CASH PRIZES - cash prizes national toppers first runner up second runner up chance to win 5000 cash

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    Class 5th to 9th `50,000

    Class 5th to 9th `35,000

    Class 5th to 9th `25,000

    `75,000Class 10th to 12th

    `51,000Class 10th to 12th

    `31,000Class 10th to 12th

    Last Date of Registration

    26th September, 2019 Date of Examination

    East Zone 29th SEP, 2019

    North & Central Zone 29th SEP, 2019

    South & West Zone

    29th SEP, 2019

    For more Details of Registration


  • A lot of talented aspirants who dream about AIIMS, NEET (UG), IIT-JEE and OLYMPIAD often come across a hurdle with respect to their financial backgrounds. The Narayana Talent Scholarship Exam is designed to identify such worthy students and give them the coaching and the guidance they need to accomplish their dreams. The Narayana Group of Institutions is honoured to announce a scholarship worth 1̀.4 crores for all students who wish to enroll in the classroom programme for Narayana

    2020 and e-Techno Programmes.

    The Narayana Group is committed to helping every student bring out the very best within. For the last four decades, we have been at the forefront of providing education of the highest quality. We understand the dynamic and global needs of the 21st century and we constantly reinvent ourselves with the goal of creating enriching and exceptional experiences for our students.

    Narayana believes in the motto of ‘Sramayeva Jayathe’. We believe that hard work is the most essential key to success. Today, the Narayana Group stands tall and proud for setting pathbreaking benchmarks in academic excellence. Our vision to ensure success for all our students has made us one of Asia’s largest educational institutions. Our students are known world over for making great strides in intra-national and international competitive examinations and clinching success with top-notch results.

    About Narayana Group

    About Aarambh

    4,00,000+ Students

    40,000 Faculty

    630 Learning Institutions

    16 States

  • Dr. Ponguru Narayana Founder

    The Founder

    Dr. Ponguru Narayana is regarded as one of the pioneering forces in teaching and learning in contemporary India. In recent decades, academicians and educationists have been able to bring a striking shift from inaccessible and archaic academic setups in Indian schools and colleges. Dr. Narayana’s commitment to qualitatively change the previous scenario into a dynamic and systematic learning environment has, in fact, provided the impetus for this shift in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and beyond.

    Since 1979, Dr. Narayana has worked towards a seamless integration of learning made accessible and knowledge made attainable. His ideology and vision are to ensure that every student is provided with the foundation, the capabilities and the means to achieve rigour, skill and ultimately success. The Narayana Group of Educational Institutions is an embodiment of this noble vision.

    Dr. Ponguru Narayana, who hails from the agricultural town of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, is a postgraduate gold medalist in Mathematics and has a Ph.D in Statistics from S.V University, Tirupati. His humble beginnings as a coaching teacher in mathematics reflects his passion to education and helping young students succeed. His dedication and persistence with the occupation led to the conception

    of Narayana Schools, Colleges and Hospitals. Today, they stand as some of the most preferred schooling and training destinations across the country.

    Our founder served as the Cabinet Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Urban Water Supply and Urban Planning in the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Narayana combines his intellectual prowess as an entrepreneur and integrity as a public servant to the best of his abilities, and is working towards building a technologically driven and environmentally sustainable capital city for the people of Andhra Pradesh. His remarkable journey has been an inspiration to many in the education industry and beyond.

  • Who Can Participate?

    How to Participate?



    5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    11 12Maths Maths 1211 Bio Bio

    All Boards

    Bilingual Papers

    Maths & Bio

    At Schools

    • Request at school on how to participate in Aarambh

    • Register with school authorities by paying the fee

    • Appear for Aarambh exam at our test centres

    Payment mode Cash

    Narayana Study Centre

    • Walk into any of our study centres to purchase the


    • Appear for Aarambh exam at any of our test centres

    Payment mode Cash

    Narayana Online

    website • Payment ModeOnline

  • Enroll in Aarambh Be a Winner

    Brain- storming




    Decision Making

    Time Management

    Assessment at Various



    JEE (main &






    Board Preparation

    Aarambh Test Information

    • Test Paper Structure: Test Paper will be bilingual in English & Hindi. The 120 minutes test paper will have single answer type 80 objective questions (60 of Conceptual Section & 20 of Brilliance Section) of total 320 marks. Break up of 80 questions will be as follows:

