Catalog of Digital Conductivity Meters-TDS Meters-Salt Meters

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Digital Conductivity Meters/Microprocessor Conductivity Meters : The Conductivity Meters that we offer to our customers are used for conductivity measurements in reputed research institutes and industries. Different models that we have include Digital Conductivity Meters (Lab Models) and Portable Conductivity Meters. Offering excellent functional life, these Digital Conductivity Meters are a valuable investment for our customers. Due to the reliability and accuracy of our instruments, these are used for measuring electrical conductivity (EC) of aqueous solutions. Owing to the high-end functions, these Digital Conductivity Meters are used in the swimming pools, fertilizer plants, agriculture and soil analysis labs, petroleum refineries and textile plants, etc. Models Available : VSI-04ATC, VSI-04, VSI-201, VSI-05


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