguide allows quick access to targeted information; itincludes a wealth of case studies and also examinesgeotechnical considerations with regard to dynamicsoil-structure interaction. This book is concentratedon three major application areas: dynamic soil-structure interaction (DSSI), The analysis and designof machine foundations, and on the analytical anddesign concepts for earthquake engineering.Intended for academics and professionals in civil andstructural engineering involved with earthquake ordynamic analysis or the design of machinefoundations. In combination with the Fundamentalsbook (Volume 1, ISBN 9780415471459), it could beused as course material for advanced university andprofessional education in Structural Dynamics(Vibration), Soil Dynamics, Analysis and Design ofMachined Foundations and Earthquake Engineering

    Selected Contents: 1. Dynamic soil structure interaction;2. Analysis and design of machine; 3. Analytical anddesign concepts for earthquake engineering foundations 2008: 246x174: 632ppHb: 978-0-415-49223-2: 114.00 US $179.95


    Structural Analysis

    A Unified Classical and Matrix Approach

    Amin Ghali, University of Calgary, Canada, AdamNeville, Consultant Civil Engineer, UK and Tom G.Brown, University of Calgary, Canada

    This comprehensive textbookcombines classical andmatrix-based methods ofstructural analysis anddevelops them concurrently.New worked examples andproblems have been added,giving over 130 workedexamples and more than375 problems with answers.A companion websitecontains computer

    programs that can serve as optional aids in studyingand in engineering practice.

    Selected Contents: 1. Structural Analysis Modelling2. Statically Determinate Structures 3. Introduction to theAnalysis of Statically Indeterminate Structures 4. Force Methodof Analysis 5. Displacement Method of Analysis 6. Use ofForce and Displacement Methods 7. Strain Energy and VirtualWork 8. Determination of Displacements by Virtual Work 9.Important Energy Theorems 10. Displacement of ElasticStructures by Special Methods 11. Application of Force andFisplacement Methods 12. Influence Lines for Beams, FramesGrids, Arches, and Trusses 13. Effects of Axial Forces onFlexural Stiffness 14. Analysis of Shear-Wall Structures 15.Method of Finite Differences 16. Finite-Element Method 17.Further Development of Finite-Element Method 18. PlasticAnalysis of Continuous Beams and Frames 19. Yield-Lineand Strip Methods for Slabs 20. Structural Dynamics andSeismic Analysis 21. Computer Analysis of Framed Structures22. Implementation of Computer Analysis 23. NonlinearAnalysis 24. Structural Reliability Analysis2009: 246x189: 864ppHb: 978-0-415-77432-1: 100.00 US $175.00Pb: 978-0-415-77433-8: 39.99 US $71.95

    Tubular Structures XIIProceedings of Tubular Structures XII, Shanghai,China, 8-10 October 2008

    Edited by Z.Y. Shen, Tongji University, Shanghai, China,Y.Y. Chen, Tongji University, Shanghai, China andXian-zhong Zhao, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

    Collection of 90 papers onlatest developments intubular steel structures;for architects, civil andmechanical engineers,designers andmanufacturers of hollowsections.

    2008: 246x174: 688ppHb: 978-0-415-46853-4172.00 US $269.95

    Life-Cycle Cost and Performance ofCivil Infrastructure Systems

    Edited by Hyo-Nam Cho,Hanyang University, Ansan,South Korea, Dan M.Frangopol, LehighUniversity, Bethlehem,Pennsylvania, USA andAlfredo H-S Ang,University of California,Irvine, USA 2007: 246x174: 317ppHb: 978-0-415-41356-5108.00 US $169.95

    Safety, Reliability and Risk AnalysisTheory, Methods and Applications (4 Volumes +CD-ROM)

    Edited by Sebastin Martorell, Carlos GuedesSoares, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisboa,Portugal and Julie Barnett, Department ofPsychology, University of Surrey, United Kingdom

    Safety, Reliability and RiskAnalysis. Theory, Methodsand Applications containsthe papers presented atthe joint ESREL (EuropeanSafety and Reliability) andSRA-Europe (Society forRisk Analysis Europe)Conference (Valencia,Spain, 22-25 September2008), and will be ofinterest for academics andprofessionals working in a

    wide range of industrial and governmental sectors,including Aeronautics and Aerospace, CivilEngineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Information Technology and Telecommunications,Insurance and Finance, Manufacturing, MechanicalEngineering, Nuclear Engineering, Policy Making andPublic Planning.2008: 246x174: 3510ppPack: 978-0-415-48513-5: 567.00 US $890.00

    Reliability and Optimization ofStructural Systems: Assessment,Design, and Life-Cycle Performance

    Edited by Dan M.Frangopol, University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign,IL, USA, Mitsuo Kawatani,Kobe University, Japan andChul W. Kim, KobeUniversity, Japan 2007: 246x174: 290ppHb: 978-0-415-40655-082.00 US $129.95


    Applications of Statistics andProbability in Civil Engineering

    Proceedings of the 10thInternationalConference, held inTokyo, Japan, 31 July - 3August 2007

    Edited by Jun Kanda,University of Tokyo, Japan,Tsuyoshi Takada,University of Tokyo, Japanand Hitoshi Furuta,Kansai University, Osaka,Japan

    2007: 246x174: 632ppHb: 978-0-415-45211-3: 293.00 US $460.00

    Innovations in StructuralEngineering and Construction

    Proceedings of the 4thInternational Conferenceon Structural andConstructionEngineering, Melbourne,Australia, 26-28September 2007

    Edited by Mike Xie andIndubhushan Patnaikuni2007: 246x174: 1644ppPack: 978-0-415-45755-2273.00 US $430.00


    Safety and Reliability of Structuresand InfrastructuresEdited by Hitoshi Furuta, Kansai University, Osaka,Japan and Dan Frangopol, Center for AdvancedTechnology for Large Structural Systems, LehighUniversity, Bethlehem, PA, USA September 2009: 246x174: ~750ppHb: 978-0-415-47557-0: 119.00 US $238.00


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  • Life-Cycle Civil EngineeringProceedings of the International Symposium onLife-Cycle Civil Engineering, IALCCE 08, held inVarenna, Lake Como, Italy on June 11-14, 2008

    Edited by Fabio Biondini, Politecnico di Milano,Italy and Dan Frangopol, Center for AdvancedTechnology for Large Structural Systems, LehighUniversity, Bethlehem, PA, USA

    This book/CD-romcombination constists of aselection of reviewedpapers encompassing allaspects of life-cycleassessment, design,maintenance, rehabilitation,and monitoring of civilengineering systems. Itcovers the state of the art,emerging concepts, andinnovative applicationsrelated to all main aspects

    of life-cycle civil engineering. Topics include life-cycledamage processes, life-cycle assessment and design,life-cycle monitoring, maintenance and rehabilitation,life-cycle performa nce of special structures, life-cyclecost of structures and infrastructures, and life-cycleoriented computational tools.2008: 246x174: 990ppHb: 978-0-415-46857-2: 178.00 US $279.95