    • Class - 5 to 10: Physics - 15 Questions, Chemistry - 15 Questions, Biology - 15 Questions, Mathematics - 15 Questions, Mental Ability - 20 Questions

    • Class - 11 & 12 (Mathematics/Biology): Physics - 20 Questions, Chemistry - 20 Questions, Mathematics/ Biology (as per student’s stream) - 20 Questions, Mental Ability - 20 Questions

    • Marks Scheme for Class 5 to 8 • For correct answer = +4 marks • No negative marking for wrong answer

    • Marks Scheme for Class 9 to 12 • For correct answer = +4 marks • For wrong answer (negative marking) = -1 mark

    • Duration of the Examination: 2 hours, 12 noon to 2 pm Time Schedule • It is compulsory to report 60 minutes before the commencement of test

    • Admit Card: • Download from the website 2 days before the date of examination or from any Narayana schools or

    Narayana IIT/NEET Academy Centres

    • Result Declaration Date: 15th October

  • Multilevel Benchmarking and Recognition

    Class VI to IX

    Class VI to IX

    AIR-1 AIR-2 AIR-3

    Class X to XII

    Class X to XII

    Cash Prize 5̀0,000 4 Prizes

    (Gold Medal + Trophy)

    Cash Prize 7̀5,000 5 Prizes

    (Gold Medal + Trophy)

    Cash Prize 3̀5,000 4 Prizes

    (Silver Medal + Trophy)

    Cash Prize 5̀1,000 5 Prizes

    (Silver Medal + Trophy)

    Cash Prize 2̀5,000 4 Prizes

    (Bronze Medal + Trophy)

    Cash Prize 3̀1,000 5 Prizes

    (Bronze Medal + Trophy)

    Cash Prize


    Cash Prize


    Cash Prize 8̀,100/-

    Cash Prize


    Cash Prize


    Cash Prize


    Cash Prize 5̀,100/-

    Cash Prize 7̀,100/-

    Cash Prize 3̀,100/-

    Cash Prize 3̀,100/-

    28 Prizes

    35 Prizes

    120 Prizes

    150 Prizes

    40 Prizes

    50 Prizes

    200 Prizes

    250 Prizes

    200 Prizes

    250 Prizes

    All India Rank - 4 to 10

    All India Rank - 4 to 10

    All India Rank - 21 to 50

    All India Rank - 21 to 50

    All India Rank - 11 to 20

    All India Rank - 11 to 20

    All India Rank - 51 to 100

    All India Rank - 51 to 100

    All India Rank - 101 to 150

    All India Rank - 101 to 150

    State Rank 1 State Rank 2 State Rank 3 Test City Rank 1 School Topper Cash Prize

    4̀,100/- 135 Prizes

    Cash Prize 3̀,100/-

    135 Prizes

    Cash Prize 2̀,100/-

    135 Prizes

    Cash Prize 1̀,100/-

    1350 Prizes

    Cash Prize 1̀,100/-

    2250 Prizes

    Note: State Rank is considered for 15 states (15x9=135), Test Centre Rank is considered for 150 Test Centres (150x9=1350) and School Rank is considered for 250 schools (who satisfy the criteria)

    5000 Prizes worth 1̀.40 Crore

    Important Terms & Conditions 1. In case any student wins more than one award from above

    categories, he/she will be entitled for any one Award of higher worth only.

    2. State and Test Centre Topper Award is valid only if participation is 100 students in each category (one or more category)

    3. School Topper is valid with minimum participation of 25 students in each category (one or more category).

    4. Tie Breaker: In case of more than one participating student secures equal aggregate marks in Aarambh Exam then a higher rank shall be given by comparing scores individually in the subjects in decreasing priority order of:

    a. Mathematics, General Science (P,C,B), Mental Ability for Class 6th to 10th

    b. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry for Class 11th & 12th Mathematics Stream.

    c. Biology, Physics, Chemistry for Class 11th & 12th Biology Stream.

    d. If indiviual scores are also equal in all the subjects then the student of younger age shall be giv