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CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT December 16, 2018 Seven O’ fbaphfx/carols.pdf · PDF fileAlleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Lord Most High! Interlude Duet O Root of Jesse Third Lesson Deacon Sandy

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  • CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT December 16, 2018

    Seven Oclock in the Evening

  • Welcome There are few sights and sounds more wonderful than a sanctuary filled with friends and neighbours singing together at Christmas time. We are thankful that you have chosen to join us this evening and hope that in our time together you will experience something of the love of God coming into your life. Included in this worship guide are a series of paintings titled Refugee Madonna. We are grateful for artist Margaret Lois Jansen who granted us permission to print her work. Her work was inspired by the many women and children living as refugees in our world today. Included with the images are the words of the O Antiphons, ancient choral responses sung by the Christian Church in the days leading up to Christmas. We will hear these sung tonight throughout our service. May these paintings remind us that the message of Christmas is for all people, especially those in our world who struggle most to find hope, peace, joy, and love in their lives. We also extend a special word of thanks to guest organist Shawn Whynot. This is Shawns twentieth year playing organ for Carols by Candlelight! Again, thank you for joining us this evening. As always, we invite you to learn more about our congregation and how you can connect with us throughout the year. Our hope is to connect our neighbours to one another and to God as we worship, make music, actively seek justice in our city, form our faith, and nurture our families. Christmas Peace, Rev. Dr. Rusty Edwards Senior Minister

  • Service of Lessons and Carols Prelude

    Christmas Fantasy -Callahan; Les Bergers (The Shepherds) -Messiaen; La Nativit -Langlais

    Shawn Whynot, Organist; Lynette Wahlstrom, Pianist

    Bayete Medley -arr. Solomon, Sobukola Emmanuel Solomon, Tenor; Ogooluwa Sobukola, Flute;

    Adeshina Ojo, Talking Drummer

    Introit Andrea Mathis, Natasha Sider

    O Adonai * Processional Carol All

    #49 Once in Royal Davids City (IRBY)

    Once in royal Davids city stood a lowly cattle shed, Where a mother laid her baby

    in a manger for his bed. Mary was that mother mild, Jesus Christ her little child.

    He came down to earth from heaven who is God and Lord of all, And His shelter was a stable, and His cradle was a stall.

    With the poor, and mean, and lowly, lived on earth our Saviour holy.

    Not in that poor lowly stable, with the oxen standing by: We shall see him but in heaven, set at Gods right hand on high.

    When like stars his children crowned, all in white shall wait around.

  • Invocation & The Lords Prayer Rev. Jenny Drewitz Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

    Welcome Rev. Dr. Rusty Edwards

    Interlude Duet

    O Key of David

    First Lesson Deacon Bryan Darrell Jeremiah 23:5-6

    Anthem Senior Choir

    Mid-Winter -Chilcott

    Second Lesson Ian McKee Isaiah 40:1-11, 31

    *Carol All

    #5 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

    Let all mortal flesh keep silence, and with fear and trembling stand;

    Ponder nothing earthly minded, for with blessing in His hand, Christ our God to earth descendeth, our full homage to demand.

    King of kings, yet born of Mary, as of old on earth He stood, Lord of lords, in human vesture, in the body and the blood, He will give to all the faithful his own self for heavenly food.

  • Rank on rank the host of heaven spreads its vanguard on the way, As the Light of Light descendeth from the realms of endless day, That the powers of hell may vanish as the darkness clears away.

    At His feet the six-winged seraph; cherubim, with sleepless eye,

    Veld their faces to the presence, as with ceaseless voice they cry, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Lord Most High!

    Interlude Duet

    O Root of Jesse

    Third Lesson Deacon Sandy Yip Luke 1:26-35, 38

    Anthem Senior Choir

    Bogoroditse devo -Rachmaninoff Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee

    Fourth Lesson Rhoda Lemphers

    Luke 1:46-48

    Quia respexit humilitatem -J.S. Bach (Magnificat) Shanice Skinner

    Luke 1:49-50 Et misericordia -J.S. Bach (Magnificat) Rianna Robinson, Leander Mendoza

    Luke 1:51-52 Deposuit potentes -J.S. Bach (Magnificat) Emmanuel Solomon

    Luke 1:53-55 Suscepit Israel -J.S. Bach (Magnificat) Andrea Mathis, Natasha Sider, Amanda Zadeh

  • Anthem Senior Choir Song of Mary -Shephard

    Interlude Duet

    O King of the Nations

    Fifth Lesson Addison Edwards Luke 2:1-7

    *Carol All

    #60 Silent Night (STILLE NACHT)

    Silent night, holy night! All is calm, all is bright,

    Round yon virgin mother and child! Holy infant, so tender and mild,

    sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.

    Silent night, holy night! Shepherds quake at the sight, Glories stream from heaven afar, Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia;

    Christ the Saviour is born, Christ the Saviour is born.

    Silent night, holy night! Son of God, loves pure light Radiant beams from Thy holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace,

    Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth, Jesus, Lord at Thy birth.

    Silent night, holy night! Wondrous star, lend thy light; With the angels let us sing, Alleluia to our King;

    Christ the Saviour is born, Christ the Saviour is born.

  • Interlude Duet

    O Morning Star

    Sixth Lesson Bob Hazelton Luke 2:8-14

    Anthem Senior Choir; Ben Lemphers, Drum

    Twas in the Moon of Wintertime -Erickson

    Seventh Lesson Alison Hickey Luke 2:15-20

    *Carol All

    #31 Hark the Herald Angels Sing (MENDELSSOHN)

    Hark! The herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King. Peace on earth, and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled!

    Joyful all ye nations, rise, join the triumph of the skies; With the angelic host proclaim, Christ is born in Bethlehem!

    Hark! the herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King!

    Christ, by highest heaven adored, Christ, the everlasting Lord! Late in time behold Him come, offspring of the virgins womb.

    Veiled in flesh the Godhead see; hail the incarnate Deity, Pleased in flesh with us to dwell, Jesus, our Emmanuel.

    Hark! the herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King!

    Hail the heaven-born Prince of Peace! Hail the sun of righteousness! Light and life to all He brings, risen with healing in His wings.

    Mild He lays His glory by, born that we no more may die, Born to raise us from the earth, born to give us second birth.

    Hark! the herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King!

  • Interlude Duet

    O Wisdom

    Eighth Lesson Drew Bethune Matthew 2:1-11

    Offertory Men Without Jackets

    Ogooluwa Sobukola, Flute Calypso Lullaby -Hairston

    *Offertory Response All

    Doxology (VENI EMMANUEL)

    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow, Praise Christ, all people here below, Praise Holy Spirit evermore; Praise Triune God, whom we adore.

    Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuel, shall come to thee O Israel.

    Interlude Duet

    O Emmanuel

    Ninth Lesson Lic. Arla Johnson John 1:1-14

    Anthem Senior Choir

    Gloria in Excelsis Deo -Vivaldi

  • Closing Prayer Rev. Dr. Rusty Edwards *Recessional Carol All

    #41 O Come, All Ye Faithful

    O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant, O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem!

    Come, and behold Him, born the King of angels!

    Refrain O come, let us adore Him, O come, let us adore Him,

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