    Futures in Mechanics of Structuresand MaterialsEdited by Thiru Aravinthan, Faculty of Engineeringand Surveying, University of Southern Queensland,Australia, Warna (Karu) Karunasena, Faculty ofEngineering and Surveying, University of SouthernQueensland, Australia and Hao Wang, Faculty ofEngineering and Surveying, University of SouthernQueensland, Australia

    Infrastructure building inthe Australasian regionhas continued to grow ata very rapid pace,embracing newtechnologies, new designmethods and newmaterials. This volumecontains the latestresearch in the field ofmechanics of structuresand materials. 2008: 246x174: 914pp

    Hb: 978-0-415-49196-9: 197.00 US $309.00

    World Forum on Smart Materialsand Smart Structures TechnologyProceedings of SMSST07, World Forum onSmart Materials and Smart Structures Technology(SMSST07), China, 22-27 May, 2007

    Edited by B.F. Spencer Jr., University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign, IL, USA, M. Tomizuka,University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA, C.B. Yun,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,Korea, W.M. Chen, Chongqing University, Chinaand R.W. Chen, Nanjing University of Aerospaceand Astronautics, China

    Research in smartmaterials and structuresseeks to applymultifunctional capabilitiesof new and existingmaterials to developstructures and systemsthat are capable of self-sensing and monitoring,self-diagnosis andprognosis withintelligence, self-healingand repair, and adaptive

    response to prevent loss of human life andcatastrophe, to minimize maintenance and life-cyclecosts, and to prolong service life. This book providesthe critical knowledge and technological basesrequired for meeting one of the ultimateengineering challenges: the design and constructionof smart structures and systems. 2008: 246x174: 840ppHb: 978-0-415-46845-9: 217.00 US $339.95

    Structures and Granular SolidsFrom Scientific Principles to EngineeringApplication

    Edited by Jian-Fei Chen, J.Y. Ooi, Institute forInfrastructure and Environment, School ofEngineering and Electronics, The University ofEdinburgh, Scotland, UK and J.G. Teng, Departmentof Civil and Structural Engineering, The Hong KongPolytechnic University, Hong Kong, China

    With contributions fromleading experts, this bookcovers failure investigations,structural design ofbuildings, collapse andbuckling of shells, structuraldesign of silos, residualstresses in aluminiumsheets due to welding,fundamental aspects ofgranular solids as well asflow and pressures in silos,novel models for concrete

    behaviour and strengthening structures usingadvanced fibre reinforced polymer composites. Thetopics involve static conditions, vibration, seismicresponses and behaviour of structures under fire.They range from fundamental research toinnovations in teaching of structural mechanics.2008: 246x174: 340ppHb: 978-0-415-47594-5: 92.00 US $144.95

    Modern Bamboo StructuresProceedings of the First International Conference

    Edited by Yan Xiao, Univ. of Southern California,Masafumi Inoue, Department of ArchitecturalEngineering, Oita University, Oita, Japan and ShyamK. Paudel

    Including the state-of-the-arton materials, design, analysis,testing, manufacturing,construction of modernbamboo structures, this bookwill be essential for researchers,engineers and administratorsinvolved in structural engi-neering, civil engineering,agriculture engineering,forestry, environmentalengineering and urbandevelopment.

    2008: 246x174: 312ppHb: 978-0-415-47597-6: 92.00 US $144.95

    Steel and Composite StructuresProceedings of the ThirdInternational Conferenceon Steel and CompositeStructures (ICSCS07),Manchester, UK, 30 July-1 August 2007

    Edited by Y. C. Wang,University of Manchester,UK and C.K. Choi, KoreanAdvanced Institute ofScience and Technology,Daejon, South Korea

    2007: 246x174: 1097ppHb: 978-0-415-45141-3: 210.00 US $329.95


    Structural Analysis of HistoricConstruction: Preserving Safety andSignificanceProceedings of the VI International Conferenceon Structural Analysis of Historic Construction,SAHC08, 2-4 July 2008, Bath, United Kingdom

    Edited by Dina DAyala, University of Bath, UK andEnrico Fodde, University of Bath, UK

    A collection of over 250full papers dealing withthe successful preservationhistoric buildings,complexes and cities andthe continued use anddaily care involved indiverse culturalcircumstances. 2008: 246x174: 1588ppPack: 978-0-415-46872-5191.00 US $299.95

    Emerging Technologies in NDTEdited by Gerhard Busse, University of Stuttgart,Stuttgart, Germany, Danny Van Hemelrijck, VrijeUniversiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium, IgorSolodov, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germanyand Athanasios Anastasopoulos, EnvirocousticsS.A., Athens, Greece

    A collection of fify editedpapers dealing with thelatest innovations of NDTmethodologies and newapplications of matureinspection technologies.Covers the wholespectrum of cutting-edgeNDT methods, includingoptical, acoustic,ultrasonic, andelectromagnetictechniques, tomography,

    radiography, and thermography.2008: 246x174: 375ppHb: 978-0-415-46476-5: 121.00 US $189.95


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  • Lasers in the Conservation ofArtworksProceedings of the International ConferenceLacona VII, Madrid, Spain, 17-21 September 2007

    Edited by Marta Castillejo, Instituto de QuimicaFisica Rocasolano, CSIC, Madrid, Spain, PabloMoreno, Laser Facility, University of Salamanca,Spain, Mohamed Oujja, Instituto de Quimica FisicaRocasolano, CSIC, Madrid, Spain, Roxana Radvan,National Institute of Research and Development forOptoelectronics, Bucharest, Rumania and JavierRuiz, Department of Applied Physics I, University ofMlaga, Mlaga, Spain

    This is a comprehensivecollection on bothemerging and wellestablished applications oflaser systems andtechniques used toaddress issues in theconservation of artworks,and essential referencematerial for students,professionals and scientistsworking in heritage andConservation Science.

    2008: 246x174: 512ppHb: 978-0-415-47596-9: 121.00 US $189.95

    Preservation of Natural Stone andRock Weathering

    Proceedings of the ISRMWorkshop W3, Madrid,Spain, 14 July 2007

    Edited by Pedro Sola,Jos Estaire and ClaudioOlalla, Cedex LaboratorioCentral De Estructuras yMateriales, Madrid, Spain2007: 246x174: 228ppPb: 978-0-415-45018-876.99 US $119.95



    Handbook for Designing CementPlantsS.P. Deolalkar

    The book explains theoretical aspects of variousprocesses in making cement at various stages as alsosteps in sizing of major machinery and auxiliaries. Allin all it is a very comprehensive and practicalhandbook. It will be of great use to Cement PlantConsultants, Cement Technologists, and CementMachinery Manufactures and most certainly toEntrepreneurs and Cement Plant Personnel, Staff ofDesign and Drawing Offices who have theresponsibility to develop layouts would find in it avery handy guide.

