Case Study Virtual Communities

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Case Study Virtual Communities. Susan Wallace Tim Schultz Casey Kopp. Core Business. Corporation X is a globally located organization that develops software for virtual working habitats What kind of organization is this? Networked Virtual Organization strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Case Study Virtual Communities

Case StudyVirtual CommunitiesSusan WallaceTim SchultzCasey Kopp

Corporation X is a globally located organization that develops software for virtual working habitatsWhat kind of organization is this?Networked Virtual Organization strategystandardizing its business operations, data, and information technology

Core BusinessEvery working day more than 200 business consultants from Company X are in the field working with leading companies and other organizations that are striving to find better ways of doing business.

Organizational GoalsWhat are their business/organizational challenges?

There is no organization that is currently an NVOStrategic Leaders are still using traditional leadership strategies and playing with virtual tools.

Organizational ChallengesWhy have they chosen to use social media strategies?

Company X uses Social Media to communicate more with employees

Company X uses Social Media to communicate with clients

Company X executives are using Social Media to show they are current

Social Media Strategies

What is Company X doing?

WebinarsEmailTwitter:!/CiscoSystemsAllows for feedback and recommendations; instant responsesAsk questions; receive immediate answersFlickerBlog: Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies: Twitter

How does Social Media help?Social media monitorsUsed to ensure the organizations name is not negatively portrayed online Khan AcademyProvides free education, lectures, and tutorials to anyone worldwide

More Effective Virtual CommunitiesTransforming how people connect, communicate, & collaborate2012 First Quarter Profits: $11 billion +Creation of collaboration toolsVoice, video, web conferencing Web Ex- web conferencingIM, create webinars, real time multimedia sharing & play back ability: JabberAllows for collaboration in any workspace in a collaborative platform:

Achieving Business GoalsFrequent push back because organization uses too many different social mediasConstant creation of new social media tool based on needCEO uses social media, such as Twitter, in a nave wayDiscusses vacation ideas, and how great trips wereEmployees understand that the tool is not used correctly Wikis do not workPeople do not want to share their knowledgeOnly want to gain knowledge from others

Facing Internal ChallengesSusan Even though a company can be on the leading edge of technology and their products are virtual community related, there still needs to be buy-in and use within the company.Casey

Tim Social media should be a tool for work-related communication, and should not be used by upper management to brag about their vacation.(last slide) Most Important Thing Learned