    Selected Contents: Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgement,Abbreviations; SECTIONS: 1. Basics; 2. Machinery used inmaking cement; 3. Techno-economic feasibility studies;4. Civil design and construction; 5. Electricals andinstrumentation; 6. Layouts and detailed engineering;7. Selecting and ordering machinery; 8. Referencesection; 9. SourcesMarch 2009: 210x297: 1295ppHb: 978-81-7800-145-6: 211.00 US $379.95

    Handbook of Quay WallsCUR Centre for Civil Engineering

    Essential knowledge for theplanning, design, executionand maintenance of quaywalls, plus generalinformation about historicdevelopments and lessonsgained from observation ofports in various countries.Technical chapters arefollowed by a detailedcalculation of a quay wall,based on semi-probabilisticdesign procedure, which

    applies the theory presented earlier. Quay Walls willinterest anyone involved in the design, constructionand use of quay walls, including designers, contractors,engineers, operators and managers. Rich source of basicinformation for university and professional students.2005: 234x156: 738ppHb: 978-0-415-36439-3: 184.00 US $289.95

    Tailor Made Concrete StructuresNew Solutions for our Society (Abstracts Book314 pages + CD-ROM full papers 1196 pages)

    Edited by Joost C. Walraven, Technical Universityof Delft, Delft, The Netherlands and Dick Stoelhorst,Dutch Concrete Society, Gouda, The Netherlands

    New perspectives anddevelopments, includingsections on new materials(i.e. fire resisting concrete,ultra-high performancefibered concrete, textilereinforced concrete,bacteria-based self healingconcrete) and codes for thefuture (i.e. the AmericanP2P Iniative, fibre-reinforcedpolymer (FRP) applicationsin construction, Codes for

    SFRC Structures) are included in these proceedingsof the International fib Symposium 2008(Amsterdam, 19-22 May 2008).2008: 246x174: 1196ppHb: 978-0-415-47535-8: 184.00 US $289.95

    Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation andRetrofitting2nd International Conference on ConcreteRepair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting, ICCRRR-2,24-26 November 2008, Cape Town, South Africa

    Edited by Mark G. Alexander, University of CapeTown, South Africa, Hans-Dieter Beushausen,University of Cape Town, South Africa, Frank Dehn,MFPA Leipzig, Germany and Pilate Moyo,University of Cape Town, South Africa

    A reference collection ofpapers for practitionersand researchers in themaintenance, repair andretrofitting of concretestructures and pose a basefor further discussion andresearch. Set of book ofabstracts (458 pp) and asearchable full paper CD-ROM (1396 pp).

    2008: 246x174: 476ppPack: 978-0-415-46850-3: 159.00 US $249.95


    Excellence in Concrete Constructionthrough InnovationProceedings of the conference held at the KingstonUniversity, United Kingdom, 9-10 September 2008

    Edited by Mukesh C Limbachiya, Reader, School ofEngineering, Kingston University, Kingston-on-Thames, London, UK. and Hsein Y. Kew

    This book deals withrecent innovation inconcrete science,technology and practice,and discusses challengesfrom new materials,technologies,environmental concernsand economic factors inmaintaining concreteconstruction excellence,and will be of interest toengineers, designers,

    researchers and scientists.2008: 246x174: 594ppHb: 978-0-415-47592-1: 127.00 US $199.95


    Creep, Shrinkage and DurabilityMechanics of Concrete andConcrete StructuresProceedings of the CONCREEP 8 conference held inIse-Shima, Japan, 30 September - 2 October 2008

    Edited by Tada-aki Tanabe, Chubu RegionalInstitute of Infra-Technology Evaluation and Support(CRIIES), Japan, Kenji Sakata, Okayama University,Japan, Hirozo Mihashi, Tohoku University, Japan,Ryoichi Sato, Hiroshima University, Japan, KochiMaekawa, University of Tokyo, Japan and HikaruNakamura, Nagoya University, Japan

    Creep, Shrinkage andDurability Mechanics ofConcrete and ConcreteStructures contains thekeynote lectures, technicalreports and contributedpapers presented at theEighth InternationalConference on Creep,Shrinkage and Durabilityof Concrete and ConcreteStructures (CONCREEP8,Ise-shima, Japan, 30

    September - 2 October 2008).2008: 246x174: 1552ppHb: 978-0-415-48508-1: 312.00 US $490.00

    Sustainable Construction Materialsand Technologies

    Proceedings of theConference on SustainableConstruction Materialsand Technologies, 11-13June 2007, Coventry,United Kingdom

    Edited by Yoon-MoonChun, University ofMilwaukee, USA, PeterClaisse, CoventryUniversity, UK, Tarun R.Naik, University of

    Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA and Eshmaiel Ganjian,Coventry University, UK2007: 246x174: 816ppHb: 978-0-415-44689-1: 146.00 US $229.95


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  • New Trends in Fracture Mechanicsof Concrete

    Fracture Mechanics ofConcrete and ConcreteStructures, Vol. 1 of theProceedings of the 6thInternational Conferenceon Fracture Mechanics ofConcrete and ConcreteStructures, Catania, Italy,17-22 June 2007

    Edited by AlbertoCarpinteri, Politecnico diTorino, Italy, Pietro G.

    Gambarova, Politecnico di Milano, Department ofStructural Engineering, Italy, Giuseppe Ferro andGiovanni Plizzari, University of Brescia, Italy2007: 246x174: 664ppHb: 978-0-415-44065-3: 108.00 US $169.95

    Design, Assessment andRetrofitting of RC Structures

    Fracture Mechanics ofConcrete and ConcreteStructures, Vol. 2 of theProceedings of the 6thInternational Conferenceon Fracture Mechanics ofConcrete and ConcreteStructures, Catania, Italy,17-22 June 2007

    Edited by AlbertoCarpinteri, Politecnico diTorino, Italy, Pietro G.

    Gambarova, Politecnico di Milano, Department ofStructural Engineering, Italy, Giuseppe Ferro andGiovanni A. Plizzari, University of Brescia, Italy2007: 246x174: 646Hb: 978-0-415-44616-7: 144.00 US $179.95

    High-Performance Concrete, Brick-Masonry and EnvironmentalAspects

    Fracture Mechanics ofConcrete and ConcreteStructures, Vol. 3 of theProceedings of the 6thInternational Conferenceon Fracture Mechanics ofConcrete and ConcreteStructures, Catania, Italy,17-22 June 2007

    Edited by AlbertoCarpinteri, Politecnico diTorino, Italy, Pietro G.

    Gambarova, Politecnico di Milano, Department ofStructural Engineering, Italy, Giuseppe Ferro andGiovanni A. Plizzari, University of Brescia, Italy2007: 246x174: 648ppHb: 978-0-415-44617-4: 144.00 US $179.95

    Fracture Mechanics of Concrete andConcrete StructuresProceedings of the 6th International Conferenceon Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and ConcreteStructures, Catania, Italy, 17-22 June 2007, 3-Volumes

    Edited by Alberto Carpinteri, Politecnico di Torino,Italy, Pietro G. Gambarova, Politecnico di Milano,Department of Structural Engineering, Italy,Giuseppe Ferro and Giovanni Plizzari, Universityof Brescia, Italy2007: 246x174: 1958ppHb: 978-0-415-44066-0: 299.00 US $470.00


    Engineered Rock Structures inMining and Civil ConstructionRaghu N. Singh and Ajoy K. Ghose

    The book collates and sifts a vast amount ofliterature on the design of structures in the miningand construction industries to synthesize acomprehensive text on the subject area. The focus ison the application of theory to practice and thebook is richly illustrated with worked out examples.The presentation is lucid and based on the extensiveprofessional, teaching and research experience ofthe authors. The text seeks to address the key issuesof design of 'engineered' structures in or on rock.The book will serve as a standard text forundergraduate courses in mining, civil engineeringand engineering geology.2006: 246x174: 536ppHb: 978-0-415-40013-8: 134.00 US $209.95

    TBM Tunnelling in Jointed andFaulted RockNick Barton, Barton and Associates, Oslo, Norway2000: 246x174: 184ppHb: 978-90-5809-341-7: 38.99 US $59.95

    Underground Space The 4thDimension of Metropolises

    Proceedings of the WorldTunnel Congress 2007and 33rd ITA/AITESAnnual General Assembly,Prague, May 2007, 3Volumes + CD-ROM

    Edited by Jiri Bartk,Czech Technical University,Prague, Czech Republic,Ivan Hrdina, METROSTAV,Prague, Czech Republic,Georgij Romancov,

    Czech Tunnelling Committee ITA/IATES, Prague,Czech Republic and Jaromir Zlmal, Pohl czas.,Roztoky, Czech Republic2007: 246x174: 2064ppPack: 978-0-415-40807-3: 331.00 US $519.00

    Underground Works under SpecialConditions

    Proceedings of the ISRMWorkshop W1, Madrid,Spain, 6-7 July 2007

    Edited by ManuelRomana, PolytechnicUniversity of Valencia,Spain, urea Perucho,Cedex Laboratorio CentralDe Estructuras y Materiales,Madrid, Spain andClaudio Olalla, CedexLaboratorio Central De

    Estructuras y Materiales, Madrid, Spain2007: 246x174: 180ppPb: 978-0-415-45028-7: 63.99 US $99.95


    Technology Innovation inUnderground ConstructionEdited by Gernot Beer, Institute for StructuralAnalysis, Graz University of Technology, Austria

    Richly-illustrated referenceguide presentinginnovative techniquesfocused on reducing time,cost and risk in theconstruction andmaintenance ofunderground facilities.Intended for professionalsand advanced students inunderground engineering.

    Selected Contents: 1.Introduction; 2. Innovative

    underground construction information system; 3.Integrated platform for optimization in undergroundconstruction; 4. Virtual and augmented reality inunderground construction; 5. From geology to inputparameters for simulation models; 6. Innovations in thecomputer simulation of mechanized construction; 7.Innovations in the computer simulation of conventionalconstruction; 8. Advances in the steering of Tunnel BoringMachines; 9. Real-time monitoring of ground settlement;10. Integration of processes in tunnel construction; 11.New technologies for safe and economic tunneling; 12.Disc cutter monitoring for improved TBM performance;13. Reducing the environmental impact of undergroundconstruction; 14. Ground improvement using horizontaldrilling methods; 15. Optimizing rock cutting throughcomputer simulation; 16. Virtual training of TBMPersonnel; 17. Innovative solutions for shotcrete; 18.Innovative solutions for tunnel segments; 19. Roboticinspection; 20. Robotic repairDecember 2009: 246x174: 500ppHb: 978-0-415-55105-2: 44.99 US $79.95

    Sprayed Concrete Lined Tunnels

    Alun Thomas, Mott MacDonald, UK

    An excellent introductionto the design andconstruction of sprayedconcrete lined (SCL)tunnels, covering allaspects of SCL tunnelling from the constituents ofsprayed concrete todetailed design andmanagement duringconstruction.2008: 234x156: 264pp

    Hb: 978-0-415-36864-3: 69.99 US $139.98


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  • Mechanized Tunnelling in UrbanAreasEdited by Vittorio Guglielmetti, PiergiorgioGrasso, Ashraf Mahtab and Shulin Xu, GeodataS.p.A., Torino, Italy

    This experts account ofmechanized tunnelling inurban areas coversidentification, evaluationand management of therisks involved inunderground constructionin urban areas.

    Selected Contents: 1. TheModern Tunnel BoringMachine 2. Geological,Hydrological and GeotechnicalContexts 3. Tunnel Design

    4. Tunnel Excavation Control 5. Health and Safety Aspects6. Contract & Construction Aspects 7. Case Histories2007: 246x174: 528ppHb: 978-0-415-42010-5: 99.00 US $159.95


    Management by Design

    Alan Muir Wood2000: 234x156: 328ppHb: 978-0-419-23200-1: 80.00 US $160.00

    The Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel.Theory, Design and ConstructionEdited by R. Huang, Shanghai Tunnel EngineeringCo. Ltd, China

    A comprehensivecollection of papersdedicated to one of themost complex undergroundworks recently undertaken,covering a variety of topics:Experiment and design;Construction andmonitoring; Theoreticalanalysis and numericalsimulation; Risk asssessment,and Project management.Invaluable to scientists and

    engineers working in the analysis, design, constructionand management of tunnels in soft ground.2008: 246x174: 360ppHb: 978-0-415-47161-9: 89.00 US $139.95

    Underground Infrastructure ofUrban AreasBook + CD-ROM

    Edited by Cezary Madryas, Bogdan Przybyla andArkadiusz Szot: Faculty of Civil Engineering,Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland

    With a focus ongeotechnical aspects andtown planning issues, thiscollection of papers on thedesign, application, andmaintenance of undergroundand subterranean systemsis essential for academics,designers and builders ofunderground structures,manufacturers and suppliersof building materials and

    equipment, and to policy makers involved inmanaging and maintaining these structures. 2008: 246x174: 300ppHb: 978-0-415-48638-5: 82.00 US $129.95


    Deep ExcavationTheory and Practice

    Chang-Yu Ou, National Taiwan University ofScience and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

    Most books on general foundation engineeringintroduce the basic analysis and design of excavation,but are usually not capable of dealing with analysisand design in practice. With continued economicdevelopment and increasing urbanization, excavationsgo deeper and become larger in scale, and aresometimes even carried out in difficult soils. Theseconditions require advanced analysis and designmethods and construction technologies. This bookexamines both theory and practical applications, frombasic to advanced, and discusses the major methodscurrently in practice around the world. Each chapteralso includes problems and their solutions todevelop a practical, real-world understanding.

    Selected Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Soil Propertiesand Lateral Earth Pressures 3. Excavation Methods andSupporting System 4. Lateral Earth Pressure 5. StabilityAnalysis 6. Stress and Deformation Analysis SimplifiedMethod 7. Stress and Deformation Analysis Beam onElastic Foundation Method 8. Stress and DeformationAnalysis Finite Element Method 9. Dewatering ofExcavations 10. Design of Structural Components 11.Excavation and Protection of Adjacent Buildings 12.Monitoring System2006: 246x174: 532ppHb: 978-0-415-40330-6: 127.00 US $195.95


    Surface and UndergroundExcavationsMethods, Techniques and Equipment

    Ratan Raj Tatiya, Sultan Quaboos University,Oman, United Arab Emirates2005: 246x174: 576ppHb: 978-90-5809-627-2: 117.00 US $209.95

    Drilled Shafts in RockAnalysis and Design

    Lianyang Zhang, ICF Consulting, Lexington MA,USA2004: 246x174: 394ppHb: 978-90-5809-650-0: 103.00 US $185.95

    Support of UndergroundExcavations in Hard RockE. Hoek, P.K. Kaiser and W.F. Bawden

    The safe and economical construction of tunnels,mines, and other subterranean works depends onthe correct choice of support systems to ensure thatthe excavations are stable. These support systemsshould be matched to the characteristics of the rockmass and the excavation techniques adopted.Establishing the support requirements, designingsupport systems and installing these correctly areessential elements in safe underground construction.This is a comprehensive and practical work whichalso gives access to user-friendly computerprogrammes which enable the investigation anddesign of support techniques. Details on how toobtain this software are also included2000: 276x219: 300ppHb: 978-90-5410-186-4: 66.99 US $104.95Pb: 978-90-5410-187-1: 26.99 US $41.95


    Cut-and-Cover Structures

    Integrated Geo-Structural Design

    Krishan Kaul, Retired Civil Engineer, UK

    Metro structures are the primary focus of this book.As they are the apotheosis of cut-and-coverstructures both for complexity and scale This givesthe subject of design in the context of cut-and-coverconstruction the coherence, the extent and thequality of coverage it deserves. Treatment of themultifaceted aspects of design of such structures isequally applicable to other, relatively simple, cut-and-cover structures also.

    Combining Geotechnical and Structural Engineeringwith both design and construction, this book is theonly one-stop resource for engineers working oncut-and-cover structures. Dealing primarilly withmetro structures, this book is nevertheless applicableto all kinds of cut-and-cover structure.August 2009: 246x174: 608ppHb: 978-0-415-46907-4: 90.00 US $180.00



    Geotechnical Engineering for MineWaste Disposal and ManagementGeoffrey Blight, University of the Witwatersrand,Johannesburg, South Africa

    A technical guide to the geotechnicalengineering of the disposal of mine waste,aimed at the practicing civil engineer

    engaged in the design, operation, closure andaftercare of mine waste, as well as for use as anadvanced undergraduate and postgraduateuniversity text. The book deals with theoreticalfundamentals, design theory, materials testing andpractical, legal and moral aspects of mine wastedisposal and management.December 2009: 246x174: ~300ppHb: 978-0-415-46828-2: 82.00 US $129.95


    Mining and the EnvironmentFrom Ore to Metal

    Karlheinz Spitz, ERM, Perth, Australia and JohnTrudinger, Trudinger Consulting, Australia

    The history of mining isreplete with controversy,much of it relating toenvironmental damageand consequentcommunity outrage. Overrecent decades there hasbeen increasing pressureto improve theenvironmental and socialperformance of miningoperations, particularly indeveloping countries. The

    industry has responded by embracing the ideals ofcorporate social responsibility.

    This book identifies and discusses the wide range ofsocial and environmental issues pertaining to mining,with particular reference to mining in developingcountries from where many of the project examplesand case studies have been selected. Following anintroductory overview of the issues of concern, thebook illustrates how environmental impact assessmentas defined in The Equator Principles, integrates


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  • with the mining lifecycle, and how environmentalassessment aims to eliminate the negative and toaccentuate the positive mining impacts. The textillustrates the wide range of environmental and socialconcerns and opportunities. Practical approaches areprovided to manage issues ranging from landacquisition and resettlement or indigenous peoplesissues, through the technical aspects of acid rockdrainage and mine waste management, to athorough analysis of ways and means of sharingmining benefits with host communities so that thesebenefits are not transitory, allowing mining tobecome a sustainable economic activity.

    The wide coverage of issues raised illustrated bymany real-life case studies, makes this practice-oriented book a reference and key reading foroperators in the field, as well as for environmentalconsultants, regulators, and students. This book willalso be of interest to environmental personnel in theoil & gas industry as much of the subject matterapplies to the extractive industries as a whole. Thesupporting website,www.miningandtheenvironment.com offershomework, tools and background information.

    Selected Contents: 1. Minerals, wealth and progress; 2.Environmental impact assessment; 3. Involving the public;4 The anatomy of a mine; 5. Mining methods vary widely;6. Converting minerals to metals; 7. Our environment; 8.The baseline; 9. Indentifying and evaluating impacts; 10.Emphasizing environmental management and monitoring;11. Metals, their biological functions and harmfulimpacts; 12. Was the environmental assessmentadequate?; 13. The range of environmental concerns; 14.Land acquisition and resettlement; 15. Communitydevelopment; 16. Indigenous peoples issues; 17. Acidrock drainage; 18. Tailings disposal concepts andpractices; 19. Approaches to waste rock disposal; 20.Erosion; 21. Mine closure; 22. Existing trends2008: 276x219: 900ppHb: 978-0-415-46509-0: 169.00 US $264.95Pb: 978-0-415-46510-6: 82.00 US $129.95

    Mining and its Impact on theEnvironment

    Fred G. Bell and Laurance J. Donnelly

    A valuable field reference highlighting mining effectsand demonstrating how problems can be dealt withbefore, after and as they occur. 2006: 234x156: 560ppHb: 978-0-415-28644-2: 95.00 US $190.00

    Shovel-Truck SystemsModelling, Analysis and Calculations

    Jacek M. Czaplicki, Silesian University ofTechnology, Gliwice, Poland

    Nowadays, shovel-trucksystems are evaluated andanalysed by simulationmethods. Simulationtechniques, althoughhaving many merits alsopossesses some significantdisadvantages. Thereforean alternative method foranalysis and calculationsof this type of machinerysystems has been developedand will be of great value.

    Moreover, the method presented in this book is unique inthe sense that it takes into consideration the majority ofstochastic phenomena occurring during system operation.

    This book provides a comprehensive analysis of theexploitation process of shovel-truck systems usingmodelling, analysis and calculations followingspecific procedures: - analyzing the reliability andaccessibility of shovels; - discussing the functioning

    of a truck-repair shop system; - reliability of trucks;- existence of haulers reserve; - repair shop servicecapability; - possibility of occurrence of a queue offailed trucks; - selection of structural truck systemparameters; - reliability of repair stands; - constructinga set of unconditional efficiency measures for thesystem; - outlining of system productivity measures.2008: 246x174: 180ppHb: 978-0-415-48135-9: 63.99 US $99.95



    Open Pit Mine Planning andDesign, 2nd Edition, PackVolume 1: Fundamentals Volume 2: CSMine Software Package

    William A. Hustrulid and Mark Kuchta

    Praise for the first edition of this set:

    Students should find it of considerable practicaluse. IMM

    Invaluable Reference ... detailed planned chapter bychapter guide to open pit design and planning ... anincomprehensible amount of detailed backgroundresearch and planning making it an invaluable referencefor any professional involved in open pit design, for bothbeginners and experienced experts. And for those notexperienced with mine planning packages it includesCSMINE, a scaled down software of the major mineplanning systems which takes you step by step throughcore basic processes and principles used in resourcemodelling and open pit design. I highly recommend thisbook. Digby Millikan, Geolite Mining Systems

    Excellent for mining design ... both practical andacademic; highly recommended for beginners andexperiences experts. Amazon.comOutstanding textbook designed for courses insurface mine design, open pit design, geologicalexcavation engineering and in advanced open pit mineplanning and design. The step-by-step introduction tomine design and planning enables a fast-pathapproach to the matter by undergraduate andgraduate students. The user-friendly software guidesthe student through the planning and design steps,and the drillhole data sets allows the student topractice the described principles in diverse miningproperties case examples. The large number ofillustrative examples and case studies, together withthe exercises and the reference lists at the end of eachchapter, provide the student with all the materialneeded to study effectively the theory and applicationmethods of open pit mine planning and design.

    Volume 1 deals with the fundamental concepts involvedin the planning and design of open pit mines. Subjectscovered are mine planning, mining revenues and costs,orebody description, geometrical considerations, pitlimits, production planning, mineral resources and orereserves, and responsible mining. Volume 2 deals withCSMine, a user-friendly mine planning and designsoftware that was developed specifically to illustratethe principles involved when applied in practice. Itincludes CSMine software, a CSMine tutorial, a usersguide and various orebody case examples. Althoughintended as student course material, many practitionershave used appreciated it as practical reference guide.

    Selected Contents: Volume 1 1. Mine Planning 2. MiningRevenues and Costs 3. Orebody Description 4. GeometricalConsiderations 5. Pit Limits 6. Production Planning 7.Reporting of Resources/Reserves 8. Responsible MiningVolume 2 9. The CSMine Software and Tutorial 10. TheCSMine Users Manual 11. Some Example Mining ProjectsPack of 2 volumes + CD ROM2006: 246x174: 991ppHb: 978-0-415-40737-3: 139.50 US $249.95Pb: 978-0-415-40741-0: 62.50 US $124.95


    Sustainable Mining PracticesA Global Perspective

    Edited by Raj Rajaram, Subijoy Dutta and KrishnaParameswaran, Engineering Consultants, USA

    A perfect introduction to sustainable mining forthose new to the subject or those who require somerevision, this book provides a basic overview ofinternational sustainable mining practices since1992, with particular emphasis upon practices in theAmericas, Asia and Europe. The text begins byaddressing issues such as the volume of wastegenerated by mining, mine closure planning and theenvironmental impacts, and then goes into specificdetail in the following areas: cleaner productionpractices in Australia; blasting impacts and theircontrol in the US; minimizing surface water impacts;minimizing groundwater impacts; use ofenvironmental indicators in mining; and emergingmining technologies that minimize environmentalimpacts. The text contains relevant examples andcase histories for ease of revision, and also includesa chapter on Best Mining Practices for SustainableMining and sub-chapters on small-scale mining,tailings pond management and hazardous wastemanagement.2005: 246x174: 376ppHb: 978-90-5809-689-0: 99.00 US $159.95


    Deep Mining ChallengesProceedings of the International Mining Forum2009 Cracow - Szczyrk - Wieliczka, Poland, 18-21February 2009

    Edited by Eugeniusz J. Sobczyk, Polish Academy ofSciences, Cracow, Poland and Jerzy Kicki, AGH-University of Science & Technology, Cracow, Poland

    The International MiningForum is a recurring event,hosted by the University ofScience and Technology inCracow, Poland, bringingtogether an internationalgroup of scientists,including those working inrock mechanics andcomputer engineering aswell as mining engineers.The topics are wide-ranging, including papers

    on remote sensing to assess primary impact;treatment of sealed-off coal mine fires; sustainabledevelopment in mine closure; and monitoring ofnatural hazards and safety issues. April 2009: 246x174: 200ppHb: 978-0-415-80428-8: 60.99 US $99.95

    New Challenges and Visions forMining

    Selected papers from the21st World MiningCongress and Expo,Cracow (Congress) andKatowice, Poland, 7-11September 2008

    Edited by Jacek Sobczyk,Mineral and EnergyEconomy ResearchInstitute, Polish Academyof Sciences and JerzyKicki, AGH-University of

    Science & Technology, Cracow, Poland2008: 246x174: 384ppHb: 978-0-415-48667-5: 69.99 US $149.00

    MINING 9

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  • Economic Evaluation and RiskAnalysis of Mineral ProjectsProceedings of the International Mining Forum2008 Cracow - Szczyrk - Wieliczka, Poland,February 2008

    Edited by Jerzy Kicki, AGH-University of Science &Technology, Cracow, Poland and Eugeniusz J.Sobczyk, Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow,Poland

    A collection of papers oncurrent research and practiceconcerning economicevaluation and risk analysis,plus a special section onrecovery and utilization ofcoal mine methane, aspresented at the InternationalMining Forum in February2008 in Cracow, Poland. 2008: 246x174: 191ppHb: 978-0-415-46126-969.99 US $109.00

    Tailings and Mine Waste 08Edited by The Organizing Committee of the12th International Conference on Tailings andMine Waste

    This collection of 40papers presents the state-of-the-art on mine andmill tailings and minewaste, as well as currentand future issues facingthe mining andenvironmentalcommunities, includingtechnical capabilities anddevelopments, regulations,and environmentalconcerns.

    2008: 246x174: 462ppHb: 978-0-415-48634-7: 99.00 US $159.95


    Numerical Modeling of Explosivesand Propellants, third editionCharles L. Mader

    Major advances, both inmodeling methods and inthe computing powerrequired to make thosemethods viable, have ledto major breakthroughs inour ability to model theperformance andvulnerability of explosivesand propellants. In addition,the development of protonradiography during the lastdecade has provided

    researchers with a major new experimental tool forstudying explosive and shock wave physics. Problemsthat were once considered intractable such as thegeneration of water cavities, jets, and stems byexplosives and projectiles have now been solved.

    Numerical Modeling of Explosives and Propellants, 3rdEdition provides a complete overview of this rapidlyemerging field, covering basic reactive fluid dynamicsas well as the latest and most complex methods andfindings. It also describes and evaluates Russiancontributions to the experimental explosive physicsdatabase, which only recently have become available.

    This book comes packaged with a CD-ROM thatcontains: FORTRAN and executable computercodes that operate under Microsoft WindowsVista operating system and the OS X operatingsystem for Apple computers; Windows Vista andMAC compatible movies and PowerPoint presentationsfor each chapter; Explosive and shock wavedatabases generated at the Los Alamos NationalLaboratory and the Russian Federal Nuclear Centers

    Charles Maders three-pronged approach throughtext, computer programs, and animations impartsa thorough understanding of new computationalmethods and experimental measuring techniques,while also providing the tools to put these methodsto effective use.2007: 276x219: 544ppHb: 978-1-4200-5238-1: 86.00 US $154.95


    Blasting Principles for Open PitMining, Set of 2 VolumesVolume 1: General Design Concepts Volume 2:Theoretical Foundations

    William A. Hustrulid

    Deals with both the engineering and the scientificaspects of blasting, with special application to openpit mining. Volume 1 introduces the reader to thebasic engineering concepts and building blocks whichmake up a blast design. Volume 2 provides additionaldepth and breadth for a better understanding of someof the fundamental concepts involved in rock blasting.

    Selected Contents: Volume 1: Principles of Blast Design1. An Historical Perspective 2. The Fragmentation SystemConcept 3. Explosives as a Source of Fragmentation Energy4. Preliminary Blast Design Guidelines 5. Drilling Patternsand Hole Sequencing 6. Sinking Cut Design 7. Bulk BlastingAgents 8. Initiation Systems 9. Environmental Effects 10.Perimeter Blasting Volume 2: Theoretical Foundations11. Fundamentals of Explosives 12. Blasting in the Absenceof a Free Surface 13. The Effect of the Shock Wave 14.Attenuation 15. Spherical Charges 16. Cylindrical Charges17. Decoupling 18. Heave 19. The Basics of Cratering 20.Hydrodynamic-Based Models 21. Selected RussianContributions2005: 246x174: 1013ppPack: 978-90-5410-458-2: 92.00 US $144.95

    Drilling and Blasting of RocksE. Lopez Jimeno, C. Lopez Jimino and AyalaCarcedo, Universidad Politecnica Madrid, Spain

    Rock breakage with explosives has existed since the17th century when black powder came into use inmining. Since then it has progressed from the inventionof dynamite to the use of heavy ANFO. During the pasttwo decades, there have been numerous technicalcontributions which have brought a better understandingof rock fragmentation with explosives, an improvementin drilling equipment and a noticeable evolution inthe development of new explosives and blastingaccessories. The Geomining Technological Instituteof Spain (ITCE), aware of this progress and of theimportance which the breakage process has acquiredin mining and civil engineering projects, has orderedthe publication of Drilling and Blasting of Rocks.

    The purpose of this Handbook is to give basicknowledge of the drilling systems, the types ofavailable explosives and the accessories and theparameters that intervene in blast designing, whethercontrollable or not; at the same time the objectivesand contents contribute to improved safety inmining. It is meant for all professionals involved withexplosives in mining operations and civil engineeringprojects, as well as for students of technical schools.1995: 276x219: 400ppHb: 978-90-5410-199-4: 121.00 US $185.95


    Fragblast 9Proceedings of the 9th Int. Symp. on RockFragmentation by Blasting

    Edited by Jose A. Sanchidrian Blanco, UniversidadPolitcnica de Madrid, Spain

    Fine collection of articleson developments in rockblasting and explosivesengineering, withcontributions on rockfracture and movement,explosives design, testingand properties, detonation,blast design, blastingseismicity, numericalmodeling, economicalaspects, and more.Containing unique

    knowledge, ideas and insights, this volume is must-have literature for blasters, blasting researchers,consultants and field engineers.September 2009: 246x174: 700ppHb: 978-0-415-48296-7: 145.00 US $239.95


    Vibrations from BlastingWorkshop hosted by Fragblast 9 - the 9thInternational Symposium on Rock Fragmentationby Blasting

    Edited by Alex T. Spathis and Jose A. SanchidrianBlanco, Universidad Politcnica de Madrid, Spain

    This is the outcome of a workshop on the latestadvances in vibration measurements. Designed toprovide a better understanding of blasting vibrationspractice and management, it deals with: Vibrationstandards across various countries; Monitoringequipment and technology; Vibration modelingadvances; Vibration analysis, software tools andtechniques; Case studies of vibration control; Novel blast designs for vibration mitigation, and Hands-on demonstrations of the use ofmeasurement systems and associated software. September 2009: 246x174: 300ppHb: 978-0-415-48295-0: 67.99 US $129.95


    Rock Slope Engineering

    Fourth edition

    Duncan C. Wyllie and Chris Mah

    Deals with the investigation, design and operationof rock slopes, covering the theoretical basis forvarious physical behaviours as well as providingworked examples, an outline of latest developments,and practical methods. 2004: 246x189: 456ppHb: 978-0-415-28000-6: 130.00 US $260.00Pb: 978-0-415-28001-3: 45.00 US $90.00



    Foundations on Rock

    Engineering Practice

    Duncan C. Wyllie1999: 246x189: 432ppHb: 978-0-419-23210-0: 130.00 US $260.00


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  • Textbook

    Design Analysis in Rock MechanicsWilliam G. Pariseau

    Supplying numerousexample problemsillustrating design analysistechniques, this textapproaches importantdesign issues in rockmechanics from amechanics of materialsfoundation. It addressesrock slope stability insurface excavations, shaftand tunnel stability, andentries and pillars. The

    book also covers three-dimensional caverns with anemphasis of backfill and cable bolting and addressesthe geometry and forces of chimney caving.Appendices contain supplementary informationabout rock, joint, and composite properties, rockmass classification schemes, and useful formulas. Asolutions manual is available for the many problemsposed at the end of each chapter.

    Selected Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Slope Stability3. Shafts 4. Tunnels 5. Entries in Stratified Ground 6.Pillars in Stratified Ground 7. Three-DimensionalExcavations 8. Subsidence Appendix A: BackgroundLiterature Appendix B: Mechanical Properties of IntactRock and Joints Appendix C: Rock Mass ClassificationSchemes for Engineering Appendix D: Some UsefulFormulas2006: 246x174: 573ppHb: 978-0-415-40357-3: 127.50 US $199.95Pb: 978-0-415-41381-7: 49.99 US $79.95


    Solutions Manual to DesignAnalysis in Rock MechanicsWilliam G. Pariseau, University of Utah, USA

    Solutions Manual to Design Analysis in RockMechanics (2006) by William G. Pariseau containingall, fully worked solutions to the exercises in thecorresponding textbook, including many drawings.

    Selected Contents: 1 Introduction; 2 Slope stability; 3Shafts; 4 Tunnels; 5 Entries in stratified ground; 6 Pillars instratified ground; 7 Three-dimensional excavations; 8Subsidence2008: 246x174: 368ppPb: 978-0-415-45725-5: 28.99 US $44.95

    Experimental Rock MechanicsKiyoo Mogi

    Series: Geomechanics Research Series

    This book details experimental methods developedand results obtained by the author and his co-workers.They explore the deformation and fracture of rockspecimens under the general triaxial compression inwhich all three principal stresses are different. Thebook also discusses the experimental results of theeffect of the intermediate principal stress, in graphicand numerical forms. It shows the importance ofthis effect on the ultimate strength of rocks. Usingthese results, the author proposes a new failurecriterion and presents various devices for reliableexperimental tests with high accuracy.

    Selected Contents: Part 1: Deformation and Fractureof Rocks 1. Precise Measurements of Fracture Strengthof Rocks under Uniform Compressive Stress 2.Deformation and Failure or Rocks under ConfiningPressure 3. Deformation and Fracture of Rocks underTriaxal Compression: The Effect of the IntermediatePrinciple Part 2: Acoustic Emission 4. AcousticEmission Activity 5. Source Location of Acoustic Emission6. Magnitude-Frequency Relation of Acoustic Emission

    Events 7. Acoustic Emission under Cyclic Loading Part 3:Rock Friction 8. Design of a New Apparatus for FrictionExperiments 9. Laboratory Experimental Results 10.Stick-Slip Events in the Natural Field and Some Features inthe Occurrence of Recent Great Earthquakes2006: 246x174: 375ppHb: 978-0-415-39443-7: 92.00 US $144.95

    Forthcoming in 2010

    Rock Failure MechanismsIllustrated and Explained

    John A. Hudson, Imperial College, London, UK andChunAn Tang, Dalian University, Dalian, China

    When dealing with rock in civil engineering, miningengineering and other engineering, the process bywhich the rock fails under load should be understood,so that safe structures can be built on and in therock. However, there are many ways for loading rockand rock can have a variety of idiosyncracies. Thisreference book provides engineers and researcherswith the essential knowledge for a clear understandingof the process of rock failure under different conditions.It contains an introductory chapter explaining the roleof rock failure in engineering projects plus a summaryof the theories governing rock failure and an explanationof the computer simulation method. It subsquently dealsin detail with explaining, simulating and illustrating rockfailure in laboratory and field. The concluding chapterdiscusses coupled modelling and the anticipated futuredirections for this type of computer simulation. Anappendix describing the RFPA numerical model (RockFailure Process Analysis program) is also included.

    Selected Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Uniaxial tension;3. Indirect tension; 4. Uniaxial compression; 5. Triaxialcompression and shear; 6. Loading, unloading and theKaiser Effect; 7. Dynamic loading; 8. Effect of heterogeneity;9. Effect of anisotropy; 10. Coalescence of fractures; 11.Time dependency; 12. Water flow; 13. Heat flow; 14.Slope stability; 15. Tunnelling; 16. Coal mining and stratamovement; 17. Gas outbursts; 18. Rock cutting; 19.Particle breakage and comminution; 20. Concludingcomments: coupled modelling and the future.January 2010: 246x174: 340ppHb: 978-0-415-49851-7: 82.00 US $129.95

    Boundaries of Rock MechanicsRecent Advances and Challenges for the 21stCentury

    Edited by Meifeng Cai, University of Science andTechnology, Beijing, China and Jinan Wang,University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China

    Boundaries of RockMechanics. RecentAdvances and Challengesfor the 21st Centurycontains 180 papers fromthe International YoungScholars Symposium onRock Mechanics 2008(Beijing, China, 28 April-2May 2008). The symposiumwas organized by the ISRMCommission on Education,and sponsored by the

    International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) andthe Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics andEngineering (CSRME).

    Boundaries of Rock Mechanics. Recent Advancesand Challenges for the 21st Century covers a varietyof topics, grouped into 7 main themes: Fieldinvestigation and instrmentation; Rock propertiesand mechanical behavior; Underground miningand excavation engineering; Rock slopes andlandsides; Tunnels and foundations; Dynamicsand blasting; New techniques and methods

    This volume offers an overall understanding ofcurrent concerns and advances in rock mechanics,and will be of interest to professionals, engineersand academics involved in rock mechanics andengineering.2008: 246x174: 1008ppHb: 978-0-415-46934-0: 178.00 US $279.95

    Rock Mechanics: Meeting SocietysChallenges and Demands

    Proceedings of the 1stCanada-US RockMechanics Symposium,Vancouver, Canada,2731 May 2007

    Edited by Erik Eberhardt,University of BritishColumbia, Vancouver,Canada, Doug Stead,Simon Fraser University,Burnaby, British Columbia,Canada and Tom Morrison,

    Greater Vancouver Regional District, Canada2007: 246x174: 1772ppPack: 978-0-415-44401-9: 305.00 US $480.00

    The Second Half Century of RockMechanics

    11th Congress of theInternational Society forRock Mechanics, 3VOLUMES + CD-ROM

    Edited by Luis Ribeiro eSousa, University of Porto,Portugal, Claudio Olalla,Cedex Laboratorio CentralDe Estructuras yMateriales, Madrid, Spainand N. Grossmann

    2007: 297x210: 1554ppPack: 978-0-415-45084-3: 318.00 US $499.00


    Slope Stability Analysis andStabilization

    New Methods and Insight

    YM Cheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University,Hong Kong and CK Lau, James Lau & Associates,Hong Kong

    A critical review of methodsfor the analysis and designof slopes offering severalnew approaches forovercoming numericalconvergence and thelocation of critical failuresurfaces. It gives practicaladvice and designresources for the engineer.2008: 234x156: 264ppHb: 978-0-415-42172-075.00 US $150.00


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  • Forthcoming

    Geotechnical Slope AnalysisRobin Chowdhury, Emeritus Professor, Universityof Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Withcontributions from Phil Flentje, University ofWollongong, Wollongong, NSW, Australia andGautam Bhattacharya, Bengal EngineeringUniversity, West Bengal, India

    Freshly updated andextended version of SlopeAnalysis (Chowdhury,Elsevier, 1978). Thisreference book gives acomplete overview of thedevelopments in slopeengineering in the last 30years. Concepts requiredfor the understanding offactors which control slopestability are emphasized.Attention is given to the

    requirements for modeling, observation and analysis,supported by a case study of urban slope stability. Amultidisciplinary and critical approach is advocatedwhile the distinctive style of the original is retained.Careful attention is given to mechanisms of failurerelevant to both saturated and unsaturated slopes.New chapters concerning a) reliability analysis withina probabilistic framework and b) seismic slopeanalysis are added. There are frequent references tolandslides in both soils and rocks includingcatastrophic events.

    An important aim of the book is to stimulatethinking about current and future challenges andthe need to develop new perspectives and improvedstrategies for managing slopes.

    Selected Contents: Preface; 1. Aims and overview slopes, geology and materials; 2. Basic geotechnicalconcepts; 3. Performance indicators and basic probabilityconcepts; 4. Limit equilibrium methods I planar slipsurfaces; 5. Limit equilibrium methods II slip surfaces ofarbitrary shape; 6. Stress deformation analyses and theirrole in slope analysis; 7. Natural slope analysis consideringinitial stresses; 8. Plasticity and shear band analyses-a briefreview; 9. Earthquake effects and seismic slope analysis;10. Probabilistic approaches and reliability analyses; 11.Case study of urban slope stability; 12. Summing up-looking to the future; Appendices; ReferencesAugust 2009: 246x174: 500ppHb: 978-0-415-46974-6: 89.00 US $139.95

    Forthcoming in 2010

    Understanding Landslides throughCase HistoriesEdited by Serge Leroueil, Universit Laval, Quebec,Canada and Luciano Picarelli, Seconda Universitadi Napoli, Naples, Italy

    Slope instability is a major problem in many parts ofthe world. It has affected both the safety of peopleand that of constructions such as buildings, roads,dams, etc. In order to prevent, assess consequencesor mitigate landslides, a good understanding of theprocess happening is vital. This reference book g